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The only thing shattered was my dreams of a good movie...

Author: Youcanmakeabettermovie from Tacoma, Washington
23 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie starts out great with a bunch of people getting killed by someone wearing what looks like a Stormtrooper mask. That turned out to be the highlight of the movie. There is one brief scene of violence halfway through and clips of the opening massacre are replayed at the end (stick with your strengths, I guess). The rest of the movie is an incredibly boring story about a young girl who won't be confused with Dakota Fanning anytime soon. Her mom is having an affair and is unhappy in her marriage. Yawn, this is more like a Lifetime drama than a horror movie. Two of the girl's toy clowns appear full-size to her and tell her to do evil things in distorted voices. Let's just say the movie's half over before she even picks up a knife... If you have to see this, watch the opening scene then hit Eject. You'll thank me later.

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This was the most terrible movie I have EVER seen.

Author: Elixis from Canada
15 January 2010

This was the most terrible movie I have EVER seen. Im serious. The acting was terrible. The plot was bad. Scenes went on for nothing. Oh and the sound was pathetic. it would go loud and then low constantly and I don't just mean in loud scenes, just bad audio period. The beginning of the movie is pretty much the end. Then it cuts to the story of a little girl and her so called reasons for why she is messed up. Once you realize what's going on it is quite easy to figure out the story. The mom is pathetic and I think that is the only thing that gave this movie any value, the fact that the mom is so terrible that you have no sympathy for her at all. I won't go into detail as it would spoil the movie, however it doesn't matter because it's not even worth watching. Save yourselves, don't bother with this movie it's SO bad.

If I met this director i'd tell him to quit film making and find a new career!!

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wastage of time

Author: secret_in_ur_eyes
26 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i just saw this movie as this movie is listed as horror, but its a crap, there was some collage girl whos father is killed in a car accident by some of her collage mates and she seeks revenge on them by killing them one by one with axe, no one made any noise, but she left one girl unkilled (don't know why) though the other girl was screaming at the girl she left unkilled but she didn't paid attention to where she is pointing to, then there another story goes about a little blonde girl (i don't know why she was blonde because her parents were having brown hair) her mom is dissatisfied with her dad and had an extra marital affair,when rachael is alone, two of her clown comes to life and talk to her and they suggest rachael to tell her dad that her mom is having affair , she tells her dad and her dad tels her mom to leave home within one hour, then he find some blood on the floor but he thinks that its her little girl's mess and when he comes to know that his little girl killed her mom, there was no expression on his face , it seems like nothing happened at all, no police comes. the sound quality is too poor, its seems like a home made movie, even they are better so, don't waste your 1hour,24 minutes in watching this crap, rather watch some cartoon movie(it will be much interesting in comparison to this movie)

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Creepy CLOWNS !!!!

Author: jacob-hillenta from United States
1 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you have a phobia about clowns, beware.... this film has some of the most creepy clowns I have ever seen ! It will really get under your skin. Overall, this is a very good low budget horror film, with a mood that is very unsettling. The film has David lynch influences all over it. The clowns are creepy and effective.... not shown too much, and not shown too little. They have just the right amount of screen time, a feat hard to balance in a horror film (belive me, I've tried). There is more going in Shattered Lives, then most generic b - movie horror films. The fact that the film was made for 70,000, and obviously shot on 35MM is hard to believe. However if that is true, I respect this film even more so. The director mentioned a Shattered Lives 2 in a recent interview (this is what prompted me to write on this board), and I for one would love to see more of these clown characters.

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Utter dreck and not even worthwhile

Author: GL84 from Los Angeles, Ca
30 December 2014

Following the death of her grandparents, a woman's quest for revenge on the guilty party assumes a similar role that she undertook as a youngster when demonic clowns appeared to her in order to kill and has it continue on her new role.

This was an utterly dreadful and completely worthless effort. About the only thing that needs to be watched is the opening massacre of the college students which contains some rather nice stalking, a few decent kills and a burst of energy that's completely missing from the rest of the film. That it has the nerve to replay this exact sequence at the end says it all about the quality of the rest of the movie for it couldn't be bothered to try anything else. The flaws here are numerous in both quantity and execution, the most egregious of all is the fact that the demonic clowns at the heart of the story are so completely uninteresting and non-threatening that they're a joke to be considered creepy, given lame design work that's completely cliché alongside computerized speaking voices that are obviously distorted human voices instead of truly demonic-sounding beings that really ruins their overall effectiveness with all the time we have to spend on these weak supposed-villains. On top of that, they're thrust into such a completely uninteresting story that even if they had been creepy it would've been hard to take the rest of the film seriously as this plays off more like a fifth-rate Lifetime channel affair concerning an adulterous mother and her clueless husband who are thrust into exaggeratedly overlong scenes that go on forever to clue us into her mental disorder that ends up beating us so over-the-top with that message it loses the impact and just becomes tedious to sit through. Lastly, the whole movie is rendered near unwatchable by the low-budget on display which causes the audio numerous problems of dropping in-and-out of the scene, never giving this anything to do so it just feels boring and is loaded with so many camera tricks and angles that try to convince us something's happening but ultimately highlights the futility of what's going on. Overall there's so little to offer here it's not worthwhile.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Brief Nudity and a sex scene.

