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"I'm the Sheriff" damn right!
MisterWhiplash18 January 2013
This is pure guilty-pleasure cinema. You know you can't defend seeing lots of nameless guys in black suits and machine guns mowing down people and that there's only a bullet here or there that might get one of our good guys (and I mean, y'know, Luis Guzman, who is always fun to watch in that very familiar character-actor way by the way, same for Harry Dean Stanton's walk-on), and it hearkens back to that time in the 1980's and 90's when Arnold Schwarzenegger dominated cineplexes with this kind of action trash. But over time, as super glossy and hyper-kinetic and chaotically-shot cinema floods theaters, this almost comes as something of a refreshment. How do I simply say "I got thrilled by the action, laughed at the craziness in the set-pieces, and loved seeing Arnold tear it up and have one-line retorts: "How do you feel?" asks a towns-person - "OLD!")

But aside from the story, which seems to be fairly cookie-cutter with the Mexican cartel kingpin who is getting across from Nevada down to the border to get back to his safe land, and with various tropes that can be read from not too far away (given some heft by the fact that Eduardo Noriega cuts a very sharp figure as a madman with a zest for stunt- driving - like a character one might find almost in Rodriguez/Tarantino's Grindhouse, or a hybrid of such characters they write), what is there? How about that the director, Kim Jee-Woon, has a track record from back in South Korea as being a hardcore, awe-inspiring action and genre director, who can make them very, very intense and harrowing (I Saw the Devil), or truly spooky and harrowing in a quieter, more sinister way (Tale of Two Sisters). But what got him the job, I suspect, was The Good, the Bad and the Weird, his wild homage to everything Western - Spaghetti, yes, but good ol' American variety. He must have read the script and said 'I can do this, this is a Western to the bone just in 21st century garb... matter of fact, it's Rio Bravo on steroids!'

Well, that's my suspicion anyway. Think about it - a Sheriff in a ponam town with not many residents at all (and those that do stick around all day won't leave cause of some gunfire - there's a cheese omelette cooking after all at the diner), and has some good deputies, and some others he has to recruit not by his better judgment but by lack of other good officers, and has a Big Bad Motherflipper coming right his way. "I've seen a lot of blood and death. I know what's coming," says the not-quite quipping Arnold. And the first half does build, somewhat decently if predictably, the pieces of the characters, the basic set-ups of who may die (or will) and what betrayals are happening and who knows what (and what, really, Forest Whitaker can do as the Man in Charge in the suit - powerful, but he's not a Schwarzenegger).

It's the second half of the film, as the preparations intensify and then the big attack comes to Sommerton Junction (even the name is out of a Sam Fuller western or something) that the film REALLY picks up steam. And by steam, I mean lots and lots of bullets, sometimes from huge guns that fire way too many bullets. What helps in Jee-Woon's favor in The Last Stand is how he takes the fantasy of all of this to such a degree that you (or I really) can't help but admire how high it ends up going. It will please hardcore action fans, but unlike the only other recent Schwarzenegger films (so to speak) of the Expendables franchise, it doesn't really insult your intelligence either. The villains on display in this flick are not pushovers, and it leads to some impressive action from the performers, from the cameramen, from the bullets themselves which become their own actors. And the final chase through a cornfield, just when you think the film has nothing else to give you, comes back for a surprise set-piece that feels fresh and inventive; we haven't seen something quite like this where it's a cat and mouse chase through such a big space of land, but we know it is just a matter of seconds.

If you've grown up on Schwarzenegger flicks, it's like visiting the old(er) man at the condo, and jogging his memory full-throttle. I don't know if this is just a brief pop-up appearance for the (how do I write this without laughing but he is) veteran action icon, or a third and final career trajectory after years as a bodybuilder/up-and-comer, and superstar. But for now, it'll do, Johnny Knoxville's rambunctious comic-timing not withstanding.
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Arnold is BACK(!) Jee-Woon Kim's fast paced, action packed popcorn film...
Brian Bell18 January 2013
I grew up watching Arnold, I own every film of his, I am what you would call a serious Schwarzenegger fan. I have waited a decade for his return to the cinema, and I wasn't disappointed. The Last Stand isn't perfect, but Arnold fans can rejoice, for he truly is back!!

