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B Movie Bliss
dabulk219 January 2013
I decided to kill time and get a film from Redbox and sure enough I picked up this gem. Basically, a group of 20ish year olds go out to the woods to build a campground as a humanitarian project. The premise is not scary until they begin to die by accident one by one. It is actually pretty funny and the gore presents itself quiet well. The acting isn't that bad, but the characters are kind of stereotypical but I enjoyed a majority of the characters. I was impressed with this one and hope to find it to purchase soon. I recommend it to any gore lovers looking to have a movie night with some friends. Definitely pick this one up!
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I Didn't Come Here To Die makes you rethink volunteer work
rgblakey18 January 2013
With so many horror films being released straight to video, the only real selling point is usually the cover art. While more often than not they deliver some cool promotional images despite the film still falling short. The latest film not only delivers another appealing image, but also a perfect old school title I Didn't Come Here To Die. Could this be one of those hidden gems that pop up from time to time or be another forgettable addition to the genre?

I Didn't Come Here To Die follows six volunteers working on a humanitarian project in the woods. When horrific accidents begin to happen human nature takes over leading to rash decisions and unpredictability where it becomes everyone for themselves whether they know it or not. Going into this movie you think you are going into a full on slasher horror style film, but sadly that never happens. While there is plenty of gore and kills all of it chalks up to just random accidents, panic, and mental anguish. There is a lot of build up here heading nowhere. The story plays pretty straight forward and for being clearly having a small independent budget doesn't look too bad, but beyond that this film offers little. The actors are pretty average to bad which would be fine if there was more substance to the film, but sadly there is nothing. They seem to be trying to do something clever, but instead deliver a film with no point what so ever.

There are some funny moments, including some of the kills as well as a few great gore moments including a chainsaw to the face which is the best of the entire film, but never really packs that punch needed to make this anything all that memorable. If you decide to give this film a chance, just prepare yourself for the low budget and the lack of direction and you may end up still having a decent time.
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you really have to sit through the first 40 minutes...
trashgang18 February 2013
Friends of mine told me that this was a must see because I'm into exploitation. And the fact that it contained horror should be the real thing for me. And they were right, the opening did have an exploitation look, in fact grindhouse style. And the opening credits were 100% grindhouse but after that I was left with a bitter feeling.

It took in fact almost 40 minutes before things go wrong. Yeah yeah, I know, there's an eye popped out before that but it was more an accident. The ending i did have a laugh because that you couldn't see coming. The acting for such a low budget was indeed well done. And the effects used were sublime but there was too much of blah blah in the beginning. Once the chainsaws come in you have to watch what is going on. The last part is okay. Luckily they didn't use the shaky camera's like they did before the opening credits throughout this flick.

I still don't know what to think about this hyped flick. It has all ingredients it do need, nudity, gore, red stuff, suspense. guess the first 40 minutes did me almost reach for the fast forward. A slow builder in fact but not overall a horror. It's more about circumstances and illusions that all go awry in some way overtoned with black humor.

Gore 2/5 Nudity 1/5 Effects 4/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 1/5
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Watch this!
dawulf9 February 2013
We really enjoyed this movie! It is worth watching if you are a fan of B movies. It doesn't have a huge budget and no really big names but it is fun! Think Tucker and Dale versus Evil without Tucker and Dale.

They shot this film to look like a 70's movie and if they had dropped cell phones and the music you could almost believe it was the 70's. The movie begins at the end and then shows how they got there. The deaths were creative.

I took away the following things from this movie.. First, I will show it to my niece who wants to move away and join a similar organization as the characters. I will let this movie be her warning. Second, I will always look over my shoulder in the woods before I turn around. Third, I will follow all safety instructions. Fourth and most important, I am not going to the woods! It never ends well.
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Smartly written and the acting is exceptional
jerrygoff19 July 2011
A great twist on the tale of a young group of volunteers find trouble in the woods on an overnight trip. The set-up is classic teen horror but the story is unique and the acting is excellent. Love the ending! Didn't see it coming.

Bad things happen to this disparate group of kids but there's a humorous and campy undertone. Not a dull minute and the story and the conflicts build exponentially. A variety of mistakes and accidents point towards a mysterious force. Imaginations run wild in the camp and paranoia runs rampant.

I really enjoyed the screening in Austin at the film festival and I'm eager to see it again. Bravo to the whole cast and crew! It was a hoot.
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Fresh, Fast, and Fun
FilmFatale15 February 2014
I've been watching a lot of 80s slasher flicks lately, so I watched this on a whim because it's always nice to have a "palate cleanser." When it started, I was really afraid I'd gotten into another terrible found footage film. Then as the group of six volunteers were introduced and stopped off at a small-town market, I was afraid it was another hillbilly redneck torture film. However, I'm really glad I stuck with it because I Didn't Come Here to Die really went out of its way to give me plenty of fun. It's best to go into this one as blind as you can, because it takes you on a lot of unexpected turns in its brief 80-minute runtime. The young cast members are pretty good and there are some choice gore scenes and a fairly clever script. I liked this one a lot.
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A fun low budget romp
Strange Attractors27 January 2013
I haven't reviewed in years, but felt compelled to with this one since it strikes me as a diamond in the rough for fans of horror. I'm not going to rehash the plot much as there's no need: a group of volunteers go to the woods and bad things happen. No elaboration needed.

