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  • In Massachusetts, seventeen year-old nerd Gary uses witchcraft to swap bodies with Sam. Gary has lots of fun with the sexy Crystal and following Dean, who is hunting the witch Maggie Briggs. Meanwhile, Sam is trapped in the body of the teenager and trying to find out how Gary had succeeded in the black magic, and also trying to communicate with Dean. When Sam meets Gary's friends Trevor and Nora, he discovers that the intention of the teenagers that are playing a deadly game with the witchcraft.

  • A goofy teenager conjures up a dangerous body-switching spell and swaps bodies with Sam. It's all fun and games for the teenager until Dean discovers something is up. Meanwhile Sam tries to deal with life as a teenager and discovers the boy's friends have ulterior motives.


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  • A sexy middle-aged woman sits at a bar swirling her straw in a margarita, when Sam steps up beside her and says, "Good evening, barkeep! I would like to purchase some alcohol." Sam flashes his I.D., informing him loudly that he's 26. The bartender, not amused, asks what he wants. Sam excitedly orders a banana daiquiri like a amateur. Sam does not seem to be himself.

    Meanwhile the woman introduces herself as Crystal and starts hitting on Sam. She says he's a stunning looking man. "I know, right?" he chirps. Crystal asks if he's having a great night and he responds, "This is, like, the best night ever." Crystal asks if he wants to make it better. Sam says sure, slurping his daiquiri like it's a shake.

    Crystal asks him if he wants to get out of there, and Sam says he doesn't know, he likes this place and he just ordered this yummy girl drink. Then Crystal decides to get really crystal, and asks if he wants to get out of there...with her. Sam, shocked, asks if she means sex. Yes, she says, she does. Sam looks very nervous but happy.

    "Crystal, I would looove to have the sex with you," Sam says excitedly. Then we see Sam from a different perspective and --shocker -- Sam isn't Sam. He's actually a skinny little nerd. And when Crystal compliments him on his jacket, Not Sam thanks her and adds that, actually, the whole outfit is new.

    Housatonic, Massachusetts, 36 Hours Earlier.

    The boys pull up to a colonial house. Inside, a woman greets them with juice and cookies. Turns out it's their old babysitter, Donna. John Winchester used to leave the boys with her when he'd go out on jobs. Donna's daughter, Katie, asks if she ever found out what John did, and she admits that eventually, yes. That's why Sam and Dean are there. She knows they inherited the family business. Katie's mother tells her they can help and asks her to show Sam and Dean something. The girl lifts her shirt to reveal the words "Murderd Chylde" have been carved into her stomach. Dean and Sam diagnose the problem as a poltergeist, and tell the family to take a vacation. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean head off to their local burger joint to strategize.

    A kid -- our nerd from the bar -- takes the order: a bacon burger turbo, large chili cheese fry, and a salad. The kid behind the counter raises an eyebrow at Dean, and he explains the salad is not for him. Dean hands the salad off to Sam. The two discuss the job, and Donna's family, and Dean asks Sam if family life is something he still thinks he wants. Sam says no, that's not his thing anymore.

    Then Sam shares his findings: Apparently the property once belonged to a man named Isaiah Pickett, who hung a woman, Maggie Briggs, in his backyard for being a witch. As they discuss the case further and agree on a game plan, the bar geek watches Sam intensely.

    Night falls and Sam is out doing recon by the haunted house when suddenly, out of nowhere, a tranquilizer dart hits him in the neck. He goes down woozily...and wakes up in a wooded area, wearing the burger worker's clothes. He heads for the road, disoriented, when suddenly a cop pulls him over, addressing him as Gary Finkel. He says his family is worried sick about him, news that surprises Sam. Since when does Dean call the cops?

    He gets in the car with the policeman, who takes him to a house he doesn't recognize. The cop tells him he's home, which further confuses Sam. When a man and a woman come running out of the house, expressing how worried they are, Sam is completely flummoxed. When he doesn't recognize them, they accuse him of being drunk. Then Sam notices his reflection in the window of the cop car and, instead of gazing at his mature mug, sees a pubescent geek's face staring back at him.

