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Jan. 2011
The Mr. Himdependent Episode
Nick becomes the sports anchor at a local TV station. Meanwhile Suzanne's ex-husband tries to convince her that he should be able to pay less child support, and Suzanne and Gigi plan a bachelor party.
5 Jan. 2011
The We Ain't Going Out Like That Episode
Nick gets bothered when, on his and Suzanne's date night, Suzanne plans every single detail without letting him decide anything. Meanwhile, Lindsey and Kevin decide to watch some VHS tapes and find a mysterious eighties sitcom.
12 Jan. 2011
The Oh No She Di-in't Episode
Suzanne gets jealous of one of Nick's pretty young co-workers. Meanwhile, Gigi falls in love with a man who has children, so she hangs out with Lindsey and Kevin to help her learn how to relate to kids better.
12 Jan. 2011
The Nick's Manny-Pedi Episode
Suzanne infiltrates Nick's night with the boys, so he retaliates by crashing her all-lady spa getaway.
19 Jan. 2011
The Gold Party Episode
Nick suspects that Suzanne's diamond ring isn't real, so he decides to replace it on her. Elsewhere, Marilyn arranges a Cash-for-Gold party at the house.
19 Jan. 2011
The Boy Has Style Episode
Lindsey has a crush on a boy in her class, but Suzanne thinks the boy is gay.
26 Jan. 2011
The Man and the Bragging Snafu Episode
Nick and Suzanne consider enrolling the kids in private school, but end up confused by the whole process. Kevin gets a modeling job but only manages to mess it up.
26 Jan. 2011
The Suzanne Theft Auto Episode
Suzanne gets weirdly involved in Kevin's science project, and Lindsey ends up a suspect in scratching her mom's car after using it during driving lessons.
2 Feb. 2011
The Despicable E Episode
Lindsey falls for a celebrity DJ. Meanwhile, Suzanne teaches Kevin how to do laundry.
2 Feb. 2011
The She Got Game Night Episode
When the Kingston-Persons decide to have a game night, all bets are off, as unlikely friends are drawn to one another when paired together for games.
9 Feb. 2011
The Valentine's Day Episode
Nick tries to help out Kevin with Valentine's Day at school, only to fail miserably.
9 Feb. 2011
The Parent Teacher Trap Episode
There is a problem with Suzanne and Nick when Suzanne worries about him. Meanwhile, Lindsey and Kevin try to cash in a cup for five hundred dollars.
16 Feb. 2011
The Whose Card Is It Anyway Episode
Nick and Suzanne end up in front of a TV judge after Nick spends a gift card and lies about it.
16 Feb. 2011
The Suzanne Gets One-Upped Episode
Nick plans a surprise honeymoon for Suzanne but isn't good at keeping it a secret.
23 Feb. 2011
The First .45 Episode
Kevin finds a gun in his mom's closet and plays with it, only to get in serious trouble later on.
23 Feb. 2011
The Take Your Kids to Work Day Episode
Suzanne takes Lindsey to work with her.
2 Mar. 2011
The Fall of Troy Episode
Kevin's best friend, Troy, is being bullied by a kid named Jason. Surprisingly Kevin takes Jason's side, but when Troy is nearly beat-up, Kevin has to decide whether or not to stand up for him.

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