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83 out of 147 people found the following review useful:

I read the book and still loved it!

Author: georgiax-434-620312 from United Kingdom
21 August 2013

I read this book before watching the film and i was apprehensive to see if they would get all the important things from the book into the film. I think they did a very good job to get it all in, in just over two hours.

Cast: I thought they cast this film perfectly and all the characters played there roles perfectly. My favourite character from the book and film is Jace as he was so witty and he was really witty in the film which is good.

Story line: The story in this film is all very cramped together as the book was quite big so i think the screenwriter done a good job fitting it all in the 2 hours.

Music: The music in this film was perfect and fitted in with the film perfectly.

overall i think this film was impressive but there was some things that they changed which makes me wonder how they will be changing the story line in the second film.

Worth a watch...


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23 out of 32 people found the following review useful:


Author: Wise Guy from Alpes
11 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Most than half of the movie is about a misunderstood teenage rebellious girl. Misunderstood spoiled brat. No, just a spoiled brat. Her actions make no sense, her attitude neither. The plot not even close. Is like they took out everything in the fantasy/horror movies and tried to put it together in this one. Failed, failed miserably. What's with the vampires or werewolves ? where did they come from? why vampires are bad but WW are good ? What happened with the vampires ? who were they working for since they didn't show at the grand finally ? The characters have such a inconsistent background, one can't get their role at all. They just pop out with no explanation, they harm then help with no explanation, they do things without any explanation, and the movie ends that way. Terrible. That little friend zoned sob is bitten by vampires, what happened with that ? No explanation. I would stay away from this series and the books also. One star for the so close incest.

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71 out of 131 people found the following review useful:

I want my money back.

Author: Big_D_Box_Office_Score from United States
23 August 2013

You know, I really wanted to give The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones a fair shake. I mean, it LOOKED like another Twilight SOUNDED like another Twilight even FELT like a Twilight clone. (Don't ask me how I know how it felt.) But, I was determined not to judge a book by it's movie (ha!), and went to see City of Bones last night. It's a Twilight clone. And a terrible one, at that. Listen, it's clear that this type of movie has an audience, and I am by no means a typical member of that audience. On top of that, I am not familiar at all with the books. But none of that should matter - a movie should have enough merit to be watchable by anyone, even outside of the usual demographic. And this was nearly UNWATCHABLE. Let's try to do pros and cons. This should be fun... Pros: - Lily Collins, the main character and poor man's Kristen Stewart, was also in of the lowest-scored movies in BDBOS history. So...she's consistent. - You know those people who ALWAYS say, "The book was waaay better than the movie"? Again, never read them myself, but I can't imagine the books being ANY WORSE THAN THIS, so at least that will be an easy argument to win. - Lena Headey, aka 300's Queen of the Spartans, still gets to kick a little bit of ass. Cons: - I've read that a considerable amount of the book was cut from the movie, simply because it was impossible to fit everything into a 2-hour film. I feel like whatever was cut from the book would have made a better 2 hours of movie. So many plot holes, so many needlessly unanswered questions, so many things that DON'T MAKE A GODDAMN BIT OF SENSE. - Twilight did this already. If you're a Twilight person, you've seen this movie already. Awkward, ordinary teenaged girl, thrust into a secret world where supernatural beings battle each other, and gaining multiple One-Direction-looking love interests along the way. If you told me that this movie was really called "Twilight: The Other New Moon's Eclipse At Dawn", I'd believe you without argument. - In God's name, WHY IS THERE AN IMAX VERSION OF THIS??? STOP IT, Hollywood. It's hard enough to justify watching 2 dimensions of this crap. - This movie might actually be cheezier than Twilight. Terrible one- liners, public shows of affection at awkward times, and a plot twist that will make you feel REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE about things you saw previously in the film. - When the audience (which was practically empty in my theater, by the way) starts laughing at parts of the movie that aren't supposed to be have a problem. - It's over 2 hours long...and you'll feel EVERY LAST MINUTE of it. City Of Bones scores a 1 out of 5 on the BDBOS, and should not be watched by human eyes. Vampires and werewolves should probably stay away, too.

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17 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

A little frustrated.

Author: Claire Bear from Australia
22 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay first of all, i'm a little disappointed as to Simon not being turned into a rat. It was one of the funniest parts of the book! I get that the whole book would have been too long but I believe that that part of the book was worth the extra few minutes, he would have turned back into Simon after the fight if there wasn't enough time to show him in the institute.

Second of all, Valentine is suppose to have white hair (I don't really care about this detail it's more about how he was played) He is suppose to be a sophisticated, well spoken, SMART villain. You are suppose to think "How is HE the villain?!?" He's suppose to be really charming but have a darkness to him. Instead he looks like a biker who wondered on the set and was told "Oh you're the villain."