    "WHO IS THAT? WHO IS THAT?!?" Sam yells, and the cop declares that he's out of his gourd.

    "Young man," the supposed father booms, "I'm very surprised at you."

    "Yeah!" Sam peeps. "Tell me about it!"

    Elsewhere at a motel, the real Gary Finkel is impressed with Sam's ripped form...which he is now inhabiting. He flexes the guns as he looks in the mirror. "Oh yeah. Bring it!"

    Dean returns from parts unknown and wonders why Gary/Sam hasn't picked up his phone. He apologizes and shows Dean that he brought him food -- a bacon cheeseburger, and the rest. Dean warily thanks him, and Gary/Sam informs him that they have to eat on the road -- the maid came, saw the assortment of guns, and freaked out. Dean wonders why Sam let the maid in, but shrugs and heads to the bathroom.

    While he's in there, Gary/Sam pulls out the cell phone he wasn't answering, then digs around in the Metallicar's glove compartment. Gary/Sam finds every other cell phone Dean has and throws them into the garbage. Dean comes out to the car and is surprised when Gary/Sam asks to drive. He acquiesces, but when Gary/ Sam puts the car into reverse and smashes the Dumpster behind him, Dean takes away his driving privileges and gets back behind the wheel.

    Camped out at the Finkel residence, the real Sam (in Gary's body) calls Dean on every cell phone he has, leaving messages and letting Dean know that he's been "Freaky Friday'd" into an asthmatic kid's meatsuit. Sam calls the motel manager, who informs him that the guys in their room checked out in the middle of the night. Wait..."guys"? Sam confirms, and the manager says yes: "One leather jacket, one sasquatch."

    Annoyed, Sam hangs up the phone and stares at the unfamiliar, nerdy reflection in his mirror. "Who are you?" Sam asks. For an answer, Sam inspects the room. He finds textbooks for advanced classes...smart. He finds Star Wars t-shirts: virgin. He finds porn: frustrated virgin. Then he finds a ceremonial knife and a pentagram on a cloth. Smart kid is into devil worship. "Little satanic bastard," Sam snorts. Mom calls Sam down to breakfast, and he initially tells her to leave him alone, then relents and says, "I'm coming." Sam/Gary joins Gary's parents and sister, Sydney, at the breakfast table.

    Gary's dad is worried that last night is evidence that his son has deviated from "the plan," which involves studying hard, having no life, then attending MIT's engineering program. Sam /Gary lips off to him, then apologizes and decides to ask a few questions about...himself. "Let me guess...I'm amazing at Latin." Mom says he does have an ear for languages. He asks if he's been acting strange or has, say, any weird books. His sister shoots a look at him as his parents chew him out again. Sam tries to blend in. He takes a bite of toast, and Mom shrieks -- Gary's allergic to wheat gluten.

    Smash cut to Sam/Gary making offerings to the porcelain god behind a closed bathroom door before emerging, clutching his stomach. Gary's sister Sydney calls him an idiot for bringing up the book around the table, saying that if their mom and dad found out about it, they'd kill him. Sam is relieved to find out that there actually is a book, and asks Sydney to tell him where it is. Apparently it's at school, where Sam runs into Gary's friends Nora and Trevor who, after noting his weirdness, point him in the direction of Gary's locker. Sam cracks the lock and once inside, digs around until he finds an old, thick, leather-bound tome of evil, evil, evil! "Oh no, Gary," Sam whispers. "This is a very bad book."

    Sam/Gary ditches class to try to reverse the spell that Gary cast, but real Gary's school pals confront Sam/Gary outside, telling him that whatever he's going through, he can talk to them. But before Sam can brush them off, one of them shoots him with a knock-out dart, and the look on his face as he passes out is priceless.

    Meanwhile, Dean is asking Gary/Sam if he has any other information on Maggie Briggs. The name makes Gary/Sam perk up -- he knows all about that legend! Including that it's wrong. Actually, Maggie was pregnant with Isaiah's illegitimate child, so he took her down into the basement and killed her. (Hence the 'murderd chylde' carving on Katie's torso.) So, she's buried in the basement. It's salt and Zippo time! Gary/Sam jumps into the car and Dean turns on his standard classic rock tunes and is shocked when Gary/Sam gets excited and tells him to crank it up.

