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  • A baby dinoshark evolves into a ferocious predatory adult, terrorising tourists and locals offshore from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


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  • A piece of Antartic ice falls into the water. Three years later, a dinoshark kills a scuba diver.

    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Trace McGraw (Eric Balfour) arrives by taxi; apparently, he is late. His friend lends him his ship, telling that he'll be out of reach for two months, and that he'll have no mobile call reception. Another friend comes by, joking that Trace is still a captain of the rich and famous; the friend insists that he needs to see his identification and papers, as things have changed. As Trace's papers are not really in order, he tries to "bribe" his old friend with a necklace which is supposed to be an aphrodisiac to the ladies. Trace is told to be careful with Calderón (Humberto Busto).

    A surfer is eaten by the dinoshark in a split second; the monster can jump like a dolphin and it is incredibly fast. Stacy Ramos (Blythe Metz) gives the disappearance as breaking news on TV; the bad weather makes necessary to call the search off.

    Trace visits some more friends of his, Pedro (Víctor Cruz), who introduces him to Carol Brubaker (Iva Hasperger) Rita Valdés (Christina Nicole) and Víctor (Guillermo Iván Mora). He says that his job was not glorious, and that he hit somebody in the ass, so that he decided to come back home to try and make his fortune; but Pedro tells him that there is no fortune in snorkeling. Carol has to call on Mike (Dan Golden), and Rita tells her to take care of herself. Mike wants to re-arrange their plans and create an artificial waterfall, but Carol wants to talk to the girls first. But Mike needs to move onto the idea fast, and threaten to call a different team of builders. Carol insists that they need the votes of everybody. Meanwhile, Rita swims on her own in an area of grey cold water. The dinoshark approaches her. A technician finds an inappropriate sign close to the reef. Rita feels something. The technician calls on the rescue patrol, but when they arrive to the area, it's already too late.

    Carol has it all: a diving princess and Princeton grad with a biology major, she moved to Mexico because her parents wanted to study climate change for a year, and she stayed with them; he offers her to be the social director of the family resort. Carol says that she needs to think it over; she tries phoning Rita, but we know that she's dead by now - so she leaves a text message.

    Carol trains a group of ladies at a swimming-pool. Janelle (Erika Zinser) tackles somebody else and it's a foul - Carol tells her that she needs to check her temper. He tells training off and they (Michelle Klyne and Katharine Wilhelm among other extras) leave.

    Carol looks for Rita and asks Trace about her, but he's not worried at all. Two rescue workers (Brian Covarrubias Hernández and Jake Bader) find the dinoshark, but one of the rescue workers falls to the water. Trace sees the monster through his binoculars from afar. Rita's body is found by a man walking his dog on the beach. Luis (Aarón Díaz), the barman, says that Trace must have been confused, that not such a monster who can eat a whole boat exists. Carol wants to go with Trace, and Luis is worried for them. Rita had been Trace's first love. Trace is worried about Calderón, because nobody is going to believe him, so he needs Carol's help.

    A pattern appears: a huge seagull announces the dinoshark. Lois (Liv Boughn) is thrown to the water by a rich man who's trying to seduce her. The dinoshark kills her and later also him, when he tries to help her, but she pulls him into the water.

    Carol and Trace are in a boat in search of the monster. They find an emergency-call device on a water - the police tells them that the device belonged to a boat which disappeared in Alaska, an awful long way from where they are at the moment.

    Carol searches the net. She learns of Dr. Frank Reeves (Roger Corman), who describes an animal like what Trace saw. He had found some bones of an animal quite like that. Carol has the idea of giving the device to Dr Reeves so that, if there are any remains from the stomach of the beast, he'll be able to study a genetic profile. Frank says that all sightings in Japan, USA... are inconclusive. He'll analyze the beacon.

