Premium Rush (2012) Poster


Plot Keywords

envelope delivery
courier one day
money chase
new york city detective
immigration college student
text message corrupt cop
hitman taxi
wilhelm scream shooting a police officer
car crash restaurant
party threat
interracial relationship chinatown manhattan new york city
one day time span subtitled scene
bicycle courier scene during end credits
bicycle race gambling
photograph flashback
bicycle written by director
gambling addiction silencer
two word title bicyclist
kicked in the crotch subway
rain police station
pistol roommate
cigarette smoking teeth knocked out
professional rivalry beaten to death
police detective bicycle chase
apartment manhattan new york city
human smuggling compulsive gambler
organized crime bicycle crash
ticket nypd
ambulance flash mob
foreign student interracial kiss
murder character repeating someone else's dialogue
cell phone raised middle finger
shot in the head mandarin
bicycle chain stolen bicycle
china columbia university
shot to death triad
interrogation hit by a car
voice over narration phone book
murder of a police officer drunkenness
gambling debt reference to wile e. coyote
reference to lance armstrong race against time
flask car chase
police chase bicycle messenger
police slow motion scene
bar police officer killed
impound yard character says i love you
punched in the face subway station
torture law student
chinese immigrant nonlinear timeline
beating recklessness
loan shark central park manhattan new york city
title spoken by character

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