    Dean and Gary/Sam head down to the basement of Donna's house, and Gary/Sam seems a bit too excited to be carrying a gun. In fact, he refers to himself as Master Chief. Dean shrugs it off when he notices a certain plant growing on the floor, the kind of greenery that grows over witches' graves. Dean digs up the grave, and Gary/Sam backs up and apologizes to Dean, taking aim on his back. Before he can pull the trigger, a force throws Gary/Sam across the room. Dean moves to help him, but the same force tosses Dean around and appears -- it's Maggie Briggs. Her lip curls and she flies toward Dean in a rage, but crumbles into flame and ash before she can attack. Dean looks up and sees the Gary/Sam has burned the body. He smiles widely and declares, "That was AWESOME!"

    Later in a bar, Gary/Sam orders some bacon cheeseburgers and shots, something real Sam would never do, and Dean is suddenly suspicious. "Who are you, and what have you done with my brother?" Dean growls. But Gary/Sam doesn't break cover, he just says he's in the mood to do things differently. The burgers arrive and Gary/Sam takes a bite, swooning over the experience of even tasting the bun. (A wheat gluten allergy makes you appreciate the little things.)

    "Why shouldn't I be happy? I got a gun, I'm gettin' drunk, and I look like this!" he says, pointing to his face. He celebrates the fact that for once, instead of going with the plan, that he gets to kick a little ass. Dean is amazed that they're drinking together, as brothers. Gary/Sam tells Dean he's a really great guy and repeats it in a heartfelt tone. Dean, again, is surprised. Sam would never say that.

    Then he gets up..and at that point, he meets Crystal at the bar. Time passes and Dean starts to wonder where his brother disappeared to when he suddenly turns around and sees Gary/Sam heading out the door with Crystal. He waves to Dean and giggles, "We're gonna do it!"

    Cut to Sam, in Gary's body, coming to in a basement, tied to a chair. Standing beside him are Gary's school pals Nora and Trevor. He demands to know what's going on, and they tell him to be quiet. Trevor calls Gary/Sam, who is now waiting naked in a bed at an unknown location. Trevor asks Gary/Sam if he has killed Dean yet, which surprises the real Sam to hear, and in his bed, Gary/Sam admits he hasn't, that's he's been busy, but he'll get it done. Crystal enters the room in full dominatrix gear and Gary/Sam hangs up.

    In the basement, Sam/Gary asks Trevor and Nora why they want to kill Dean, and Nora explains, "Everybody knows Dean. He's hell's most wanted."

    "Oh god," Sam/Gary says. "Have you idiots been talking to demons?" The kids say that they know Dean has a price on his head, and they're going to collect. Nora explains that they were playing around with the book when, suddenly, Gary went into a trance and drew a photo-realistic image of Dean. Which is particularly weird, because Gary can't draw to save his life. A voice in Gary's head told him that every satanist and witch in the world is after Dean, but Gary got to be the one to spot him. Hooray! And the idea of switching into Sam's body? Gary's: he decided to use a spell and go in, "Trojan horse style."

    Sam tries to tell them that they're in over their heads and Nora's will begins to waver. She tells Trevor that maybe Sam's right -- maybe they have crossed the line. But Trevor dismisses her, saying that he's going to take care of it himself. He opens the book to a page on demon summoning. Sam tries to tell Trevor that it's a very bad idea he has going there, but Trevor doesn't listen. He sets up the summoning table and says an incantation. At first it doesn't seem to have worked, but then Trevor turns around and sees Nora's inky, possessed eyes.

    Meanwhile, Gary/Sam has finished with Crystal and sneaks back into the motel room he's sharing with Dean. He see what looks like Dean's sleeping shape in bed and creeps closer, then takes aim with a pistol, clicking the hammer back to fire. But he doesn't notice the shape standing behind him which, of course, is Dean. Gary/Sam turns around at the moment Dean reaches out to disarm him.

