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Well, I Do Remember It, But Never Watched It
richard.fuller126 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I remember a show about two black men (today known as African-American) who were the title characters in a show with two predominantly non-black names for these characters, but I had a time remembering those names.

Now I knew Richard Karron, a large man with a deep, soft spoken voice who appeared on endless programs and movies, distinctive for his large size, large eyes and mustache portrayed a pizza deliveryman of some sorts.

At the end of one episode, Karron entered as the largely black cast was cutting loose with singing and dancing. Karron's eyes bulged and the delivery he was holding was hurled into the air upon seeing all the gyrating.

Every time I would catch Karron in something else (Laverne and Shirley, World's Greatest Lover) I would remember this one scene with this man.

But the name of the show? What was the name of the show? I foolishly sought out similarly sounding duos, from the incredibly erroneous officers from the Titanic, Lightoller and Lowe, to whatever else I could think of. Eisenhower and Lutz (?) was another attempt, I believe.

Well, I at least had a president there, but I think this was another show.

So I run across Karron again and decide to look again for the deliveryman with two black actors.

For some ODD reason, NOW I find him and it. With Art Evans and Phillip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice) the show is identified.

I think Roosevelt and Truman were lawyers. Not sure. Pure seventies effort. Very short lived.
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