The intro to this is a well done throwback, but as the movie continued found myself weary of the picture quality and the acting. Felt so low budget that I almost turned it off and dismissed it, glad I didn't.

Once the action starts it keeps going until the end. The movie has some great gore and tension. Giving the budget they pulled off some great scenes, the fx are better than most low budget horror, but not Hollywood for sure.

I rented this for a dollar and some change at redbox. The cover picture is misleading, ignore that. I've kept this review purposely vague as you will get more from it if you just watch it. Mostly for horror fans who don't need a huge budget and all plot holes filled to enjoy a movie.

p.s. - skip the previews on the DVD and just go to the film.
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Fun, fast paced, and beyond insanely ridiculous.
hi_im_manic15 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
There are sound issues with this movie that irritated Me from the beginning. The opening music was quite loud, however the voice track throughout is nearly inaudible under normal sound settings. I had to crank the setting up to 55, when I usually keep it set on 16.

Moving forward... I was pleasantly surprised by the cast. All unknowns (to Me anyways) yet they manage fairly convincing acting overall. The casting of the characters was very well done, and each was believable in his/her role. The film manages to avoid the cliché characters of this genre. There's no smoking hot blonde bimbo, no token black guy, no problem-solving genius creating solutions, no do-gooder acting as the groups moral compass, and no heroes. It makes this a refreshing departure from the norm.

The gore effects were also surprisingly good, I couldn't help but squirm and cringe a couple of times. It's a very nice job for a low budget film.

While the dialog is pretty nicely written, and manages a few clever chuckle moments, the story itself isn't very realistic. Just how many unfortunate tragedies can actually occur within a 48 hour period? Too many accidents, too many coincidences, too much insanity all occurring simultaneously. There are so many unbelievably illogical, poorly-conceived events occurring that it will have you shaking your head. A couple of dumb decisions, especially due to emotional distress or alcohol is understandable, but not in this capacity. It's all beyond ridiculous. For example, can anyone imagine a sheriff who would pull someone over, spill their tearful personal story of woe with the driver, then hand the driver their loaded weapon and tell them to start shooting? I don't think so! Sure, it's a fun concept but absolutely ludicrous.

Interestingly, what makes this film a gory horror is not some outside force. There are no monsters, ghosts, cannibal mutants, or knife-wielding psychos preying on the group. The hell that ensues already lies within the individuals themselves, the rest is left to fate.

The run-time is short, the plot moves along fast, and there's not a lot of dialog, so even those with the shortest of attention spans will find themselves engaged in this gory show of utter unbelievability.
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An ode to low budget horror films
mdnobles1915 January 2013
I Didn't Come Here To Die is probably one of the best efforts from a low budget horror film I've seen in awhile. The gore effects were great, especially the chainsaw scene, all of it looked raw and painful. The film blends comedy and horror very effectively, that it reminded me when I first saw The Evil Dead, but blended with Final Destination, just not as great as those. They definitely did wonders with their very limited budget, for instance the tent scene with the spooky shadows that kind of reminded me of Freddy Kruger. The film also reminded me of the superior low budget horror film Dead Wood, but I think this one will have a better chance to become a cult classic, maybe.

The acting was surprisingly decent and the characters were oddballs, but very entertaining to watch and at times hysterical. You felt bad for them, as horrible luck comes to them in every corner, but this is completely a tongue in cheek type of film, that makes it a messed up riot. The characters might be the typical ones found in horror films but their demise isn't and it was refreshing.

Director and writer, Bradley Scott Sullivan seems to know and love horror films and this film is evidence. It's like a loving ode to the little horror films that could, like for instance The Evil Dead. His filming style was retro brilliance and I dug it a lot! I will for sure keep an eye out for him and I can imagine great things if he has a much larger budget.