    After tying Gary/Sam to a chair, Dean checks his voicemail and finds the multitude of messages Sam has left for him. He demands to know where the real Sam is.

    The demon in Nora turns on Trevor and asks why he summoned it. Sam/Gary yells to Trevor not to say anything and struggles against his bonds but, as his reflection reminds him he's trapped in the weakly body of an asthmatic teenager. Trevor informs the demon that they can hand over Dean Winchester, and the demon is at once very interested. Sam again begs Trevor to shut up, and suddenly the demon turns around, recognizing Sam inside of Gary's "meat suit." She asks how the teeny-boppers were able to accomplish such mojo, and who worked the spell.

    Trevor nervously replies, "A dangerous warlock...named Gary?"

    The demon tells Trevor that she's impressed that he captured Sam and Dean and that he's just handing them over. She's also excited to know that, with a little kid driving Sam's body, she has a better chance of achieving the ultimate goal of turning him over to Lucifer. Big prize for her! Trevor divulges the location of Dean's motel, and asks what he'll get in return, and the demon answers he gets her undying gratitude. But Trevor doesn't accept that. Sam begs him to shut up, but Trevor insists he wants his reward. The demon, annoyed, turns around to Trevor and seems game, asking what his demands are. He asks for a million dollars, and the demon counters, why not ten? Trevor giggles and adds that he wants a certain girl to love him forever. The demon smiles and nods, then replies, "Here's my counter." She punches through his chest and squeezes his heart. Blood spurts out of Trevor's mouth as he collapses. The demon licks her hand and observes that it "tastes like moron." She heads out to get Dean as Sam continues to struggle against his bonds.

    Gary/Sam spills the beans and lets Dean know that the real Sam is in the basement at his pal Trevor's house, but before he can do anything Nora walks in and knocks Dean out. She then unties Gary/Sam and, pretending she's a genie, asks what he wants of her. Gary/Sam tells her that he wants to be a powerful witch, and she agrees...on one condition. The only way she can grant his wish is if he meets Lucifer. Gary/Sam balks at this, but Demon Nora assures him it'll be easy: All Lucifer is going to do is ask him one question, to which he'll reply yes. Simple as that! Gary/Sam decides to call it off. Fortunately this is when Dean comes to and rushes Demon Nora with Ruby's blade. But this demon is stronger than Dean, and easy knocks him to the ground, kicking him bloody.

    Gary/Sam, seeing the error of his ways, begins to recite an exorcism spell. Demon Nora turns on him and he stops, suddenly afraid. But Dean pulls himself together and continues the incantation, causing Demon Nora to freeze up. Gary/Sam and Dean complete the incantation together, Dean finishing with a flourish: "Adios, bitch!" Gary/ Sam, ever the nerd, corrects him, "Actually, it's 'a di nos.'" He watches in awe as the smoke leaves Nora's body and she collapses. In the next scene, Gary/Sam works a reversal spell to return to his body and restore Sam to his own. Once it works, Dean stands up and warns Gary to stay away from the dark arts, informing him that if he were of voting age, he and Sam would have hunted him down and killed him.

    The Winchesters return Gary home, but before leaving, Sam tells Gary that he has a pretty great life, and if he's not down with his family's "plan" for him, to screw the plan. "Rebel a little bit...but in a healthy, non-satanic way."

    Sam also enlightens Gary to the fact that Nora isn't into black magic -- she's into him. He sends Gary on his way with a few more words to make him better about his situation.

    Once Gary and Nora are out of earshot, Dean tells Sam, "That was a nice thing to say." Sam paused for a moment before divulging that he "totally lied."

    " Kid's life sucks ass," Sam says. "All that apple pie family crap? We're not missing a thing."

    "Or," Dean observes, " we don't know what we're missing."

    They think about that for a moment, then Dean starts the car and his classic rock starts blasting on the stereo. Sam rolls his eyes and begs him to turn it down. Dean gripes, "Welcome back, Kotter." They're back, and they're off.

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