The premise (for those that haven't watched the trailer a dozen times like me) is a Mexican cartel boss (Eduardo Noriega) has escaped custody during transport and is heading to the Mexican border, and he is going to get there by going through the sleepy town of Sommerton, Arizona. Arnold is the Sheriff in this sleepy little town, and he is the FBI's last hope at stopping the ruthless gangster.

This movie is full of intense, bloody action, exciting car chases (thanks to a supped up Corvette ZR1 with over one thousand horsepower!) and funny one liner's. The film never takes itself too serious (which is good thing) and is surprisingly funny throughout. Arnold's acting is a little rusty, but he more than made up for it in the action scenes. And the (many) action sequences were exciting and bloody, the theater kept cheering out loud. The pacing was perfect, the film flew by.

The cast was great...Luis Guzman is hilarious as Arnold's Deputy, Forest Whitaker as the lead FBI agent, Peter Stormare as the maniacal "right hand man" villain, Johnny Knoxville as the town clown, Harry Dean Stanton as the crotchety old farmer, the list goes on...

The film was everything I wanted from an Arnold movie, it's fun(!), full of fast paced action and lots of (funny) one liner's. The non-Arnold fan probably won't get much from this, but this movie was made for Arnold fans, and it delivers.
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Missing 80/90's Action Movies? - The Last Stand Is For You!!!
A K22 January 2013
A lot of my favourite films growing up and to this day are some of Arnold's Classics like T2, Predator and countless others. Although not one of his best, The Last Stand is one of Schwarzeneggers better films and perfect for him to do what he does best - shoot bad guys and crack one liners. This film is a quality made action film that contains some innovative stuff blending old school car chases, blazing gunfights and an intriguing yet simple story in a solid modern action movie. Other than the action,the film blends comedy very nicely. The whole theatre was cracking up especially at the characters of Johnny Knoxville and Luiz Guzman. The movie overall is a solid, fun and entertaining film that keeps the momentum going to the final climax which is sure not to disappoint. If that sounds appealing to you, Check it out and you'll be sure to enjoy.

Overall: Solid 7/10
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Arnold is back for the Last Stand
rgblakey17 January 2013
After brief cameos in films like the Rundown and Expendables, we finally got a glimpse of a possible return to form for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Finally his first full length solo action film is here with The Last Stand. As if this wasn't exciting enough, add to the mix I Saw The Devil director Jee-woon Kim at the helm, it has the makings of a great comeback.

The Last Stand follows a former LAPD detective who is now the sheriff of a small quiet town and enjoying the peaceful life. When a notorious drug kingpin escapes FBI custody in a supped up corvette the only thing standing between him and the border is this small town and the sheriff who has vowed to protect it. The story here is pretty simple and in anyone else's hands would have probably been a throw away film. Thankfully Jee-woon Kim brings his signature dynamic style taking this film to a much more entertaining visual level. If there was any concern with Arnold being able to live up to his famous line "I'll be back" being accurate you can relax because he is back in a big way. This film takes a bit of a step back and moves a bit slowly at first letting the story build a bit instead of just flooding it with action. When the smaller action pieces, if you can call any of them that, do occur they are pretty high octane and fun to watch. All this builds up to a full on blood bath ensuing old west action show down featuring all the explosions, guns, blood and fun you could want in an Arnold film. Make no mistake this is a popcorn action film that hearkens back to the old school action films of the 80's and 90's when they delivered. The cast is great and each delivers a fun performance featuring Johnny Knoxville who while brief brings some of the funniest moments, Luis Guzman who is right there holding his own, Forest Whitaker, and Peter Stormare. Arnold still delivers his cheesy one-liners like a pro, but has moved on from the usual ones that were starting to run their course. His years in office clearly have made him a better speaker, hence a better actor.