Overall, there was some hype surrounding this film when it first hit, but I can't unfortunately say that this film deserved it. I can say that I enjoyed it for what it accomplished on such a small budget and its balanced blend of horror and comedy. I think it could of been a tad better and delivered crazier mayhem, but it got most of the job done in a surprisingly, effectively well matter, especially for a first time director. I liked it, but I wish that I could say that I loved it; I was just sort of disappointed with the film as a whole. Definitely worth a watch for horror fanatics though! 6.9 out of 10
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I just watched this back to back with "pitch perfect".
LovinMoviesMakinGames17 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this back to back with "pitch perfect". Sorry, just had to start with that. The two movies couldn't be more opposites. But I watch so many movies, that I just end up seeing everything. With that in mind, I do grab a lot of indie films. The horror Indies are more often than not, quite awful, with bad acting, ridiculous effects, and disjointed plots. "I didn't come to die" didn't come to suck. It had none of those shortcomings of indie horror. They focused on what they could do within that budget, the story they wanted and did it very well. No horribly fake half-done CG, just some gore, just enough, to tell the story. I enjoyed the characters in the film. They seemed much more "real" , complex , and unpredictable then in most of these films. Just like every other movie, this one has been done before. The camping in the cursed we go nuts area. So I have a measuring stick to compare. And this one did quite well.
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Excellent low budget film with above average everything.
Woody Welch1 March 2012
I am really very impressed with what this group of guys and gals pulled off with 7 days of shooting and a micro budget. Starts with a superb script that is more Shakespearean tragedy than it is Tobe Hooper. I say this with admiration because it is unique and not very easy to pull off. The cast of characters, depth of character development and the acting are all excellent. You can see that these folks took the part very seriously, worked there asses off and had a great time... great energy and spot on character portrayal. There are a few technical flaws and a couple of goofs but actually not as many as I expected and more importantly I did not even care because the narrative, acting and production value were so strong.

I am not much of a horror buff any more but I highly recommend this movie to horror buffs as well as folks that just like good film making and great story telling.
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Extraordinary job all around!
Laura Scannell16 January 2013
This was an excellent movie, over all. For a low budget film, "I Didn't Come Here to Die" was exceptionally well done, with superb character portrayals and just the right amount of humor and psychological-style-horror to keep it from being cheesy; a movie that leaves a lasting impression and a cringe at the thought of a chainsaw or an axe. The casting was amazingly done, each actor seemingly perfectly for the role they played in appearance and skill. I certainly won't be going camping any time soon without thinking of just how wrong any activity could go.

It is refreshing to find a horror flick that does not rely on an outside force to explain all of the horrible events that occur. And the movie was well-paced without any stalling by too-much dialogue or drawn-out scenes.

Danny (played by Kurt Cole) draws sympathy from the audience with his back-story that is told more through his acting than through the dialogue, a feat for any actor. While Chris (played by Niko Red Star) is the quintessential jerk that the audience waits to turn good, his character comes to life when he reacts to the events around him in a most believable way. Indiana Adams, Madi Goff, Jeremy Scott Vandermause, and Emmy Robbin each rose to the heights the roles called for, making the characters seem very real and gave remarkable performances.
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Don't believe the hype!
Julie5 March 2013
Okay, so I never write reviews, and had to start an account with IMDb just to write this one, but I HAD TO. I seriously am convinced that all of the good reviews I have read are from friends and family members of the people that made this horribly boring generic movie. I am an avid B horror movie LOVER. I've watched tons of them. There are the good ones, The bad ones that are so bad that they're good, and then there is this one. There is really nothing fun or scary about this movie, there was one part that was kind of okay as far as gore goes, but that was about it. There really is no gore, no scares, and no good humor. I really don't understand why people are saying "This is going to be the next Evil Dead" and that its comparable to "Tucker and Dale vs Evil". My problem with that is... those were good movies. I am usually not so hard on movies or so negative about them, I give everything a chance. But this particular movie, was boring, and extremely disappointing. If you're thinking about watching this, please don't. There are plenty of other crappy B horror movies out there that are actually worth watching. This, is not one of them.
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More garbage from our American ( inbred ) cousins
Boyd27 April 2013
Give a moron a power tool and its going to hurt itself Vacuous soap opera aesthetics with blood A waste of everybody's time Soap opera quality script Soap opera quality acting Gore effects Who cares They are really churning this crap out aren't they ... Everyone thinks they can make a horror film and make money from it ... But this isn't horror ... Its soap opera for the mentally challenged ... Its not frightening ... Its not gut churning ... Its not funny ... Its not hip ... Its not intriguing ... Its just disposable dross for the soap opera generation Run .. Run for the hills ... Rather than watch any more of this rubbish ... It is the filmic equivalent of spam and doesn't deserve to even exist
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Everything that is good about the genre. Great!
James Farmer27 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A very unusual and offbeat film. It hits the mark in every aspect. Simple and so well directed. Some very clever plot twists along the way and the end meets the beginning in a roundabout way which is always makes me smile. Unheralded actors doing an excellent job. With less than 10 actors and limited budget I do hope that this is the way forward. Some people will "get it" others will miss the point of the film. It is simple no frills thrills; if that is not your cup of tea then I imagine that your vote score will be low (as some on this site). It's probably not for everybody, but then what do you expect from a low budget horror film, for me it was everything that is good about the genre. An excellent film and full value for 9/10
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My first awful one!
maleficarus3 August 2013
Writing this review because this is the very first movie I ever rated an awful 1! Bad acting with the kind of plot, well no plot worth talking about. I had to keep watching because I wanted to see if it could get any worse. This movie is by far the worst movie I have ever seen! Did the actors actually get paid for this? LOL!

I have to write at least ten lines of text for this review. I am seriously at a loss for words as this movie was so bad. I honestly think it messed up my Bluray player that is how bad it was. One more line to go I can do this. Just an awful movie hands down! Avoid at all costs...
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