127 Hours (2010) Poster


Plot Keywords

canyon boulder
alone aron ralston
utah mountain climber
hiker water
trapped two word title
based on autobiography soft focus
slow motion reverse footage
freeze frame fast motion scene
pepsi cola victorinox
gatorade pepsi
taco bell coors light
tgi fridays kentucky fried chicken
mcdonald's restaurant burger king
taking a photograph out of water
broken bone bone breaking
contemplating death talking to self
yelling for help camera shot from inside refrigerator
reference to the sundance kid reference to butch cassidy
looking at the camera talking to the camera
camel bladder urinating unto a plastic bag
urinating urinating on the ground
mountain dew scene during opening credits
reference to scooby doo reference to the hole in the wall gang
lens flare fate
subjective camera water shortage
naked in the snow flash flood
meteorite loneliness
swiss army knife man in towel
hairy chest male in shower
bare chested male character's point of view camera shot
blood cave painting
couch thirst
what happened to epilogue desert
time lapse photography fantasy sequence
very little dialogue piano
telephone call answering machine
sex scene masturbation
drinking own urine spelunking
canon camera defying death
memory adventurer
girl brother sister relationship
mother son relationship father son relationship
family relationships self surgery
testimony determination
anger despair
knife rope
hoist climbing
escape pulley
cockiness canyonlands national park utah
flashlight water canteen
videotaping oneself video camera
camera monologue
self deprecation snowing
swimming grotto
survivor dread
flooding lightning
rain urination
amputation arm breaking
arm amputation self amputation
rock hiking
bike riding hallucination
flashback bicycle
montage split screen
falling from height survival
time for title hour in title
digit in title based on true story
number in title

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