Arnold may not be as fast or agile as he once was, but he still manages to show he can hold his own with the best of them. This film not only gets Arnold back where he belongs on the big screen it also kicks off a movie year that almost feels like the old days of action again with numerous franchise and action icons bringing the pain in 2013. Arnold has always said he would be back and he is better than ever. If you were ever an Arnold fan, then get ready for a film that will spark the visual crazy fun that's been missing in this genre for a long time.
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Great movie, pity it isn't doing well at the Box Office.
briangcb22 January 2013
Let me start by saying this is a straight-up good guys vs. bad guys, shoot 'em up action movie. Would you expect anything less from Ahhnold? I'll say that I was happy to hear Arnold was returning to the big screen for starring roles once his Governorship was over. I've been a die hard Arnold fan since I was 6. Sure he's a senior citizen now...but he's ARNOLD! The trailers for this movie don't really hide anything, it's presented exactly how it is. It's an action movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. The movie does try and have these heartfelt moments which come off more as cheesy than anything else. But I will give the movie props for actually trying to develop its characters to the point they're not just cardboard cut outs. They have personality and emotions so you actually care if they live or die. Which is more than I can say for most movies of this type. Unfortunately the movie seemed to be relying heavily on Arnold's return to the big screen to put butts in the theatre seats. The movie only made $6 million on its opening weekend. Making it the bottom of the barrel at the box office. However I went and saw it on a Tuesday night at 7pm and the theatre was packed. So perhaps word is travelling that it's a fun movie and it'll be able to make some money back. Not that I'm crying for Arnold's bank account but it's a shame when a good movie doesn't do well.
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He's back!
monstagrn845218 January 2013
Just got back from seeing the last stand, overall a great action movie that action fans as well as schwarzenegger fans will like. Those of you expecting to see academy award winning performances or great story telling should probably avoid this. This is a straight up action movie filled with unapologetic violence, the way it should be. The movie starts off a little slow but once the action picks up it never lets go. Arnold may be looking his age a little bit but that doesn't slow him down at all. Johnny knoxville is also good as the comedy sidekick and he has his moments to shine, him and arnold are definitely an odd couple. Welcome back arnold, here's to more great action movies from an action legend! Looking forward to seeing the tomb next! Schwarzenegger and stallone=EPIC!!!
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Overall, I really liked this film. I cheered, I winced, I threw popcorn in excitement!
Brandon Krum19 January 2013
This is it Arnold Fans our long wait is finally over. Our favorite action hero is BACK! But after being out of the spotlight in a leading role for over a decade, (as fun as Expendables 2 was, it doesn't count) is Arnold really returning to the silver screen with the same flair for action and entertainment that he used to? Read on to find out!

Schwarzenegger plays Ray Owens, a former LAPD Narcotics Agent who left the big city excitement after a bad incident to become the sheriff of the sleepy New Mexico border town of Summerton Junction. Summerton is a town where nothing exciting happens, except for the occasional drunk and disorderly, or petty theft arrest, but this sleepy town is about to get a rude awakening. A notorious drug lord Gabriel Cortez, portrayed by Eduardo Noriega, escapes from FBI custody and starts making his way towards the Mexican border at 250 mph in a stolen, custom Corvette ZR1. Its faster then any chopper. Cortez also has an FBI agent hostage in tow as he dodges police barricades and evades helicopters, usually with very bloody aftermath.

The FBI task force leader Agent Bannister, played by Forest Whitaker, thinks it's a slim chance that Cortez will pass through Summerton, but Arnold's character knows something isn't right. Immediately suspicious of some visitors (one being played by the amazing Peter Stormare), the Sheriff knows they clearly don't belong there.

In his recent autobiography, our favorite action hero describes his part in Last Stand as "a great, great role." "The sheriff knows if he succeeds," he writes, "it will mean everything to the town. His reputation is on the line. Is he really over the hill or can he do it?"

With 'Last Stand,' Arnold has his own reputation to re-solidify as leading man. Again, the Megastar and Governor of California hasn't anchored a movie since 2003′s 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines', and at 65, some worried that he's past his prime as an action hero. Is Arnold over the hill or can he still do it?

From this Arnold fans perspective, the answer is, "Hell Yes!" The action looks great; the acting gets better and better as the film runs, and there are a few gruesome kills that will make any gore fan happy!

The screenplay by Andrew Knauer doesn't give Arnold as many of his signature one- liners. Many of them, such as "How are you, Sheriff?" to which he replies "Old!", was already given away in the trailer. But don't worry, there are a few more hidden gems.

