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In order to make this sequel as surprising as possible, filming was done in complete secrecy in Vancouver, as opposed to Burkittsville where the original was shot. The film was originally promoted under the faux-title "The Woods". The first trailer was then shown at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, revealing it as the third "Blair Witch" film, a mere two months prior to the premiere.
In preparation of another Blair Witch movie, Burkittsville officials took down most of the "Welcome to Burkittsville" signs, after many were stolen following the release of the first and second movies.
Throughout the film, freeze frames of the original Blair Witch footage can be seen on screen for a single frame, usually when a camera is turned on or off, including, but not limited to an image of a hanging stick figurine, and the image of Michael standing in a corner.
Director Adam Wingard stated that, while the first film is about being lost in the woods, this film is about being chased.
The first 25 seconds of the teaser trailer hearkens back to the opening of The Shining (1980), Adam Wingard's favorite film.
Director Adam Wingard used air horns in order to get the right jump-scare out of his actors.
The film does not reference any of the events depicted in Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000).
Unlike The Blair Witch Project (1999), this movie is completely scripted.
It has been sixteen years since the last sequel, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000), was released.
The film takes place in 2014.
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This new version of Blair Witch (2016) was in the filming process for five years before anybody even knew it was happening.
As reported by director Adam Wingard, the camera used to film A Horrible Way to Die (one of the many previous collaborations between him and screenwriter Simon Barrett) was the same one of this film's characters uses throughout the film.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The creature with elongated limbs was revealed by Simon Barrett to actually be one of the victims of the Blair Witch, and not the Blair Witch herself
Wingard / Barrett reference a fictitious corporation, KPG, in almost all of their movies. The Guest was being chased by KPG contractors. In You're Next, the father of the family was retired from KPG. In one of the VHS 2 segments, a character received a robotic eye from KPG. The logo of KPG is three triangles that form a larger triangle (see "David"'s sweatshirt in the first scenes of the Guest). In Blair Witch, when Ashley turns on the drone app, you can see the KPG logo on the holding screen

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