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Alpha: Victor, why would someone do something so horrible to your face?

Adelle DeWitt: Explosion?

Topher Brink: It does the work for you.

Adelle DeWitt: You said it could only be activated manually... You're not coming back.

Topher Brink: Small price to pay... I didn't want to cause any more pain.

Zone: So I hear you're the weapons expert of this group?

Kilo: [shows a USB memory chip marked "Weapons Expert"]

Zone: So you just store it all in your head?

Kilo: No, only Echo can do that. We'd all go crazy if we tried... we gotta remove something first.

Zone: So what did you remove?

Kilo: [shows a USB memory chip marked "Mercy" and laughs evilly at Zone]

Paul Ballard: [post-apocalyptic world, butchers, dumbshows, chaos, the group is discussing strategy] This is where it gets interesting.

Mag: It was dull?

Alpha: Because we're not freaks shows. Well, OK, maybe I am... and Echo... Topher's a little off but Adele, she's a class act all the way.

Echo: Alpha...

Alpha: It's just that I've worked so hard to have a peaceful life here. It's harder for me than most.

Alpha: It appealed to the schizophrenic in me. Both of them, actually.

Alpha: Did she just call me a Luddite?

Caroline Farrell: They were wearing suits.

Zone: Yes. This was your finer class of mindless killer zombie.

Zone: Look around, tiny Messiah - it's over. Half the world's been wiped, and the rest have been turned into crazies trying to kill the other half. There are only a handful of actuals left, which you, by the way, ain't.

Caroline Farrell: We are lost. We are not gone.

Matthew Harding: [Echo aims her gun at Harding's head] Please, you know I'm backed up. Why do you bother any more?

Echo: Ask me again sometime.

[Echo shoots Harding]

Topher Brink: I'm so close, so close to solving both problems. They would have no idea.

Echo: Close to what? Wiping everyong?

Topher Brink: The opposite. A reflection like an echo. Put everything back the way they were. Minds back the way they were... I can bring back the world.

Paul Ballard: The point is Topher thinks he can flip it. Create a pulse to restore all the wiped minds.

Zone: Yeah? He also thinks he's a little teapot, short and stout.

Adelle DeWitt: [Rising] Topher Brinks is a genius! And you will keep a civil tongue in this house, or I'll cut it out and put it in the stew.

Caroline Farrell: Good to see you've mellowed.

Paul Ballard: The world still needs heroes kid.

[Everyone laughs]

Echo: Did you really just say that?

Paul Ballard: What? I was being inspirational.

Echo: You are so corny.

Paul Ballard: You're fat.

Anthony Ceccoli: I would do anything for you, for *both* of you.

Priya Tsetsang: Except for the *one* thing I asked you to do.

Paul Ballard: I've been knocking 10 years, you still won't let me in.

Echo: I've let you in a few times.

Paul Ballard: When you were sure we were gonna die. What happens if you're sure we're gonna live?

Paul Ballard: I think you've got a hundred people living inside your head, and you're the loneliest person I know.

Echo: That's kind of sweet.

Paul Ballard: Not for the person who's with you.

Echo: [Realizing there are Actives in the Dollhouse] Aw Hell!

Alpha: Nope. You have to keep digging if that's were you want to end up.

Adelle DeWitt: You don't have to do it, you know? At least not alone.

Topher Brink: I do. I'll fix what we did to their heads. You fix what we did to the rest of the world. Your job's *way* harder.

Adelle DeWitt: Funny, that the last fantasy the Dollhouse should fulfill... will be yours.

Echo: I don't have any fantasies, Adelle.

Adelle DeWitt: More's the pity.

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