Arnold and his team, who consist of the moody veteran played by Luis Guzman, the rookie cop played by Zach Gilford, the beautiful but skilled deputy played by Jaimie Alexander, her screw-up ex boyfriend (who is stuck in the towns single jail cell) played by Rodrigo Santoro, and of course, the crazy, eccentric goof-ball, who happens to own a small museum of artillery, played by Johnny Knoxville, ban together to become the 'Last Stand' between Cortez and freedom.

The shootouts are all high tension, and there is plenty of high octane car chases for you Fast and Furious fans, plus there are some amazing visuals as well. Kim Ji-Woons entry into US theaters keeps his edgy style engraved within the heart of the picture, and is just as much fun as 'The Good, The Bad, and the Weird', yet still manages to capture traditional Hollywood flair.

There is one thing about this picture that I want to warn you about, it takes a little while to really get going. It's a large cast, so each one needs a bit of an introduction and story to make you care, so I understand. But the great juicy Arnold action starts little more then half way in. And at times, I felt myself wishing there was just a LITTLE more Arnold. But all in all it's not a huge deal. Our Hero still steals the show here, as he should.

Overall, I really liked this film. I cheered, I winced, I threw popcorn in excitement! Is it as good as, say... Terminator? Of course not, but it's on par with, if not better then, the likes of Eraser or Collateral Damage! And I really liked Eraser.

Arnold is Back! With this being his first entry into cinemas in a long while, and it turning out so well, I'm now very excited for his next pictures 'The Tomb', 'TEN', and of course 'Legend of Conan'! Get your ass to the Theaters!

8 out of 10 stogies
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Arnold is back!
dworldeater19 January 2013
As a fan of both star ( Arnold Scwarzenegger ) and director( Kim Jee Woon ) I am satisfied with this film. The Last Stand is the US director debut of Kim Jee Woon as well as the first Scwarzenegger non cameo role since T3. The film is real good actually as it looks great, fast paced with a good amount of bloody action . The tone is serious enough but still has a good amount of tongue in cheek humor and the usual Arnie one liners. Arnold plays a sheriff in a small southwestern town and defends said town against an army of drug runners looking to escort their escaped drug kingpin back to Mexico.Good support cast with Forest Whitaker and Luis Guzman.Johnny Knoxville's screen time is minimal thankfully and doesn't ruin the film . I found The Last Stand to be a very enjoyable action flick as well as the best movie Arnold made in a long time. I hope the film does well as it is a good film and strong comeback for Arnie as well as great US debut for Kim Jee Woon.
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The stupidity in this film kills me
bryondavidjones12 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Full armored SUVs using a ZR1 like a ramp? Magnets that are strong enough to lift a car, yet somehow don't effect handcuffs? A FBI that thinks patrol cars and patrolmen with only pistols is enough to stop a world class mass murderer? that and more is what awaits you in this film. if you come into with logic and thinking you will be beyond upset. in the film gravity and physics take a break whenever the script writers want them to.

