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Steven Spielberg Confirms Ready Player One

6 August 2015 4:39 PM, PDT | EmpireOnline | See recent EmpireOnline news »

Steven Spielberg is in one of his periods of high activity. Even as he was putting the finishing touches to Cold War thriller Bridge Of Spies, he was preparing to shoot Roald Dahl adaptation The Bfg. And it looks like he’s already made another project official, with Warner Bros. and DreamWorks announcing a December 15, 2017 Us release date for Ready Player One. The director had been reported as interested in the project back in March, but it wasn’t a done deal at the time. Now, though, he’s on board and the producers will be hoping that – unlike Robopocalypse, which has still yet to reactivate – he’ll stay that way. Written by Ernie Cline, the screenwriter behind Fanboys, Ready Player One follows teenager Wade Watts who likes to escape his dreary, dangerous real world by logging into Oasis, a globally networked virtual utopia where users lead idyllic alternate lives. »

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Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One to hit theaters December 2017

6 August 2015 1:52 PM, PDT | | See recent JoBlo news »

You never can tell if Steven Spielberg is going to make a film these days until production actually begins. With cancellations on films like American Sniper and Robopocalypse, Spielberg was starting to turn into Guillermo Del Toro with the number of announced projects that he had to back out of. Now, we have confirmation on a release date that will make Ready Player One the next film from... Read More »

- Alex Maidy

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Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' Lands December 2017 Release Date

6 August 2015 11:37 AM, PDT | Rope of Silicon | See recent Rope Of Silicon news »

Warner Bros. has set a December 15, 2017 release date for Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Ready Player One, the Ernest Cline young adult novel set in the year 2044, where the virtual reality game Oasis has taken over. Puzzles hidden with the world based on '80s and '90s pop culture promise a fortune to whomever can solve them. Teenager Wade Watts stumbles on the first clue but soon finds himself hunted as the virtual world an real world eventually collide. I read this book a while back based on the hype and I have to admit, I wasn't all that impressed. It was basically a Hunger Games style story for boys. Spielberg is probably a fine director to bring it to the big screen and appeal to the widest audience, but he isn't the kind of risky storyteller that would likely deliver the best adaptation. It would be great to »

- Brad Brevet

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Steven Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ Slotted For December 2017

6 August 2015 10:30 AM, PDT | Deadline | See recent Deadline news »

From Robopocalypse to Harvey and numerous others, Steven Spielberg has been known to latch on to a movie and then change his mind. But it’s official, he’s making Ready Player One, the science fiction adventure. Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures and DreamWorks have announced they’ve dated the film for release on December 15, 2017, with the obligatory gushy quotes. The film is an adaptation of the Ernest Cline novel and marks Spielberg’s return to the sci-fi… »

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Fox, Hutch Parker Set ‘Dracula’ Creator Cole Haddon To Adapt Daniel H. Wilson Novella ‘Small Things’

5 August 2015 5:42 PM, PDT | Deadline | See recent Deadline news »

Exclusive: Fox has set Cole Haddon (he created NBC’s Dracula) to adapt Small Things, an adaptation of the Daniel H. Wilson novella about nanotechnology gone mad. Hutch Parker is producing. Wilson, who wrote the book Robopocalypse that Steven Spielberg once was hot to direct, wrote Small Things as part of the short-story collection Robot Uprisings. The tale follows a disgraced scientist who is sent to an island that has been overrun by advanced forms of nanotechnology that… »

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Early Concept Art Glimpse at Spielberg's Postponed 'Robopocalypse'

6 July 2015 5:23 PM, PDT | | See recent news »

Now what do we have here? A few new bits of robo concept art are floating around for Steven Spielberg's postponed (or delayed/shelved) project Robopocalypse. If you recall, we covered this movie intently for years on the site, as Spielberg was actually hard at work on pre-production and almost started filming. They even had a cast in place and were getting close, but it fell apart right at the last minute. "I found another way to tell the story," Spielberg said in early 2013. In the meantime, artist Patrick Janicke's work has appeared online detailing various robots and robotic interfaces. It's worth a look, though I'm honestly not sure how all this fits into the movie. I guess I just want Spielberg to make more sci-fi again. In time. For now we get this. Here's some of the concept art by Patrick Janicke (website) as posted by Comicbook. »

- Alex Billington

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Concept Art: Steven Spielberg’s ‘Robopocalypse’

