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Kenny Chesney still the best!
courtjes22 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
UPDATE: since I saw this movie I had the opportunity at a Meet and Greet in the Linc in Philadelphia to talk however briefly to Kenny 3 years ago. He is very respectful of his fans. I gave him a PA appellate court hat and hope he has worn it at a concert. He is back at the Linc June 2016. Awesome performer, awesome person. I wish him the best.

PREVIOUS REVIEW: The movie captures the bond Kenny Chesney has with his fans as well as the mutual respect. From the moment he sings while suspended over the crowd to the final, emotional rendition of Better As A Memory, the movie is a Kenny Chesney concert: energy, great music, talented musicians. Most of his biggest hits are there in entirety, no shortened sound bites. The effort he puts into a concert and the true love he has for his fans comes across well. During the final song it is obvious Kenny knows his concert days are over, for awhile at least. The fans realize his emotions are overcoming him and he is unable to sing Better As a Memory and they respond by singing it for him and with him. While some performers are divas and arrogant, Kenny Chesney is neither and this movie is a fitting tribute from him to his fans.
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A Summer I Expected More Out Of
Steve Pulaski10 August 2010
While Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D brings the energetic feeling of a Country Music concert in your home it doesn't replace the emotions and the happiness experienced in a real concert. Sure we hear Chesney with great sound and good visuals, but being in the audience, not in great length from the star, the speakers, and the band is the true way to experience a concert. Not on a DVD or Blu-Ray. This is not a bad concert with bad music, the only thing is the movie itself, is nothing but pointless. Kenny Chesney is not leaving music, he took the Summer of 2010 off. I don't see why we need a movie about his Summer 2009 tour. Hes taking a one year hiatus from music and the film industry acts like it's a crisis and a movie needs needs to be made. In 3D nonetheless. If he was taking a break, a comeback, an indefinite hiatus, or even a retirement from music than a movie can be made because it's a landmark in his life. A one year break doesn't serve as a purpose for a film.

Look at Michael Jackson. The only reason This Is It came out to theaters was to show his activity in the final days of his life. If he hadn't died, 95% percent of that footage wouldn't have been shown. It wasn't intended to be seen by consumers. Only people working on the film. I believe if he hadn't died, a DVD and Blu-Ray of the actual concert would have been released and that would serve a purpose. A pop and music legend's comeback to the stage in a groundbreaking concert.

The movie focuses on Chesney's Summer tour in 2009 performing in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Seattle, Indianapolis and Foxboro, Massachusetts. He performs an unbelievable twenty-three songs in a minute shy of one hundred minutes singing big Country jams and solemn, emotional songs. "Big Star", "Young", "Live Those Songs", "Down the Road", "Keg in the Closet", and my personal favorite "When the Sun Goes Down" are the hits of the concert. Sadly, Uncle Kracker does not team up with Kenny in "When the Sun Goes Down" giving his raspy vocals and nice feel to the track so his line that can only be said by him is replaced with the "Everything gets hotter when the sun goes down" lyric.

Kenny Chesney takes a minor break in about every four songs to describe the location, what he feels when singing, what he sees when looking at the crowd in the stadium or arena, or trying to "reach the fan" in the stands. The breaks are interesting, but don't last long sadly.

This movie was originally in 3D, but only available in midnight showings in my area. The 3D, from what I hear is shy of expectations and makes very obtrusive viewing as well. The 2D version is perfect, viewing it on DVD looks fine and I don't see upgrading to Blu-Ray. Kenny appears in a slick pair of jeans, a sleeveless shirt showing off the biceps, and a faded cowboy hat to top off his appearance. From a heterosexual guy's view, hes stunning. The sound is great as well, but like I said, the only thing I don't like is the fact that this is pointless.

The DVD is not available anywhere but KMart. The back of the DVD is strange too. Rather than a distributor name it's tiny pictures of Hot Ticket, KMart, Nature's Valley, and MasterCard. Im guessing KMart will be the only one who has this movie since I've read no plans of a wide release DVD. Launched in theaters on April 23 and quickly put on shelves on June 8, most likely because they didn't want fans to be saddened not Chesney will be seen in the Summer of 2010. The less than two month DVD release is clear to be rushed because no features are on the disc which makes me curious of an official release. One thing I hoped for in the movie was some behind the scenes coverage of putting the concert on or some of those breaks where Chesney describes something in his music extended a few minutes longer. You know he has more too say.

Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D will probably be viewed again if I get a "Chesney Rush", but overall, its a fair concert DVD. It would have been deeper if released later during a retirement, break, or one of the issues I mentioned before. It would have been ranked up there as Michael Jackson's This Is It if it was released at a more suited time. For what they did with it was good and the choice not to bring the 3D at home was definitely a smart move.

All songs sung by Kenny Chesney.
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