there is really a scene where a criminal driving a ZR1 going 200mph flips his car to face the other way, breaks so that the armored FBI SUV car drives over his car like a ramp, flips around again and speeds off, going 200mph. i'm no master in cars/physics, but i would think that a SUV would crush a smaller car like a ZR1. another thing that makes me mad is the fact that after this guy has killed like 20 police officers and even more FBI agents we are supposed to believe that all they send after him is some SWAT teams. by this point you would think they would send APCs,attack choppers,special Ops,etc. maybe i am being to picky - expecting Hollywood to learn more about the subjects they are making movies about, but "the last stand" really crosses the line into "totally unbelievable"
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6.4 on IMDb? You should be ashamed of yourselves
Christopher Chadwick1 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This film was abysmal. The acting was terrible. The script was awful. The action was at times as believable as a Tom & Jerry cartoon. Nothing made sense. A car that didn't need to refuel. A helicopter that couldn't follow a road. Cars exploding next to people, but the person not only lives but gets angry and goes on the attack. FBI that have no tactical support. Bad guys that are both super-villains, but also mind-numbingly inept. A sheriff that can't tell the citizens to go find somewhere safe when there is an evil army coming their way. Johnny Knoxville (and all that that entails). A man who dies in a policewoman's arms outside a medical centre and they don't even take him inside for a blood transfusion and a defibrillator. I mean, you die, but there's still a chance for you. You'd be like, 'don't mourn me! take me inside and let the doctors have a go at me, please!' This isn't the worst film I've seen lately, but it's down there. Flight, The Host, Bullet to the Head, Red Dawn, Pain & Gain, Wanderlust... all infuriatingly awful films in their own right. Let me just finish by saying- I hated this film and it should never have been made. Long gone are the days when an Arnie film was a must-see joyride. This film made me want to cry. Thank goodness I didn't pay to watch it.
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Syvog Tres23 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I know that Arnold is ARNOLD, and that is what made me spend a Saturday evening on this movie. But I was greatly disappointed. Having actors like Whitaker, Guzmán, Stanton (a pleasant surprise), and others in the cast did not compensate for a hail storm of clichés, predictable events, and seen-before action scenes. From the initial small-town-feel-good build-up, over bad-guy-kills-innocent-man, over bad-guy-gets-spectacularly-sprung, over over-powered-car-is-cool-yeah, over dumb-cops-loose-track-of-car, over FBI-officers-behave-arrogantly, over small-town-cops-decide-to-make-a-stand, over pretty-lady-cop-is-a-crook, over you-earned-the-deputy-star, to the final that-is-what-happens-when-you-park-in-a-fire-zone comment, nothing surprises the viewer. Suffering from a nearly non-existing plot, this movie was clearly designed to maximize profits by addressing the 12-18 year old male viewer. I sincerely do not hope that this was Arnold's farewell movie - his exit should be a better one that this movie. Really!
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A Fun Schwarzenegger Film
Lord Starscream15 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It's been ten years since Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken the lead role in a movie, and many people were hesitant about his return to lead "The Last Stand." Honestly, I had good faith that if this were a bad movie, then it would at least be a fun one to watch. But this film was fairly satisfying.

With racing cars and thrilling action scenes, the movie features Arnold Schwarzenegger as he is tasked with going after a group of gang members lead by a drug lord. All in all, it's agreeable that there were a couple of faults, and a couple of scenes where that may have been silly and awkward. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting was a bit bad at times. But it's fun to watch. It's full of action, gunfire, and shoot outs. The action is nonstop, and there many explosions as well. Any trailer for this movie should pull you right in to watch it. But the real thing that strained down on people the whole time was most likely the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger was finally back and taking the lead again. And we can all agree that that's one thing we were all looking forward to.

So "The Last Stand" is a good action movie. I would certainly recommend seeing it.
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"The Last Stand" gets off to a slow start but more than makes up for it with an explosive second and third act
ersinkdotcom17 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Arnold is back just like he's always claimed! No matter what you think of him as a politician or family man, one thing is for sure. Nobody can kick as much booty as Arnold Schwarzenegger. The man has fought and won against robots, drug dealers, terrorists, giant serpents, politicians, and the Devil.

He's battled everyone and everything in his forty plus year career in films and TV. What do you do for an encore after taking a break to be the governor of California? You jump back in the ring and do it all over again! That's exactly what Schwarzenegger does in "The Last Stand."

Ex-LAPD officer Ray Owens (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has retired to the small border town of Summerton Junction and taken the position of sheriff in the quiet community. Things get heated up when Ray discovers the leader of a drug cartel, Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega), is heading through the heart of Summerton Junction as he speeds toward Mexico and freedom. It's up to Owens and his inexperienced deputies to stop Cortez and his gang as they prepare for a daring escape across the border.

Although the film starts out rather slow, it picks up and never lets the audience back down. I was getting a bit restless as they took their time establishing the story. As soon as those first explosions and gunshots went off, I knew I was in for a bloody and gory good time.

"The Last Stand" is the perfect movie for Schwarzenegger to return to the silver screen in. Its violence, gun fighting, and hand-to-hand combat are over-the-top in that wonderfully excessive 1980s style. However, the story and Schwarzenegger's role as an aging lawman are quite convincing.