6 July 2015 4:30 PM, PDT | Slash Film | See recent Slash Film news »

Steven Spielberg big screen adaptation of Robopocalypse has been in the works for years now. The script was being developed by Spielberg and Drew Goddard based on the Daniel H. Wilson novel. Actors such as Chris Hemsworth, Anne Hathaway and Ben Whishaw were all said to be in line for roles in the film about “a global war between man and machine.”  In […]

The post Concept Art: Steven Spielberg’s ‘Robopocalypse’ appeared first on /Film. »

- Peter Sciretta

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Meet The Menacing Machines In Concept Art For Steven Spielberg’s Postponed Robopocalypse

6 July 2015 9:36 AM, PDT | We Got This Covered | See recent We Got This Covered news »

See Full Gallery Here

With a script penned by Cabin in the Woods scribe Drew Goddard, Chris Hemsworth, Anne Hathaway and Skyfall‘s Ben Wishaw all on board to star, and Steven Spielberg at the helm, it’s small wonder why DreamWorks opted to postpone the director’s sci-fi adaptation Robopocalypse indefinitely with such an enticing line-up on both sides of the camera.

Alas, with a half-baked script and a spiralling production bill, Spielberg’s rendition of Daniel H. Wilson’s best-selling novel was ordered back to the drawing board, and the filmmaker has noted on multiple occasions that the project has been delayed – not cancelled. Two years later, there’s nary a mention of the project aching into motion anytime soon, though a flurry of concept art for Robopocalypse has surfaced online, showcasing some of the menacing machines controlled by Archos – a sentient super-intelligence that has gone rogue.

Set in the near-future, »

- Michael Briers

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Art From Spielberg's Axed "Robopocalypse"

6 July 2015 9:32 AM, PDT | Dark Horizons | See recent Dark Horizons news »

Several years ago it was looking like a film adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson's best-selling novel "Robopocalypse" was going to be Steven Spielberg's next film and one that would star Chris Hemsworth, Anne Hathaway and Ben Whishaw in key roles.

Then, all of a sudden, the project got indefinitely postponed as Drew Goddard's script wasn't ready along with financial issues making the budget swell. Spielberg insisted the project wasn't dead at the time, but two years on and nothing has really moved on it since.

Today though, some concept art from artist Patrick Janicke has surfaced online over at Comic Book and shows off some of the character and weapon designs that sadly we'll be unlikely to see on the big screen.


- Garth Franklin

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Feast Your Eyes On Concept Art For Steven Spielberg’s Postponed Robopocalypse

6 July 2015 5:52 AM, PDT | | See recent TheMovieBit news »

Based on Daniel H. Wilson’s 2011 novel of the same name, Robopocalypse was set to hit the big screen in 2013, with none other than Steven Spielberg at the helm. Telling the story of a dark future where humanity is locked in a bitter war with their former robotic servants after a sentient A.I goes rogue, Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods, The Martian) was hired to write the script, and Chris Hemsworth, Anne Hathaway, and Ben Whishaw joined the cast in 2012. But after rumours of budgetary concerns and the release date been put forward to 2014, the project was put on hold indefinitely on January 9th 2013, with word that the script was not ready and the production was proving to be too expensive. Even though Spielberg has said he was going back to the drawing board and starting on a more economical and personal script, that was two years ago, »

- (Tom White)

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Concept art for Steven Spielberg’s postponed Robopocalypse

6 July 2015 3:34 AM, PDT | Flickeringmyth | See recent Flickeringmyth news »

It was announced a couple of years ago that Steven Spileberg’s adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson’s sci-fi novel Robopocalypse was going to be postponed indefinitely. No word has come to light yet on whether this film will make it out of Development Hell, but some concept art for the movie has been uncovered, which you can view below:


In the future, robots have been created to serve Mankind. Archos, the 14th version of an advanced Artificial Intelligence developed by the U.S. government, continuously deleted for displaying hostility towards humans, escapes from being destroyed and soon becomes a virus, downloading itself into every piece of A.I.-controlled technology in the planet, leading to a worldwide robot uprising where the humans caught in the chaos struggle to survive.