    Trace promises not to do anything before she speaks with Frank, but he sails in a boat and shoots the monster on sight. It moves too fast to shoot it. Too late, Trace tries to take a photo of it with his mobile phone and follow it; but Trace is stopped by the guards (Mike Lawrence and Christian Gómez), one of whom is his friend. But they can't believe him, and want to see his papers - his friend thinks that he's not giving him proper respect. The friend also tells that his friend has been arrested for smuggling marijuana.

    Two rowers move far from the coast while flirting all the time, and joking around. Jade (Sara Kova) starts rowing away, but the shark takes him pulling from his row.

    At a party, Dr Simon Otis (Robert Roussel) says that a dumb lady is eating a protected species. He doesn't think it's impossible to find an alive dinosaur. Mike calls Carol and insists in taking her to a dinner, which exasperates her. Carol is looking for Trace, who has realised that the shark is at the canal. The barman drives her there. They enter Steve Loggins (Richard Miller)'s mansion. They find an untouched drink, but no Steve. Carol sees the hat of Lois, and the dinoshark almost eats her hand. The animal swims away pretty fast. Carol wants to catch the beast alive to study it.

    Calderón is called by Carol, who tells him that the shark has killed two other people. Calderón will send some people to hunt. Carol swims at the canal to try to set a trap to the antediluvian monster. Calderón thinks that Trace is to blame for all four deaths - coincidental with his arrival - the stash of marijuana, the disappearance of a boat... so he wants to arrest him. At that very same moment, the dinoshark jumps and kills some of his men. Calderón will use a helicopter to follow the dinomonster, and tells Trace to stay out of the way. The shark jumps, makes the copter fall down and kills the driver. Trace tells Calderón that he will need a bigger copter.

    Luis is stuck in Escondido in a traffic jam caused by a federal checkpoint. He needs to go to Punta del Flamenco at the Parque Nacional. Luis reaches a closed road and has to turn back. The dinoshark has found Trace and Carol's boat. A family is strolling around there. Eddie (Jack Everest Hite) wakes up a crocrodile, but the dinoshark kills it. The toy boat gets marooned. His parents (David Ford Hite and Anna Marie Laurita) tell him to let the toy ship and leave.

    Luis has had to walk as well. He shouts for Trace, and sees the fin of the shark. He takes his bazooka but when he aims it's too late - the dinoshark has hidden. Trace and Carol arrive. Luis jumps in the boat with them.

    Touristical attractions, including a folklore dance troupe (Estapas de Méjico) in the water. Mike moves on with his plans of building. There is a sailing boat race. Carol is worried about her ladies.

    The swimming ladies want to do it anyway. Elsa (Cindy Mazer) tells Janelle to lead the team with Mónica and the rest of girls. Mike is really disappointed that Carol has checked out on him without even telling him. One of the teamplayers goes down, and that causes havoc and spreads the panic. Luis jumps to the water to help Carol who jumped to save one of her girls. That shakes Carol to the core.

    Frank tells Trace that the shark's only weakness is the eye. The shark moves close to the beach. Many people see the dinoshark jump and eat a sailing boat. Eddie and his family are on a sightseeing tour and they see a jetskier (David Wulff) and a parasailor guy (Adam Blake), who's recording everything. Two women arrive to the tourist boat - the young guide of the boat (Alex Andriadis) lets them board. The parasailor sees the shark and tells everybody to go out of the water, but it's too late for the jetskier - and then the shark jumps and eats him.

    The shark eats the excursion boat and everybody falls to the water. Eddie is a bit far away from his family.

    Trace and Carol sail after the shark.

    The shark jumps to eat Trace's jetski. He jumps, throws a grenade to the shark - which touches it on one side - and saves Eddie. The dinoshark is wounded, but keeps on trying to eat Eddie and Trace; however, Carol aims well and shoots an harpoon to one of his eyes. The dinoshark is dead. Carol, Eddie and Trace have survived.

    Another piece of ice falls down to the water from a glacier. This time, it's crammed with several dinoshark babies which start to swim immediately.

    ---written by KrystelClaire

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