Owens just wants to get away from the rat race of being a big city cop and settle down in a quiet little country town with one road. That doesn't stop him from wanting to protect his home and its citizens. It's completely believable that a gun-toting patriotic sheriff and his deputies would do anything they could to protect their town from harm at the hands of murderous drug dealing criminals.

Johnny Knoxville and Luis Guzman both do a great job of providing the comic relief we've all come to expect from these great action films. You can't have a great hero without having his inept sidekicks that accidentally help save the day. It just so happens that we get two for the price of one in "The Last Stand."

Eduardo Noriega is excellent as the pretty boy drug kingpin who lets other people do all his dirty work while he reaps all the benefits. He races towards the Mexican border in a fancy race car with a woman by his side while his gang members get blown away by Schwarzenegger and company. I spent the entire film just waiting for him to come face-to-face with Schwarzenegger and get what was coming to him.

"The Last Stand" shows that even in his 60s, Arnold Schwarzenegger still has what it takes to carry a big-scale action movie. It might take him a little longer than it used to, but he'll still end up handing your tail to you when it's all said and done. From the looks of his upcoming films, he's just getting started.
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Meets expectations
Harry T. Yung18 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Our retired governor of California delivers what is expected of him, returning to Hollywood. This movie that has every ingredient you expect from one in this genre is neither brilliant nor incompetent. It gave me a little over 100 minutes of relaxing (not despite, but because of the sometimes frantic action) time in the cinema which I still hold is the place to watch a movie.

Plot line: in a small border town, a squad of 5 unlikely heroes (gender-neutral), against all odds, stops a drug lord "with an army" (the drug lorad, that is, not the heroes) from escaping back to Mexico. I wouldn't bother with the details.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the way over-the-hill sheriff who relives the glory of his hay days in this almost suicidal undertaking. No, Forest Whitaker is not the villain but the L.A. law man who seems to be always one step behind him, until the small-town sheriff steps in to help. Nor is Peter Stormare, who plays the villain's right hand man and steals the show. Jaimie Alexander who showed her mantle in "Thor" as beautiful and lethal Sif plays one of the deputies. There is more than a dozen other characters, quite adequate to provide the movie with variety, if not depth.

All told, fun to watch.
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Don't waste your time
kettle kettle3 May 2013
While watching this I felt like I had been transported back in time to the 80s. Except I wasn't watching a good 80s action movie; instead I was watching a bad 80s action movie.

Every scene is contrived; a character races across the desert at triple-digit speeds, in a 1000+ horsepower Corvette, without ever needing to stop to refuel. Characters in moving vehicles win a shootout against a barricaded opponent who knows they will be facing trouble. A character standing in the open defeats a squad of FBI HRT operators. A helicopter loses track of a car traveling on the only road for hundreds of miles. The antagonist drives in reverse at, what appears to be, double digit speeds, etc. This movie is one giant facepalm.

I imagine that we are supposed to be left in suspense, on a journey with the protagonists, in an attempt to guess at what the antagonist will do next. Instead we are left baffled by the buffoonery of the Federal agents and the obviousness of everything.

Bottom line: if you're looking to relive the days of bad 80s action movies; this one is for you.
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If not for the director, this would be DTV.
Jason Kleeberg19 January 2013
I saw this tonight with four friends. There were 7 people total in the theater.

This movie is TERRIBLE. Terrible to the point that it's funny, but still terrible. The dialog seems like it was written by a ten year old. The action is pretty good, except for the final battle.

The comedy and "one liners" are just bad. It's nearly on the same level as Collateral Damage.

It will probably be a cult classic because of how bad it is (ala Punisher: War Zone). I think people are giving it a free pass because it's Arnold. Anyone else makes this movie, it would be getting skewered right now. I'm excited he's back on the big screen too, but I swear, sometimes people have blinders on.
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I'm the sheriff of a very underrated movie.
Ryan Cox15 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
One of the best action movies of the 2000's (up there with the expendables, bullet to the head, and a few others). This is probably one of the most suspenseful Schwarzenegger films in a while. It has action, suspense and very little cheesiness. If your an action fan, chances are, you'll love it, and you'll have too see it. I think some have underrated this film because Arnold Schwarzenegger does hardly any killing, however he still does some and when he does it's great. He's the sheriff of a small town and is in danger of a huge time drug dealer so he gets ready for the match. Some characters died who I thought wouldn't and some didn't when I thought they would so I found it interesting. It's a good one.
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Sadly, Utter Garbage
rqrose16 June 2013
I watched this movie out of respect for the two main actors, but even they could not carry the writing of this utterly bland overly-long car commercial.

