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Season: 1
Year: 2010 | 2011

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 0: Pilot

24 January 2010
In 1960 16-year old schoolboy Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter is living in Peckham with his grandparents, his idle father Reg and his hard-working mother Joan, who is employed as an usherette at the local picture house and frequently has to rebuff the advances of the amorous manager. Del has a penchant for wheeling and dealing but Joan is dissatisfied with her useless spouse and tentatively embarks upon an affair with Freddie ' the Frog' Robdal, a cultured art lover - who also happens to be a notorious burglar recently released from prison.

Nicholas Lyndhurst ... Freddie Robdal

Kellie Bright ... Joan Trotter

Phil Daniels ... Ted Trotter

Shaun Dingwall ... Reg Trotter

James Buckley ... Del Trotter
Stephen Lloyd ... Boycie
Lewis Osborne ... Trigger
Ashley Gerlach ... Denzil
Lee Long ... Jumbo Mills

Calum MacNab ... Roy Slater

Jonathan Readwin ... Albie Littlewood

Paul Putner ... Gerald 'Jelly' Kelly

Emma Cooke ... Reenie Turpin

Robert Daws ... Ernie Rayner
Roger Griffiths ... Clayton Cooper
Jodie Mooney ... Pam

Katie Griffiths ... Glenda
Billy Seymour ... Raymond
Colin Prockter ... Mr. Johnson

Alison Pargeter ... Val
Bobby Bragg ... Don

Simon Ludders ... Mr. Manley

Emily Atack ... Marion

Martin Delaney ... Chief Biker
Claire Lubert ... Receptionist
Stephen Bent ... Ron Cran
Gemma Salter ... Kathleen
Sandra Bee ... Midwife
Clive Elkington ... Jolly Boy (uncredited)
Shane Nolan ... Jolly Boy (uncredited)

Ed Pearce ... Clinic Doctor (uncredited)
Chris Wilson ... Clinic Doctor (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 1: Five Gold Rings

29 December 2010
Helped by her knitting-obsessed mother-in-law Violet Joan brings up baby Rodney with Reg none the wiser that he is not the father. Del meanwhile is impressing his friends with fake diamond rings with which he hopes to wow the girls,whilst selling imported American records and almost getting nicked by zealous police cadet Slater. Out on bail Freddie approaches Joan who takes his money but initially sends him away. However,when she gets a job as his cleaner he declares his love for her and she is happy to succumb.They see the New Year in together,dancing cheek to cheek whilst the rest of the family are in the pub. He gives her a ring and she lets him hold Rodney. There is no such romance for Del,however,who gets engaged to two girls but is thrown over by both of them.

Season 1, Episode 2: The Frog and the Pussycat

28 April 2011
Joan continues her affair with Freddie despite his being investigated for a jewel robbery in Margate. Del chats up schoolgirl Barbara Bird,impressing her with his Lambretta and plans to make a film called 'Dracula on the Moon'. Joan's randy boss Ernie tries to force a dirty weekend with her under the guise of location spotting and gets his fingers broken by Freddie but Freddie gets remanded in custody after Joan pawns a stolen ring he gave her. He is eventually released after the star witness goes abroad and there is much celebration in the local pub. Barbara's lonely mother comes on to Del at her daughter's engagement party,ending the engagement and her marriage. Equally doomed are Freddie and Joan's plans to leave London for a new life.

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