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Plot Keywords

prostitute danger
gardening inner city
gangsta biker
outlaw shock
electricity electric saw
torture kidnapping
tragedy tragic event
funeral grave
bones skeleton
skull throat wound
beaten to death desert
ford crown victoria truck
shackle president
spinal injury broken neck
broken arm broken leg
break up dating
single divorce
divorced couple married couple
firearm exploding
explosion suicide bombing
bombing suicide
terrorism terrorist
terror homeland security
security toy
pedophile crack cocaine
sweat candy
chocolate stash
enemy friend
sleeping thunder
rain smoke
bong beer
domestic violence wife beater
husband wife relationship brutality
weapons dealer bomb squad
top 10 burning
fire freeway shooting
shooting freeway
road rage ass
investor movies in tv
television psychotic
city lights fright
fear overdose
dead body dead
meeting spy
paparazzi file
law taxi
downtown los angeles california
california pit bull
dog fighting animal cruelty
race flying
arrow crossbow
cross baseball bat
beat screaming
scream cell phone
key virus
networking network
cable channel surfing
surfing channel
web series software
programming national assembly of hackers
hack stealing
stoned drugs
fix racial violence
kleptomaniac compulsion
obsessive compulsive disorder sex doctor
doctor clinical study
clinic speed
driving drive
drunk driver drinking
drink drunk dial
fingerprint finger
bigot booking
prison jail
arrest framed
set up nudity
sexual advances sex
office fbi
state federal
crime scene investigation conspiracy
conception conspiracy theory
cover up street
badge agency
agent detective
self defense fighting
fight jeet kune do
taekwondo kung fu
karate martial arts
child protective agency system
warrant violation
civil rights police brutality
kickboxing rescue
rape card
traffic restaurant
mulholland drive valley
hollywood california sunset
operative breaking and entering
gun social worker
hammer bludgeoning
blood spatter wire hanger
parking garage computer
stargate stabbing
emergency violence
prostitution seduction
brother brother relationship head injury
slavery child trafficking
secret getaway
vacation lake tahoe
justice serial killer
marine vigilante
revenge infidelity
therapy mind game
police cop vs. killer
death toll

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