This is the type of movie made for ignorant cube-workers who have nothing better to do with a Sunday afternoon. There was nothing new or original about this movie. At least with the Fast & Furious series you see ridiculous antics, comedy, and get to learn about new parts of the world.

The story line is so ludicrous it is like a made-for-TV movie. A few police officer out-gunning military trained ex-mercenaries? A rookie cop out-sniping a trained tactical sniper? A drug lord with only ONE option for getting out of the country? The AIRFIELDS are closed?! Any pilot will tell you planes can take-off and land in fields, highways, lakes, and even rivers.

The two main actors were decent, but other than that what was good about this movie? The war on drugs has been lost for the last 20 years and only Hollywood and the government don't seem to know it.
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The Last Stand should be first on your must-see list!
fisherbee1-119 January 2013
One of the top names in action again brings us a top notch action movie! Arnold delivers the great performance you expect from such a seasoned star, and the supporting cast really sells the characters they play. The small town set is believable, and portrayed so that you can actually care about them. The bad guys are just the sort that you want to see brought down (as they should be. The scenes flow smoothly, the locations are realistic, and the action is outstanding. Add in the rest of the ingredients - chase scenes, shooting, stunts, a dash of humor - and you have all you need for a fun evening at the movies. 80's action fans will love this one. Even the soundtrack was great; not one single thing that made me say, "Now why did they have to use that song?" See it on the big screen, and bring it home when it hits disc. Did the first, and plan to do the second. A must for any action collection.
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Just A Good Old Boy Fighting Bandits!
HollywoodJunket16 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A small town is involuntarily and abruptly awakened to the biggest fugitive chase by the FBI in Lionsgate's "The Last Stand" directed by Jee-Woon Kim and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker and Johnny Knoxville.

Colorful characters surrounding law-enforcement riding the tails of illegal cargo (a fellow FBI agent and the fugitive himself) inside of a super-charged sports car could very well be an updated spin on the classic 1977 film "Smokey and the Bandit" which starred Burt Reynolds and Sally Field.

Fans expecting to see a good Schwarzenegger action film like the old days will not be disappointed in "The Last Stand". It's one-of-a kind mind-blowing stunts, mostly involving cars, and quirky towns people along with cheesy dialogue delivered with great comedic timing is all wrapped-up into an enjoyable adventure ride.

Arnold plays Sheriff Ray Owens of Sommerton, Arizona - a small town out in the middle of no where. As a former narcotics L.A.P.D officer he had too much of a bad deal which ended in a lot of bloodshed. As a result, he sought out a much more quiet career in law enforcement in Sommerton. As the town's sheriff, his most demanding responsibilities is jailing drunks. His deputies Jerry (Zach Gilford) and Mike (Luis Guzman) pass their down-time with target practice on hanging raw meat. One deputy's need for more adventures leads to his request for Owens help in getting hired at the L.A.P.D. after the highlight of his work there is rescuing a cat from a tree. As they say, be careful what you wish for because their sleepy little town soon turns into a hot spot for danger literally over night.

The town's worst nightmare starts when a failed milk delivery arises suspicion from the town's local waitress, Christie. After sending his deputies Jerry Bailey (Zach Gilford) and Sarah Torrance (Jamie Alexander) off to investigate, Owens soon discovers that there's something fishy going on with the last homicide in Sommerton and has a gut feeling it's connected with an earlier sighting of questionable diner patrons and an escaped convict, Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega) who's said to be headed their way. But, not just any convict, the most threatening convict of all - a third generation of a drug cartel family and as FBI agent John Bannister (Forest Whitaker) puts it, not since Escabar has a convict been as threatening.