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Tedious, pretentious uninteresting ...

Author: cafm from Australia
25 April 2014

I purchased Shattered Lives because I am in the middle of doctoral research on evil children in film and had no other way of watching it to check out the narrative to determine its appropriateness. After collecting over 300 titles of varying standards, I'm now down to the bottom of the proverbial barrel with this hackneyed shot-on-video student film. There are some really dreadful evil child films out there, such as Robert Voskanian's 1977 Z-grader, The Child, but this film is way more tedious with its overlong scenes and crawling pace, sloppy editing, trite dialogue and uneven soundtrack. A few reviewers have highlighted the poor performances of the actors and most of them do indeed feel very staged and self-conscious, but I'm going to leave these poor souls alone considering the substandard material they had to work with, written by the wannabe director cum producer cum editor Carl Lindberg, who is yet to produce anything of any substance and seems obsessed with emulating Donnie Darko for some inexplicable reason. Finally, a very bloody and contrived multiple murder sequence that opens and closes the film is rendered uninteresting because of its outlandish scenario so that this too devolves into pure tedium. I'm usually quite patient and forgiving with films but I found myself sighing and fast forwarding through meaningless scenes that went for too long, such as an awkward dance performed by two dwarfs dressed as harlequin dolls, endlessly circling each other for about six minutes - sounds intriguing but it's not.

My advice? There are too many really solid shot-on-video horror films flooding the market these days to justify wasting your time fast forwarding through this lifeless morass.

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This movie was ruined by the budget

Author: srhinesmith from United States
20 April 2011

Unfortunately, I can not recommend this film. If there were more money invested into the technical and casting aspects of the movie, I have a feeling it would have been a great movie. However, an awful mess of poor acting, miserable (emphasis on the miserable) audio mixing, and poor direction earn this film a 1. The storyline is quite predictable, however you can't help but feel sorry for Rachel. Yes, the "dolls" are creepy, however the negative aspects described above greatly outweigh any potential there could have been with them (especially the trite robot voices). The only reason I watched past the 15 minute mark was out of sheer morbid curiosity.

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Watch this movie

Author: rchasemack from Riverdale IL
14 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was real good. I liked it a lot. It had some people in it, they talked to each other, and then they did stuff that was important to them for personal reasons. I was eating White Castle while I watched this movie. My friend and I watched this movie together. We liked this movie. There was a man, and a girl who was blonde and then she wasn't and then she was older. Her mommy had brown hair and so did her daddy but she was blonde when she was little and then she grew up and had brown hair like her mommy and daddy. She had some dolls. Her mommy didn't love her and didn't love her daddy and my friend and I were eating White Castle and we didn't expect that! The White Castles, that is. A man brought us White Castles. There were some midget clowns.

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Where to start

Author: halo_wc from United States
5 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well I made an account on here just to put a review of this film, if you can call this a film. At first I thought net-flicks had a deal with some college to show their sh*t. When I say this movie is sh*t, please take into account that I have have seen plenty of made for t.v. movies from sci-fi channel.

To start with the movie sound was so bad I had to restart my box-x cause I couldn't believe that the sound would just cut in and out for no reason. The dialog of the movie was horrible, not to mention the presentation. Just the way the scenes jumped from one another, different camera shots, and the pointless three second clips; I can only conclude that this was a project being graded on random film techniques.

To keep this short, the worst part of the movie was the clowns. The fake finger nails kept them from doing anything but waving their hands the whole movie. There was a 5 minute scene where they 'danced' in a circle, and that was their highlight of the movie.

Words can not describe the horrible taste left in my mouth.

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Do not watch - Worst Movie possible

Author: justforfun0968 from United States
18 January 2010

The Worst Movie ever. Don't waste your money. It's not even worth renting. I regret it. The cover looks like an eye catcher but once you see the previews that this DVD shows you should realize how bad the movie will be. Let's just say it was turned off in the first 20 minutes of how bad the movie really is. I should have read the review here first to not waste my money. I've even called blockbuster asking for a credit and that they should definitely remove it from their shelves. Don't get me wrong, I love all types of movies but this does not qualify as such. I hope they didn't spend to much money making it. The person who wrote it, directed it, produced it, starred in it, etc. should have spent the money and time elsewhere.

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