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Brings back the memories
gray_earl2410 February 2010
This just reminds me of my time in South East Asia and how frustrated i felt at everyone when I came back. Perfect Backpacker short - I want it on my blackberry!

In all seriousness this film was really able to capture how we as a society just want to carry on regardless, without actually looking at our actions, or even putting what we do into perspective. What's interesting in this piece is many times the narrator seems to be actually criticizing himself, as well as everything he is a product of. It's a celebration and damnation of the backpacker culture.

Overall this film wants to make me make a difference, but the apathy involved makes it even more frustrating.
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tessderb5 April 2010
Watch this film... if you have ever taken a gap year you'll understand what this film is about!

I took a gap year in South America and saw some extreme poverty constantly and this captures what i saw and how I felt perfectly. If i have one criticism is that it seems really pious and preaching, but its a small price to pay for the message it captures. It also uses the same pacing that Danny Boyle used at the beginning of Trainspotting, but as Danny Boyle directed the Beach it could be a reference!

I would very much like to see a similar film but for somewhere like South America or even Africa as Asian poverty has been overdone so much recently (slum dog etc.)
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