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12 Sep. 1984
North Britons?
Focuses on Scottish nationalism, including the stealing of the Stone of Destiny in 1950 and the Scottish National Party in the 1970s.
13 Sep. 1984
Few and Far Between
Scotland's beginnings, including its geological formation and the geography and wildlife that shaped its history. This episode covers all of the peoples who settled the country, from its first human inhabitants on through the 11th century.
19 Sep. 1984
The Auld Enemy
William Wallace and Robert the Bruce fight English imperialism.
20 Sep. 1984
Fame Then Flodden
The Scots continue to fight the English for over 200 years. The Stewarts become kings when the Bruce family dies out. James IV brings fame to his kingdom, but he is defeated on the field of Flodden.
26 Sep. 1984
Knox and the Reformation
Battles between Catholics and Protestants in Scotland from 1513 to 1560.
27 Sep. 1984
Mary and an End to the French Connection
The reign and legacy of Mary Queen of Scots.
3 Oct. 1984
James and Crowns United
James VI of Scotland becomes James I of England in 1603, and is succeeded by his second son Charles I. However, their reigns are marked by religious strife over the governance of Scotland's Reformed Churches.
4 Oct. 1984
Kirk and Covenant
The Covenants of 1638 and 1643, and the British Civil War during the reign of Charles I.
10 Oct. 1984
Disaster at Darien
Scotland experiences many sorrows during the reign of William and Mary.
11 Oct. 1984
Act of Union
England and Scotland unite their Parliaments in 1778.
17 Oct. 1984
An Imperfect Match
The union of Scotland and England proves difficult. Scotland and the Stewarts head toward rebellion as Queen Anne dies in 1714.
18 Oct. 1984
The '45 and the Aftermath
Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) leads the Scots in the Jacobite rising of 1745.
24 Oct. 1984
Athens of the North
Edinburgh's culture blossoms even as it loses its Parliament. It is home to numerous illustrious 18th- and 19th-century writers, philosophers, painters, and poets.
25 Oct. 1984
Of Government and Man
The 18th century was a period of political unrest in Scotland.
31 Oct. 1984
The Improvers
In the 18th century, Scottish agricultural practices underwent great changes.
1 Nov. 1984
The Clearances
Changes in agricultural practices brought about the notorious Highland Clearances, the forced displacement of tens of thousands of people during the 18th and 19th centuries.
7 Nov. 1984
Made in Scotland
Glasgow prospers from tobacco trade, shipbuilding, steel, and engineering, quickly reaching a population of more than half a million, and becoming the Empire's second city.
8 Nov. 1984
Communication and Disruption
In the 19th century, Scotland's university-rich educational system produces men of genius who benefit Great Britain.
14 Nov. 1984
The Age of Victoria
Queen Victoria's enthusiasm for Scotland led to English society visiting to embrace the kilt, bagpipes, and Highland Gatherings. The Victorians invented the tartans, the dances, and the Gaelic music thought of as Scottish.
15 Nov. 1984
The Scots Empire
Scots played a vast role in exploring, winning, and administrating the huge British Empire. Many Scots of humble backgrounds made fortunes. Scots were a people who since the Middle Ages had roamed Europe, and they now travelled the world.
21 Nov. 1984
A Generation Lost
Scottish Socialism and the Scottish Labour Party were founded in the decades before WWI. In the war, tens of thousands of Scots fought for Britain.
22 Nov. 1984
Lean Years
Scotland experiences an economic and industrial depression after WWI.
28 Nov. 1984
An End to an Auld Sang
Although WWII boosted Scottish industry, after 1945 coal mining, shipbuilding, and engineering continued to decline. Since the 1970s central Scotland has become an industrial graveyard, and one in six Scots is unemployed.
29 Nov. 1984
Yet Still the Blood Is Strong
Current-day attitudes of Scots at home and abroad. Scotland's culture is upheld proudly but some institutions -- like the Kirk, the law, and education -- often feel threatened.

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