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Even when nothing is happening, the often dead-silent shots tend to grow scarier the more you look at them.
It delivers its considerable moments of terror in the same way the original film did. But it does deliver.
Rarely is the second film in a horror franchise more frightening than the original, but Paranormal Activity 2 has more innocent victims and more scares than its predecessor.
What was scary once is scary twice, like a carnival funhouse remodeled with a few new mirrors and spring-loaded spooks.
Without giving anything away, much of the excruciatingly teased-out tension here echoes the first movie without upping the ante.
Orlando Sentinel
A confident, cocky and often comic promenade down the same primrose path.
The principle suspense is wondering when the suspense is going to start, as you scan the darkly-lit screen looking for any hint of imminent horror.
Picture fares like most horror follow-ups, offering more of the same to somewhat diminished effect.
An efficient delivery system for Gotcha! Moments, of which it has about 19. Audiences who want to be Gotchaed will enjoy it.
Paranormal Activity 2 sinks much lower than it needs to in order to get a rush out of us - and in the end, the rush isn't even that great. The movie puts us through the paces with minimal payoff.

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