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A Reality show that really feels like reality

Author: paradisek from United States
20 November 2010

I really feel for this family. They are full of good intentions. Giving Parolees jobs & rescuing dogs that are not easy to place in good homes that understand the breed. But this was set up by a husband that has been (back) in jail for 3 years. They were married a short time before a stolen motorcycle is found on the property. It is not his, but it's his property therefore he's responsible. He is facing 3 strikes, a life sentence.

Unlike most "Reality" shows, this one seems the least scripted. This woman is in deep pain, worried sick about her, her husband & her children's future & it comes through strong. She's an animal lover in the true sense.The parolees sympathize with her & try very hard to help out. It comes through strong. It's hard to watch & not feel sympathy for them, wanting them succeed. It's well shot, the narration is kept to a minimum. The words are coming from their mouths. This is reality at it's best

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One of the few reality shows worth watching..good luck to "Creature"..

Author: MarieGabrielle from United States
21 April 2011

Personally, as a writer, I view reality TV is mostly trash for cash. It needs to serve a purpose to warrant watching it. A helpful purpose. Other than Animal Planet channel, most channels do not offer a "helpful" reality show.

This show does that. Pit bulls have gotten a bad rap. As a shar pei owner, I've seen people are often afraid and think the dogs are vicious. Only if they are mistreated. Eventually some of the dogs are adopted. It's not an easy job.

I am giving Tia Torres a 10 for running the dog shelter Villa Lobos. One episode she visits New Orleans and rescues several of the abandoned dogs there. Also, thanks to the financial meltdown/foreclosure crisis in 2008, there are a lot of homeless dogs in need of help, people have lost their homes all across the U.S.

At Villa Lobos, the dogs are maintained by parolees who help clean, walk the dogs, and maybe learn to like a dog in the process too.

It is sad that in 2011 dog abuse and pit fighting still happens. This show has good factors to it in that it gives the dogs a second chance, most would be unadaptable or sent to a kill shelter, where the dogs are usually only kept for 2 weeks before euthanasia.

Thanks to producers of a productive show like this, which maybe helps some of the parolees, and the dogs. That's not so for 99 percent of the other reality contests, and celebrity rehabs (yawn). Hope to see some rehabilitative animal shelter shows, and less celebrity trash for cash sensationalism in the future. Eventually, people tire of the same old thing.

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Great show!

Author: cfranke80 from United States
17 January 2012

Love this show! Tia and those at Villalobos deal with daily discrimination because of the dogs they care for, and because of their past. You who haven't seen the show would be amazed on how many uneducated biased people are out there to smear the name and reputation of the "pit bull." A LOT of dogs can be rehabilitated while some cannot and I am glad Tia is giving those dogs a second chance. they are safe at dealing with dogs who can act aggressive :)

I really hope this show can open up people's minds, breed discrimination is a form of racial profiling, any dog has the ability to be aggressive, and "pit bulls" do not have locking jaws, nor are their bite pressures greater than all dogs. "Pit bulls" that i have come across have been very loyal and goofy dogs. They do not have a unique bite style (many have seen on youtube the various breeds "killing" their toys), "pit bulls" are genetically bred for loyalty and companionship so this is how ppl get them to fight, their drive to please their master and to protect their masters even when beaten and starved can cause them to fight. Even with fighting dogs, they have to be starved, strangled, beaten, etc to even fight another dog and even then that doesn't work so those dogs who do not fight are turned into bait dogs, or killed :(

I hope this show delves into dog fighting more and the outcomes of those who can be rehabilitated!

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Excellent show for animal lovers.

Author: girldevl
25 November 2013

I have a hard time understanding how anyone could give this show low ratings.

Tia herself, has several decades of animal training under her belt. She trained large exotic animals as well as dogs, and has tons of experience and training related to the behavior of dogs. When you watch her rescue even the most terrified dog, she does it with such care and compassion, you can't help but envy her.

