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Plot Summary

  • When passengers aboard a commuter train appear to have died a still death, it seems that a switch was flipped because all cell phones, mp3 players, laptops, batteries and bodies have been drained of power. As the Fringe team assembles at the bizarre crime scene, Peter remains suspicious that something is amiss with Walter, who is struggling to keep the unimaginable a secret. When the investigation leads them to Alistair Peck, a very powerful man who has tremendous energy with severe consequences, an ironic set of circumstances surface

    - Written by FOX Publicity
  • A man appears in a commuter train wagon and all passengers and batteries die. The Fringe Division investigate and soon they find that the MIT astrophysicist Alistair Peck is the responsible. However he can jump in time absorbing energy around the destination, change the events and resetting time, giving the sensation of dejavu to Olivia. They discover that Alistair is trying to jump in time to save his beloved fiancee from a car accident. Meanwhile Dr. Bishop write a letter to Peter telling the truth to him. Then he meets Alistair at the MIT and he tries to convince the astrophysicist to give up his intent. He also discloses what has happened to Peter and corrects his formula that has a mistake. What will Alistair do?

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • The Fringe team investigate a train full of people who died in a mysterious way. Olivia and the others then meet the astrophysicist who was responsible for the "experiment" and who can reset the time.

    - Written by Andreea D


A commuter train chugs on its merry way. At the station, a teenager panhandles and pick pockets passing commuters...

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