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  • With the Rossum conspiracy now fully revealed, Echo and her allies must now make their stand to stop the Rossum Corporation from enslaving the free world with their newest remote mind-wipe technology to take over the world. Topher meets up with Bennett Halverson when she is forcibly taken from the DC Dollhouse and brought to Los Angeles to help restore Caroline's past memory whom is the only one who can identify the two Rossum corporate heads. Echo will finally face herself as Caroline, even as Ballard struggles with the facts of his new existence as an Active, while he also brings in former active November/Millie back into the fold. The background story between Caroline and Bennett is revealed from three years earlier during Caroline's status as a student in Arizona. As Adelle tries to prepare an evacuation of the Dollhouse, an invasion is incurred by Rossum soldiers, just as Whiskey/Dr. Claire Saunders finally returns to the Dollhouse at the request of Boyd with some info for all involved... and a few surprises as well.

    - Written by matt-282
  • In order for Echo and her allies to stop the Rossum Corporation from bringing about the collapse of civilization with their remote mind-wipe technology, Caroline's personality must be restored to Echo, as Caroline is the only one who can identify the mysterious head of Rossum, but this which proves more challenging that it initially appears. Bennett Halverson is forcibly taken from the DC Dollhouse - along with November - to LA to help restore Caroline's damaged personality backup, and the story behind her hatred for Caroline is revealed. Topher must confront his feelings for Bennett, as Echo learns just what was sacrificed in rewiring Paul Ballard's brain, and the nature of Boyd Langton's "domestic issues" is revealed. DeWitt orders all actives restored to their original personalities and evacuated, as all-out war with Rossum becomes imminent. In the episode's final shocking moments, we learn the truth behind Rossum's leadership.

    - Written by Anonymous


THREE YEARS AGO: Caroline and a businessman tear off each others cloths in a familiar office until the former handcuffs the latter to the wall...

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