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Sincere and Unhindered

Author: Matthew C. Anderson from United States
22 January 2012

Alison Bagnall brings her 2nd feature length film, The Dish & The Spoon, with shameless intimacy.

After discovering her husband has cheated on her, Rose (Greta Gerwig) goes on a beer-drinking rampage, pulling the young, mysterious vagabond (Olly Alexander) in on her plan for revenge against the bitch who put her in this position.

The two share an undeniable – often cute and occasionally awkward – on screen chemistry.

Their unique and intimate relationship develops in an interesting balance of sexual tension, bare emotions and twisted manipulation.

Bagnall sincerely seems to be an actor's director, where playfulness and experimentation is balanced with an emotional depth.

The film is sincere and reckless, letting the characters lead the narrative. Rose wants to scream, Rose will scream. Rose wants to cuddle, Rose will cuddle. Rose wants to steal, Rose will steal.

The characters really seem free to act how they want and feel in each moment rather than being pulled across a constructed story forcing them to go from point A to B. The characters do what they want, not what they're told. There is something about this movie that reflects real life and relationships in a way that is true and unhindered.

The Dish & The Spoon feels like a secret roller coaster ride that we get to experience with these two strangers as they grope for some sort of emotional connection and personal understanding over a few unlikely days.

It's a brave film that I'm glad I experienced and hope to see in theaters!

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a smooth pebble if not a gem.

Author: ignominia-1 from Italy
21 July 2012

I enjoyed this movie, as it does not feel constructed in the way most movies are. It makes you feel the way you would feel if you were in Rose's shoes, overwhelmed by emotions and with no idea what you are going to do next. Enslaved by pain and bored by the lulls in between when she does not know what to do and acts without thinking. For me this movie feels totally realistic and true. Of course some scenes make no logical sense, but we are all a bit illogical especially when hurting. Still they are interesting to watch as other lives not our own seem more interesting sometimes. There are moments of profound truth and emotional release that are very impressively acted and filmed and make the movie totally worth watching. Don't expect a masterpiece, a precious gem, but a nice round pebble smoothed by the sea.

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Touched those who've been hurt...

Author: spelaeologus from SC, USA
25 April 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of the best independent films I've seen in a long time. Greta Gertwig shines with depth and lightness of being at all the crucial points in the story. I absolutely loved this film! Olly complemented her character and her needs so well that I couldn't help myself from hoping they'd run away together. To Alison's credit, she didn't let that happen, but that was, in my opinion, the second most powerful swing in the movie... and the most emotionally crushing moment. First place in moments where your heart-strings are plucked took place within the words, "I want ten of you..." Nearly took my breath away, and I can still feel tears welling up just thinking about it.

See this movie - and see it for the simple sadness that Ms. Bagnall conveys. Bring your tissues and have a companion there with you, you won't regret it.

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Sweet without all the sugar

Author: llowry12 from United States
8 August 2013

I don't know where to start. This is the film that Gus Van Sant always wanted to make when he was alive. Oh wait...he IS alive...sort of. A really excellent soundtrack....Cab Calaway?...really? one camera shooting was very's really not how we see things and very much really not what we expect in well made films...Olly Alexander is such an amazing talent...hope he stays true to his perceptions of art..this is one truly fun little film...loved seeing the ocean on the east coast rather than the obligatory northern pacific coast...there were some very well conveyed emotions to be seen and experienced...and the feeling of coming in out of the cold was nothing less than brilliant....thanks to the post prod team...excellent editing..

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Long takes amid meaningless plot and annoying characters

Author: Russell Weisfield from United States
5 November 2011

The entire movie feels much like the opening - a long drive through a tunnel with a woman crying. Occasionally an amusing or artsy shot is added but they are not enough to redeem this exercise in boredom.

What little plot there is centers around the weekend (maybe) escapades of a woman whose husband slept with another woman. She finds a young man sleeping in a lighthouse and develops a quirky relationship with him. There appears to be no reason for many of their actions, particularly a scene in which she makes him a transvestite. Little is learned about the couple or their motivations. In fact, the name of the man is never revealed. The movie is best characterized by long takes of the actors homely faces.

The few moments of artistic interest, such as when the man excellently draws her face in the sand, do add something. The moments are too fleeting, however, to suffer the 90 minutes of agitation and boredom that this movie instills.

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A dish and a spoon, but nothing to put in it...

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
21 October 2012

This movie was perhaps just a little bit too 'artsy' for my liking. Initially, I was intrigued by what I had read about the movie, hence I decided to give it a go. And now having seen it, I can honestly say that this movie was not meant for me.

The story, or what resembles a story, is taking place around two core characters; Rose (played by Greta Gerwig) who is struggling to deal with her husbands affair with a woman named Emma, and a quirky British teenager (played by Olly Alexander), who is running away from something. The two find comfort in each others company and help each other to get to where they are going.

It is a story that is character driven and also fueled by the passion of the characters. We are introduced to two somewhat offbeat characters and given the chance to ride along with them on their journey, and that is perhaps the centerpiece of the movie; the essence of the movie, if you will.