"The Last Stand" is filled with smart action and impressive car stunt scenes. Some of the things that the featured car- a custom, converted corvette stolen from the L.A. Auto Show by Cortez and his minions is capable of- racing at speeds higher than a helicopter and apparently lacking the need for gas. The fact is that this villain is one that has truly lead a charmed life and doing the actual dirty work is not in his agenda. He passes off all of the heavy-lifting to pre-selected criminals who help him make his escapes in his ultimate goal to pass back over the border into Mexico.

Arnold Schwarznegger proves to still have his action movie game in him by not letting fans down by delivering his traditional, signature macho, humorous style trademarked to his characters. One memorable scene of the film is when Arnold's character goes into the local diner to warn the workers and customers to go home because they are in harms way. One of the senior citizen customers says he just ordered one of the most fattest breakfast's and does he look like he's afraid of death. The other older patron agreed - as they both sipped on their beers. In a follow-up scene at the same diner, after breaking through a glass door, the customers and workers ask Arnold how he is doing as he's in the middle of battle with Cortez's crew. He pulls himself up off of the floor and responds, "old".

WARNING: For those of you with weak stomachs I must advise there are some graphic scenes.

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Boring bullshit are you serious
misterkevinoh23 January 2013
This movie is a Korean dude trying to make an "American" movie with an Austrian dude. Arnold gives great performances when he doesn't have to actually act. That's what this guy is, and you gave me what felt like 3 hours of Arnold trying to be a rounded character.

Sure, the action was fun, but that's like say "The entire time we had sex was painful because I had a splinter in my penis... but it felt good when I came." I'm sorry, that's really vulgar, but yeah.

4 out of 10. Action was decent, was not worth the whole film, tonally out of place because it tries so hard to be a film for Americans. Huge disappoint as I enjoy the director's past work far more. He has a dynamic and fresh style/approach with action in films and he shouldn't be wasting it on this bullshit.
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A Crap with a Star
room10216 February 2013
"Weiss: Kid, you must have me confused with David Selznick. I don't make major motion pictures, I make crap. Ed Wood: Yes — but if you take that crap and put a star in it, then you've got something! Weiss: Yeah. Crap with a star."

This pretty much summaries the movie: It's a crap with a star. Well, an old star with a terrible accent who tries to make a comeback. It has a silly script, Arnold's accent is even worse than it was and lots of B- movies in the 80's were better - simply because they didn't try to take themselves for more than they were. This movie is too serious and not that entertaining. It's just close to watchable. Lots of silly car chases, lots of Arnold talking in horrible accent and here and there you have a "plot" and some of the worst dialog you've heard in years.

"A Bittersweet Life (2005)" was a great film. Too bad Jee-woon Kim chose this as his introduction to Hollywood.
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Great movie---Great car
ken-585-74179218 January 2013
I have been a fan of Arnold for years and he much like John Wayne just plays himself no matter what the role. I am also a huge fan of the Chevrolet Corvette and own a Cyber/Grey Z06 myself. Given that there was no way I would miss this movie.

The movie does feel like many of the action movies of the 80's and 90's and I enjoyed it. I am sure the movie will win no awards although the action and chase scenes were as good as I have seen. I thought Johnny Knoxville was great in his role and he and Arnold played off each other well.

If you are a action movie and car guy, go see it.
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Worst Film Ever
latoja-miguel2 May 2013
That is the worst movie I've ever seen.

Mr. Schwarzenegger Shame on You. I did like You. I did like your movies, till You did this.

One conclusion: Corvette is the most useful and unstoppable car ever, you can use it for everything, from stopping SWAT team while riding over 90mph backward to harvest corn on the field with the same speed.

It's time to STOP, Mr. Schwarzenegger before you shame your name totally. And I don't want it. Same as I don't want to watch that kind of movies anymore.

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Absolute kak...
funky_hamsta25 April 2013
Arnie = utter toss...acting is miserable as usual. Plot = predictable rubbish Execution = sad, lame and totally unoriginal

What a complete waste of time this movie is.

If anything, it contains at least 2 memorable moments. One is the end credits rolling, the second is me hitting the stop button.

If this is the pinnacle of Arnie's acting career, then it's a sad day for the US film industry.

He should go back to lifting weights or trying to govern a state, because he's fit for neither, even less so, starring in movies.

I think I'd rather spend a day picking the muck from my toenails than be subject to such low rate, low grade tat.
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