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A marvel of a documentary, a clear-eyed and affectionate film that tells a remarkable story with both visual and personal sensitivity. More impressive still, it's largely the work of one man.
An artfully observant and unexpectedly moving documentary.
A well-told tale, and though its compact running time makes it a fine TV fit, its visual poetry is worth a big-screen look.
Circo is more like "The Smallest Show on Earth" than "The Greatest Show on Earth," the 1952 Oscar winner, but it does provide a look at a unique family and a disappearing way of life.
The most amazing act in the Gran Circo Mexico doesn't take place in the ring - it's the grind between performances.
Circo offers a fascinating mix of backstage drama and family dynamics.
Ever so subtly, Schock gradually transports us beyond the exotic and into gripping universal storytelling, aided all the way by the evocative music of Tucson songsmiths Calexico.
Enhanced by stunning cinematography by the film's director Aaron Schock and a soundtrack by indie rockers Calexico, Circo does more than provide an exotic peek at a vanishing way of life.
Circo zeroes in on the interpersonal strife within this collapsing clan - an angle that only occasionally lifts the film above confessional exotica.
The film engages sporadically but mostly fails to take advantage of its under-documented milieu.

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