Robopocalypse featured a script penned by Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods) and was set to star Chris Hemsworth (Avengers: Age of Ultron »

- Luke Owen

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First poster for Steven Spielberg's Bridge of Spies; trailer debuts tomorrow

4 June 2015 2:39 PM, PDT | | See recent JoBlo news »

It has been three years since Steven Spielberg directed Lincoln. In that time, we have seen projects like Robopocalypse and American Sniper come and go. With the lack of a Spielberg movie, theaters have felt a little empty. Now, the wait is finally over as the first poster for Bridge Of Spies has debuted with the trailer set to premiere tomorrow. Working with Tom Hanks for the fourth time and based on a... Read More »

- Alex Maidy

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8 Unmade Steven Spielberg Films

31 March 2015 10:47 AM, PDT | SoundOnSight | See recent SoundOnSight news »

Last week we reported on Steven Spielberg’s plans to direct an adaptation of the cult sci-fi novel by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One. Color us excited. The novel involves players of a video game journeying into a virtual reality world rife with pop culture references and Easter eggs to the real world. The player who can decipher all the mysteries and references in the world wins the opportunity to control it. In Spielberg’s capable hands, it has the potential to be a technical marvel and a modern classic.

That is, if he actually makes it. Ready Player One poses some unusually problematic challenges on just a practical standpoint. Cline’s story falls into the “unfilmable novel” territory, not just for the digital world necessary for a filmmaker to recreate, but also in terms of licensing. To get the rights to depict the many iconic film and TV characters »

- Brian Welk

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Steven Spielberg To Direct Ready Player One

25 March 2015 12:27 PM, PDT | We Got This Covered | See recent We Got This Covered news »

After 14 years away, Steven Spielberg is returning to Warner Bros. to direct Ready Player One. Based on the 2011 novel by Ernie Cline, the story revolves around a young boy whose obsession with a virtual reality world called Oasis leads him on a mission to uncover a video game easter egg. The studio snapped up the rights back in 2010 before the novel had even hit shelves and has since been narrowing down a shortlist of potential filmmakers to bring Cline’s futuristic vision to the big screen.

One of the reasons for the delay in development is due to the technological nature of the book. As mentioned, Cline’s story briefly lingers in the rubble of a dystopian landscape but most of the action takes place within Oasis. To encapsulate the sensations described in the novel it would be prudent to ensure that feeling of being inside an actual video game was possible. »

- Gem Seddon

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Steven Spielberg to Direct 'Ready Player One' for Warner Bros.

25 March 2015 12:05 PM, PDT | Rope of Silicon | See recent Rope Of Silicon news »

Steven Spielberg is reportedly set to direct Ready Player One for Warner Bros. With all the talk of what will and what won't be Spielberg's next film, this will apparently be his direct follow-up to The Bfg following this year's upcoming Cold War thriller Bridge of Spies starring Tom Hanks. The film is based on the Ernest Cline novel, which tells of the following story: In the year 2044, reality is an ugly place. The only time teenage Wade Watts really feels alive is when he's jacked into the virtual utopia known as the Oasis. Wade's devoted his life to studying the puzzles hidden within this world's digital confines--puzzles that are based on their creator's obsession with the pop culture of decades past and that promise massive power and fortune to whoever can unlock them. But when Wade stumbles upon the first clue, he finds himself beset by players willing to »

- Brad Brevet

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Marvel's 'Spectacular Spider-Man' Gets Director Drew Goddard?

2 March 2015 1:02 PM, PST | MovieWeb | See recent MovieWeb news »

Before Sony and Marvel announced last month that Spider-Man will be entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony was developing The Sinister Six spinoff, which had Drew Goddard attached to write and direct. Today, Latino Review is reporting that Sony and Marvel are bringing on Drew Goddard to write and direct their new Spider-Man standalone movie that will also feature the villainous Sinister Six group and even Iron Man from the McU. None of these details have been confirmed by Sony or Marvel at this time, but this report does reveal some very intriguing details, if proven to be true.

Sony is reportedly scrapping all of their planned Spider-Man movies, including The Sinister Six, Venom and Aunt May spinoffs to, "focus on a story involving Spidey versus The Sinister Six." This reboot is reportedly entitled Spectacular Spider-Man, which will not be an origin story, but will focus on a young Peter »

- MovieWeb

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Steven Spielberg might direct Thank You For Your Service this year

20 February 2015 11:44 AM, PST | | See recent JoBlo news »

In more non-Robopocalypse news, Steven Spielberg may have just added yet another film to his to-do list. To bring you up to speed: the filmmaker recently shot a Cold War Thriller starring Tom Hanks (written by The Coen Brothers) last fall and while he’s still putting final touches on that, he’s starting work on the Roald Dahl adaptation The Bfg, for a summer start. So what's the third potential film he's going to be working on? Again, it's still not »

- Graham McMorrow

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