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You're looking for depth and profundity, this is the wrong movie. But under the direction of David Koepp ("Secret Window," the screenplays for "Mission: Impossible" and "Spider-Man"), this is an expert and spellbinding adventure.
Premium Rush is great fun - nimble, quick, the thinking person's mindless entertainment.
He's Premium Rush's villain, but Shannon doesn't attempt anything like the austere derangement of a Hans Gruber type, even though he specializes in playing terrifying nutjobs. Instead, he's a buffoon of the first order, and his hapless tomfoolery sets the tone for a light, fast, frequently hilarious 90 minutes.
Slant Magazine
Proves how invigorating genre filmmaking can be in the hands of a savvy, perpetually inventive director.
The Hollywood Reporter
A quick pace and always-enjoyable lead Joseph Gordon-Levitt will please moviegoers, even if the picture's ticking-clock approach isn't as invigoratingly pulpy here as in the Koepp-penned "Snake Eyes" and "Panic Room."
So appealing is Gordon-Levitt that, for great stretches of his new movie, I suspended my disapproval of his character and just went with the nonstop flow. He almost persuaded me that the film is, if not a premium rush, then an economy high.
The lovably ridiculous bike-messenger thriller Premium Rush is a welcome throwback.
Premium Rush is a half-entertaining, half-exasperating movie.
Boxoffice Magazine
Premium Rush has a rewarding relentlessness and a payoff that suggests that whirring city that surrounds us in is full of supporters who see past the system.
The action is neither cathartic nor supremely exhilarating. "Bullitt" on a bike this film is not.

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