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Dean Winchester: Pudding!

[Nurse Foreman walks into the Morgue Room to see Dean and Sam standing in the middle of the room]

Nurse Foreman: What are you boys doing in here?

[Sam looks awkwardly at Dean and Dean looks back at Sam. Sam laughs nervously. Nurse Foreman waits for an answer]

Dean Winchester: [with a goofy look on his face, pulls down his pants, raises his arms in the air, and wiggles his body yelling out] *Pudding*!

Nurse Foreman: [slightly shocked] All right. Come on you two.

Dean Winchester: [pulls up his pants and turns around to whisper to Sam] Crazy works.

[Nurse Foreman has a smile on her face as Dean and Sam walk past her to exit the morgue room]

[Sam and Dean are posing as brothers Alex and Edward Van Halen]

Dr. Aaron Fuller: You were referred to me by a Dr. Babar in Chicago.

Dean Winchester: That's right.

Dr. Aaron Fuller: Isn't there a... children's book about an elephant named Babar?

Dean Winchester: I don't know. I don't have any elephant books. Look, Doctor, I-I think the doc was in over his head on this one 'cause my brother's, uh...

Dean Winchester: [pauses, then spins his finger around his ear and makes the "cuckoo" whistle]

Dr. Aaron Fuller: Okay, fine. Thank you, That- that's really not necessary.

Dr. Aaron Fuller: [to Sam] Why don't *you* tell me how you're feeling, Alex.

Sam Winchester: I'm fine.

Sam Winchester: [scoffs] I mean, okay, a little depressed, I guess.

Dr. Aaron Fuller: All right. Any idea why?

Sam Winchester: Probably because I started the apocalypse.

Dr. Aaron Fuller: [taken aback] "The apocalypse"?

Sam Winchester: Yeah, that's right.

Dr. Aaron Fuller: [the Doctor looks at Dean, who smirks, then back to Sam] And you started it.

Sam Winchester: Well, yeah, I...

Sam Winchester: [sighs] I killed this demon, Lilith, and I accidentally freed Lucifer from Hell, so now he's topside and we're tryin' to stop him.

Dr. Aaron Fuller: W-who is?

Sam Winchester: Me. And him. And, uh, this one angel.

Dr. Aaron Fuller: Oh, you mean like a- like an angel on your shoulder.

Sam Winchester: [matter-of-factly] No, no. His name is Castiel. He wears a trench coat.

Dean Winchester: See what I mean, doc? I mean, the kid's been beating himself up over this thing for months. The apocalypse wasn't his fault.

Dr. Aaron Fuller: [again taken aback] It's not?

Dean Winchester: No. There was this other demon, Ruby. She got him addicted to demon blood. I mean, near the end, he was practically chugging the stuff. My brother's not evil. He's was just... high. Yeah? So could you fix him up so we can get back to traveling around the country and hunting monsters?

Dr. Aaron Fuller: [holds up a "one moment" finger, picks the phone handset up to his head, and presses a button] Erma? Cancel my lunch.

[Sam is high on medication]

Dean Winchester: Hey.

Sam Winchester: [In a slurry voice] No. No... I'm not okay. I... I... I am *awesome*.

Dean Winchester: They give you something?

Sam Winchester: Oh... Oh, yeah. They gave me... *everything*! It's... It's... spectacu... lacular...

[Sam giggles]

Dean Winchester: [Shaking his head] You always were a happy drunk!

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Sam Winchester: [after Dean has made out with a mental patient] Dude, you *cannot* hit that.

Dean Winchester: Oh, so torn!

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Dean Winchester: Alright look, Nurse Ratchet, let's get one thing straight. I've seen Cuckoo's Nest, so don't try any of that soul crushing, authoritarian crap on me, hmm?

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Sam Winchester: [Taps dean on the nose] Boop.

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