Clary is NOT suppose to be drawing runes until the next installment, but I guess i see why it was necessary for her to be able to draw runes in that scene. But it was just another confusing aspect to this movie.

Jace is suppose to be a really rude character. He's NOT suppose to be love struck over Clary every ten seconds. It's not suppose to be really obvious, yeah you get a few little indications here and there, but it's not the main focus in his mind.

There was a lot more focus on Clary and Jace than Alec and Jace. They definitely should have explained that a lot more. Even though I had read the book, even I said "Wait, what?" when Clary said that Alec loved Jace because we didn't have any indication before that other than the little tiny mumble Alec said to Clary which was "Stay away from Jace." There were two more indications after that which was Alec talking to Jace and also Alec pushing Clary against a wall and threatening to kill her if she doesn't leave. Maybe that scene with Isabelle should have happened later on in the movie.

We didn't have any indication as to Luke being the leader of the pack, it was just a call to other werewolves who were working in a store to be honest. Luke was really confusing in the movie if you didn't read the books, he's a father figure to Clary. He's basically like her step-dad.

ALSO! What was with Hodge telling Valentine to tell Clary and Jace they were related?! That was a waste of time, and it gets you wondering "Are they related? Are they not?" It's suppose to make you gasp and say "Oh no! They are related!" They should have just shown Valentine telling Jace and Clary, Hodge was completely unnecessary in that part of the film.

The end scene was a bit weird and cliché. Them riding off in a motorcycle that 1. Was not mentioned as to why he had one. Or 2. How he got it (Which was on the roof of Dumort Hotel which would have been a nice bit to add into the movie.)

I guess somethings need to be cut out of the book but I think these things were a bit necessary in order for people to love the movie as much as the book.

The only things I loved about this film were the creatures, (They were really well done and creepy!) Jocelyn, (she was really well cast and well acted and very true to the books) and the sets. (They were just as I had imagined if not, better!)

All in all, a good film. This is just what annoyed me as I have spent the time to read the books and I love all the characters and the sets. For people who haven't read the books. It's not too confusing, although some parts in the movie you go "What just happened?" I recommend seeing this with someone who has read the books to explain those bits. Please go see this movie if you have read the book, it was extremely exciting to see what and who I have imagined on a massive screen. If you haven't, go see with someone who has read the books if you want to really understand the series without reading the books.

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21 out of 32 people found the following review useful:

Don't be fooled by the positive reviews. This movie is awful.

Author: Danie J from Canada
9 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I actually created an account just to warn people how awful this movie is.

I couldn't figure out why it felt like someone was trying so hard and why I got this desperate Harry Potter vibe from it, then I looked up the "author". Apparently she used to do HP fan fiction, shocking.

Okay so we clarified, poor man's HP - but to top it off then she makes this weird incest thing between two of the main characters. Ermm Guess she's also a fan of star wars? Honestly the whole movie was just what it should be coming from this type of "writer" - a bunch of idea's taken from different movies and TV shows, thrown into one movie. I didn't see one original idea in the whole thing, but we all know that's a common theme now a days. The difference between this movie and other movies/shows that recycle old ideas is - this movie did it so bad it became uncomfortable to watch.

Save your money, save your time. Watch SOME of the better done movies/TV shows this was ripped off from. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Supernatural.

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21 out of 32 people found the following review useful:

Mortified Instruments: City of Bores

Author: guitarlord93 from United States
29 September 2013

It has been said many times, but it bears repeating: this is a clone of every hit teen/young adult series of the 21st century. It genuinely tears scenes from other books and movies and mashes them together into a disgusting movie casserole.

I have written a full review that summarizes the major issues with the film itself (not even touching the blatantly obvious plot-holes and terrible scripting, but just basic issues with the film itself). The review contains spoilers, but here is a non-spoiler list of just a few issues with the film.

1. The attractive and intelligent Lily Collins is reduced to a stuttering, whining, heartless whore.

2. The film tries to justify dressing everyone up like a hooker.

3. The story features a token.

4. The movie ends. Twice.

5. The story glorifies selfishness and hormonal decisions.

6. Every popular film series is robbed for this story.

7. Clary's eyebrows (just has to be said, guys).

If you want more details on these issues, check out my full review, which does contain spoilers, here:

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48 out of 86 people found the following review useful:

Utterly ridiculous piece of tribe

Author: gvzfs from Denmark
9 October 2013

This fantasy is filled with bad acting, ridiculous dialog, and a rather inconsistent use of CG.

On a plus note, my daughter at age 7 found this interesting, and was eagerly watching it as it progressed. I take to note as well that she, at age seven, could predict the next course of events in the film.