She moved her operation to New Orleans and has really taken on a huge challenge. The city itself is just FULL of pit bull breeds, it is practically overrun, and it seems as though the majority of the residents are incapable of taking care of the dogs they bring into the world. Tia and her group go to such extremes to help these dogs, I really admire her.

Sure, her daughters are full of tats and have different colored hair daily, but how does that take away from the amazing people that they are? I could care less WHAT image they want to have, these people are awesome and so is their show.

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More fake garbage.

Author: FunBagsTheBoyToy from Butt Town
2 May 2017

Here we go with another intelligence insulting waste of air time.I don't understand why Animal Planet is so intent on churning out fake reality shows, I'm perfectly happy watching fifteen year old episodes of Big Cat Diary.But AP won't be happy until the entire channel is all dramatic recreations and total lies.I could break down Pit Bulls and Parolees scene by scene and point out all the times I can prove it was scripted but that's a bigger waste of time than actually watching this retarded show.Since the average American doesn't even know what parole is, it was very easy for them to make parolees whatever they wanted them to be.What did they want them to be?Brown men with long hair and white girls with tattoos.Imagine if Danielle Colby had five even uglier sisters and they all moved to BET.Then you have this show.They tug at your heart strings by pretending to be saving animals(that would kill you just for fun) and then kick you in the face with a scripted train wreck.This show is about one notch below Honey Boo Boo.That means it sucks, big time.

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Good intentions! Horrific dog handling!

Author: bellab1972 from Australia
13 December 2012

Before I criticize this show I think that the intentions of the people are good regarding pits! I am horrified with the lack of knowledge this family has concerning dogs! I can't believe this show is aired because it may influence unsespecting dog owners how not to handle dogs! I am just watching an episode where 2 pit bulls are put together and end up fighting! I am horrified that the so called expert, the red headed mother, let 2 out of control dominant dogs interact with absolutely no control by their handlers! I. The same show the red head said that blue pits are the worst and most troublesome pit bulls and can not be controlled! What an idiotic statement! All I see with the dogs are caged frustrated out of control dogs! There is no training to make balanced pit bulls as every dog that is walked pulls and doesn't even walk on the lead in a submissive manner! I am horrified that these pits are placed in homes without any real knowledge to create balanced dogs! All I see is excited dominate dogs with stupid excited people that have no idea what they are doing! All of the dogs in this show are caged separately and if given the chance would probably kill each other as their is no real interaction and training given! There Are 200 dogs that are bored! This woman should look into serious training to learn how to create balanced dogs because at the moment she has no idea! I am horrified with this show and the lack of knowledge this family has concerning dogs!

This show is detrimental to dog owners because there no one on the show knows what they are doing! No one should handle dogs like these people do! They are all idiots!

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I just keep watching to see who gets killed first

Author: Elswet from .: Fiendish Writings in the Dark :.
23 October 2010

I watch Pit Boss, which this follows, and got roped into watching this as a by-product of being busy at work at my desk and unable to bestow enough attention to the set to change the station. But this show kind of grows on you. Like a fungus, yes, but one which grows quickly enough to enable you to actually SEE it grow, so it captures your attention a bit better than maybe it should.

The premise is a lonely prison-widow (an ex-con, herself, I think?), saving pit bulls to the detriment of her own children (she talks about what hideous sacrifices the children had to make in order for her to have her kennel), while employing parolees to house and work around her two impressionable (and by all accounts very available) young daughters.

I cannot stop watching, simply because I MUST KNOW who dies first? A dog attacking one of the workers? A worker by the hand of a dog or another con? A worker by virtue of knocking up one of the daughters? One of the daughters by virtue of one of the dogs? the Mom jealous over a one night stand? or a con out on parole for rape/homicide? The possibilities are limitless.

While the initial premise may have been a worthy one (saving dogs and giving cons a second chance), this thing is an absolute train wreck. If you're not already hooked, leave it alone. Do what Nancy Reagan taught us, and Just Say "NO!"

It rates a 3.8/10 from...

the Fiend :.

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