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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

As Hodge is walking up the steps after letting Valentine in, he is clearly speaking, yet we hear nothing.
In the final scene when they drive away, the sound effect is for a Harley Davidson but they are on a Triumph.
When Alec confronts Clary in the hallway and tells her to leave, there are two instances where his jaw movement doesn't match the dialogue (both seen from behind): "Jace thinks he needs to save the world" and "We're a team, you're dead weight."
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Jocelyn slams the refrigerator door repeatedly when she is attacked in the kitchen, you see shelves fall off and bottles go with the shelves, when Clary sets the fire and uses the door to protect herself, the shelves and contents are back where they should be.
During the garden scene, Jace gives Clary an apple with a candle in it when they go to the stairwell and sit down, Clary places the apple beside her. When they get up and leave the apple is no longer there.
When both Valentine and Clary go through the portal they come out wet, but when Jace puts his arm through it comes out completely dry.
When Jace is showing Clary the portal, there is light shining from the portal on Clary. But even after Jace closes the doors, there is still light shining on her even though there shouldn't be.
When Alec kicks in Madame Dorothea's door, it does not match the door when Dorothea leaves and most of the door is missing. We see it after Alec kicks it in and there is clearly more door left than what is shown a few moments later.
While rescuing Simon, Jace's hood goes from up to down to up to down again in one scene.
When Valentine stabs the knife into the table after pouring his blood into the cup, it is at an angle. Later in the same scene, when Hodge sits down at the table, the knife is straight up, not at the angle it was at previously and it disappears completely by the time Jace and Valentine land on the table during their fight.
When Clary blows up the demon, the kitchen window is blown out. When Clary races back up the stairs, and starts hitting Simon (unintentionally) the window is in one piece.
When Alec is injured and in the infirmary, his shoulder harness appears and disappears.
When Jace is at Madame Dorothea's his hair is wavy. In the next shot, as he is carrying Alec to the infirmary, his hair is very straight. Then, immediately after that, he goes down to the library, his hair is wavy again.
When Isabelle is doing Clary's hair, she has her hold a pin. Then we never see her get it back to put in Clary's hair. We see Isabelle's hands the whole time and she never got the pin but it is suddenly in Clary's hair by the end.
When Simon is hiding from Pangborn and Blackwell, we see 2 lightbulbs with pointy ends. After Pangborn stares hard to see if he sees anyone in the side room, we see a regular clear lightbulb in one of the sockets instead of the pointy one that was there when he walked in, and after he leaves.
After Clary makes the rune to freeze the demons in the institute, her hair parting changes twice in different shots.
When Isabelle does Clary's hair, she leaves a tendril loose on her left side. When we get to Magnus Bane's, Clary has a tendril loose on the right side instead of left side.
When Simon and Isabelle go to close the dome the lever changes from being down to being up between shots.
When Valentine confronts Hodge about the cup, one of his braids repeatedly changes position between shots.
When Blackwell is felled by Hodge's disc, it is embedded in his back and he falls forward. Hodge goes to the lever, never retrieving his disc but moments later as Isabelle and Simon are leaving, we see Blackwell still face down but no disc in his back.
When Valentine places the spear back into the pentagram, Pangborn and Blackwell come running into the room and start down the stairs. At least 10 seconds passes with Valentine noticing the card with the cup is gone, then they cut back to Pangborn and Blackwell, and they continue down the stairs in the exact position they were when the scene cut.
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In scenes of Clary's childhood, you see Jocelyn's runes while washing her hands but they're kept hidden by longer sleeved shirts. When she's in the self induced coma, you see most of her arms but no runes.
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There is no spray-nozzle on top of the blue aerosol can when Clary first picks it up from the kitchen cupboard (when fight the demon dog). As she puts it on top of the cooker, the spray-nozzle then appears on top of the can.
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