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Amanda and Michael have an awkward and uncomfortable reunion. She sets her sights on David as part of a mysterious plan to find something the late Sydney had. David and Lauren's growing romance continues, until Michael gets between them by attempting to sabotage Lauren's medical career when he suspects that David is investigating him. David seeks a way to get Michael arrested for Sydney's murder. Meanwhile, Violet receives an unwelcome visitor from her past: her evil stepbrother Levi, who wants to bring her back to her hometown in Oregon, and Riley inadvertently gets in harms way of the drug-addicted fiend who tries to extort money from Violet. Also, Ella uses her charms to give Jonah a job at WPK as a computer tech where she asks him to spy on Amanda's e-mails in an attempt to get the best on her since Amanda has all her employees secretly investigated in order to discourage them from forming secret alliances against her. But things come to a head when the wicked Amanda moves into ...

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