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A: No one really knows. Louise is the only one that can call him by his first name. Theyve had a flirtatious friendship since their youth.

A: Petropolis is a county northern of Holwenstall. Ares is part of an elitist group of Mods called the Petropolis Porcocetts that are thinking of setting up a chapter in Holwenstall. Ares doesnt appear until the second episode even though Vince points him out in the pilot episode as one of the bandits escaping Mr. Borisch on the scooter.

A: That was traditional skinhead and scooter gang head-honcho Jake Weavers (Jason Lawless) and kleptomaniac Sammy Fingers (Brandon Greene) of the Petropolis Percocetts. The crazy immigrant drugstore owner is named Mr. Borisch (Edward Joyce).

A: Weavers was showing Fingers the ropes. They were stealing pills/uppers from the drug store.

A: Beer that hes illegally brewing in the Brookhurst basement.

A: Hes pouring out another sample of his illegal brew, hoping to acquire a black market distributor. The phone call he takes is from another possible purchaser who turns out to be an undercover cop.

A: Yes. The pilot ends with Joy finding out Rat has been arrested. The actual arrest may or may not be depicted later. Otherwise, use your imagination.

A: Frankie cant see without his glasses. He says, I thought you were one of them! after macing him, "them" referring to the skinheads.

A: It does take place in the present. Due to Blairs neurosis we dont find out until a few episodes down that she misheard that the Cramps are playing. The name of the actual band performing is The Tramps.

A: No. But since Dexter is her closest friend he sort of leads her on about things that arent truly happening. Think of a small child and an imaginary friend--you dont tell the kid theres no one there. You go along with it.

A: Each episode is named after a song and its theme will correlate with the storyline. The pilot is named after the Middle Class song A Blueprint for Joy. The episode is narrated by the character Joy and were seeing a "blueprint" of her "friends".


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