As for the story, well it wasn't really all that interesting to me, and it took ages for the movie to get from A to B, and had surprisingly little to tell in the time that it took to get there.

The strong side of the movie was the acting. There was a lot riding on the performances of Greta Gerwig and Olly Alexander, as they were the only ones on the screen about 90% of the time. And I will say that they did a good job in portraying their characters.

Another strong side of the movie was the cinematography. The movie was really nicely shot and edited, and had some really great images in it, and a lot of shots that needed no dialogue or explaining.

I found my interest starting to drift to other things a couple of times throughout the movie, because it clearly wasn't meant for me as an audience. I am sure there is an audience out there for this particular type of movie, and I am sure those people will enjoy this type of movie as well.

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Interesting movie

Author: mdliegey from United States
22 May 2013

I stumbled across this movie on Netflix, and watched it because a "Delaware beach town" was mentioned in a review. I lived for several years in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

As far as reviewing the film, I won't. I seldom follow any reviewer's recommendations as I find them to be totally useless. Nobody can tell me what I'll like or dislike; I must find that out for myself.

The biggest reason I am adding my 2 cents is that "an abandoned lighthouse" is mentioned in several places as the spot where the two characters meet.

In actuality, the "lighthouse" is a submarine lookout tower which was used in WWII. These towers dot the seashore along Delaware's east coast.

Anyway, I did enjoy the movie and will recommend it to friends, if only for the familiar scenery. I especially liked the brewery tour in the Dogfish Head brewery as I have sampled many of their beers in their bar/restaurant in Rehoboth.

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Lovely film about the small moments in life

Author: Laura B from Netherlands
6 August 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think this was a lovely film. That's the best way to describe it. I've read a few reviews before I watched it (not to know what it was about, but just what other people thought of it and if it was worth it), but the differences in opinions made me curious and want to watch it for myself.

It's about two (quite lonely) characters who cross each others paths. Both with their own problems, thoughts and feelings they try to sort out while living their life.

I see a lot of reviews saying that the plot of the story (girl is angry cause her husband cheated on her - oh no what is she going to do) wasn't complex enough, and it made people feel like a lot of minutes were just filled up with meaningless shots. So many movies nowadays are about endings. They give you a premise and they give you an end, with a little bit of middle to support the choices that were made to come to that conclusion. I often hear about the 'plot', and can't sit through the middle of a movie without wanting to fast forward to see how it ends.

The Dish & The Spoon isn't just about the plot and how it ends. It's about the middle. It's about the characters who live their weird, kind of desperate lives while appreciating the small and lovely moments. I don't think every scene and every shot has to have an obvious meaning. Life doesn't have obvious meanings either. But there IS an opportunity to give meaning to it yourself. Just like you're able to do with moments in this movie. Was the bird-thing overused? Yes, they could've done it with one or two shots less. But that doesn't take away the freedom these characters seem to have in those moments.

Could the story have been more extensive? Yes. Could the camera- work, editing and script have been more smooth? Yes. But then it wouldn't feel as real as it does now.

The little things and details in this movie just made me feel a certain way. And the originality of not letting the two characters rush to certain plot points but letting them live on their own makes me appreciate The Dish & The Spoon, and want to just jump in that world with them for a while. Which I did, by watching this movie.

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angel and actress

Author: zeitbauer from United States
24 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

How it is when an ordinary person -- ordinary as people really are... that is, our actions being limited to reacting, meets an extraordinary being, is sent an angel... and, what that person uses the angel for.

Really a very well done film and very beautiful to watch. The locations are filmed with such care that they look exotic, and what is meant to seem exotic is filmed in all its banality... the dress-ups, the forming of patterns to music... dancing... even the wonderful dialog on Thanksgiving... all things contained by society, in interiors, all stuck in front of a camera and meaning only what talk means to people who don't really talk for pleasure. Obviously, all this is a little bewildering to an angel, and I was constantly wondering if the angel, the boy, wouldn't do something out of the angelic. The director brilliantly never allows that to happen.

So, great casting -- everyone has their surprises in this, their little abilities, even if no one but the viewer expects a surprise from anyone at all.

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Two hearts - same path

Author: zif ofoz from United States
16 August 2014

If you like independent cinema (as I do) this is a must see movie!

The story is simple - two individuals experience the age old broken heart in life and they just happen to meet while sulking through their major disappointment. Together they both deal with their pain yet both go about this in their own way. Rose is angry and a bit aggressive in her seeking revenge and 'The boy' is happy to just be with Rose and experience a different path than the one he expected upon coming to the States from Britain to meet a girl.

Their brief union is full of self discovery, adventure, and a repressed desire for each other. The ending can be described as both happy and maybe a bit sad, and mysterious. The mystery is found in 'The boy' - was he real or just an imaginary friend created by Rose.

Director Alison Bagnall has made a dream like story from a script would have flopped in lessor hands.

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