I, on the other hand, at age 41, had to slap my forehead in agony over the idiotic irrational behavior of the teeny bobbies doing their best to justify the bloated CG extravaganza, where it is equally necessary to dress up and look like goth emo crew before killing daemons with that usual array of medieval weaponry.

It's a bit soft emo porn, and for a much less quality oriented audience.

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13 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Don't waste your time

Author: thegroovygrover from United Kingdom
8 September 2013

I have not read the books , I hadn't even heard of them so I went to see this with a very open mind , but this is just a very poor film , badly adapted , not very well acted and all the special effects can not make up for what is just a turkey of a film , I didn't engage with any of the characters which left me not caring what happened to them , and i just ended up looking at my watch to see how long it was till it finished ! I'm surprised to see so many positive user reviews on here , my advice is read the critics reviews far more accurate - no big blockbuster franchise here I for that I think we should all be very thankful , This is one strictly for young kids only !

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16 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

2 hours of HELL...when 1:20 would have still been terrible

Author: Jon Death from United States
12 October 2013

I don't know what to say beyond how boring and unoriginal this movie is. A mortal with secret powers, a hidden past and memory, sacred inheritance, demons possessing the living and so on and so on and so on. Apparently people from other dimensions meet in dance clubs to have supernatural battles between good and evil?

The hero as I will unfortunately call him was a casting tragedy. Where do they get these people and why do they think we will relate to them? Hollywood I have news for you. REAL tough men and women look NOTHING like 90% of the people you cast in these teeny bopper movies. Real men and women coming from hardened backgrounds look at these idiots and dislike them from square one. Brainwashed, pop culture consumers destine to be yuppies with absolutely no frame of reference on the other hand well, they will swallow anything you feed them.

So 2 hours later, we get a cliché ending where a girl with a drop dead gorgeous face and body with as much curve as a ruler hops on a motorcycle with a supernatural warrior who has a face that is a cross between an Easter island statue and Napoleon Dynamite. I point this out because these actors will come back to haunt us in future movies and possibly television shows. If you're going to make superstars out of nobodies for starring in crap, why not go the full monty?

Be as superficial as you possibly can! Because in the end, it's all they can bring to stories this unoriginal and boring and their entire careers are destine to be full of these lousy movies and television shows or TV guest appearances. I suppose if I were 13 the special effects and action scenes would be all I need to have helped get this movie rated over a 6 when it's clearly a 2-3. My 1 is an attempt to bring balance...and REALITY to the IMDb's corrupt rating system.

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23 out of 38 people found the following review useful:

Critics are too harsh

Author: b-duchaine from Massachusetts
22 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Don't get me wrong, no movie adaptation of a novel is going to be perfect and make everyone happy, but I feel as though the critics have been way too harsh on this movie and it's actors/actresses. Though, this seems like a trend with YA movies, beside Harry Potter I tend to see critics rip and tear apart teen movies like birds feasting on a dead carcass...I swear they all get together and decide to do it as a group. (just saying) Anyhow, I wouldn't say TMI was perfect, but it was the first in the series and I hope they get a chance to fix their minor mistakes and release City of Ashes. I enjoyed that book and would love to see it brought to life.

The actors: I did not see anything wrong with any of them save the actor who played Magnus Bane, he wasn't terrible, but definitely lacked the personality that he had in the books. His character always made me laugh and I guess Godfrey Gao kind of fell a little flat and almost mechanic on screen. I thought everyone else fit well and acted well, I don't see the issues that many others seem to see. I'm no film critic, but I am a fan and a lover of movies.

The Plot: Although most of the movie seemed to stick with the book they surprisingly changed a lot at the end. For example, Hodge telling Valentine to lie to Clary and Jace about being sister and brother versus Hodge actually believing that they were brother and sister after Valentine tells him this. I guess I can understand why they did it, but it, to me, did not have that gut wrenching "oh crap!" moment I felt when reading the books, even though as a reader I hoped and kind of figured it wasn't true, especially when the character of Sebastian shows up, it all starts to piece together from there. Though, I cannot understand why they did it...the incest reason? In case they never made another movie? Fear of confusing people? I don't know, I wasn't a fan, but the changes like this one definitely did not ruin the movie for me.

I enjoyed the action sequences and even thought the "cheesey" romance scene in the garden was kind of cute, I thought the kiss between Jace and Clary was pretty passionate and personally felt as though Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower had good chemistry. (I have to admit I liked Jamie already from his role on Camelot) Well, this is just my opinion and two cents I just really hope that the movie itself does well with the fans and that a second film is made because I, for one will be devastated to see such an amazing series from such an incredible author be shut down after only one movie. :(

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