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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

I enjoyed first half of the movie

Author: atinder from United Kingdom
12 August 2013

The Divide (2011)

That was really long movie, One of the longest movies I seen in the long time.

It was start of really well, I would say I enjoyed the first hour-ish as the movie flowed with well with first hour or so, it had a lot of actions scenes going one.

The last hour of movie, I didn't really way the movie was going and I kind of drag on even more and I felt like the some of characters as some kinda personal transplant in second From being normal person at the start to becoming Psychos

They drag the last hour and then go to a lot action in last 10 minutes of the movie.

I didn't really get the point of the whole movie at all. the movie was about 2 hours long, I still felt more confused and there a lot they left unanswered.

I thinking the acting in this movie from cast was really good

5 out of 10, I enjoyed first half of the movie .

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Product of an demented...

Author: KaneFriessner from Hungary
16 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of the worst films ever. What the hell I watched? I can't believe that I was watching that abnormality. What the hell happened in that junk film? Who dropped the nuclear bomb? Who were those white dressed military guys? Why was there a laboratory outside? What did they do with the child? Why the man characters were acting like an idiot crap? Why didn't they act like a real man? Why the ending happened like this? And what....ahhh, nothing. This film is a nothing. Do not waste your time with that demented crap. Don't watch it if you have brain. If you are an idiot, this film is for you. A total junk of a barrel fecal. -10/10

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12 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

Not worth the effort - if you have a humane bone in your body....

Author: TanjentMan from UK
6 April 2012

I can't believe the Snaggletooth review has 46/66 likes currently, as I found it very misleading. In fact, I watched this movie on that recommendation alone and wish I could have the last 2 hours of my life back rather than spending it watching this miserable, disgusting and ultimately unsatisfying movie. And no, I do not like Adam Sandler movies (as suggested by Snaggletooth) and I am not easily disgusted, considering some of my favourite movies include Goodfellas, Fight Club and Pulp Fiction.

What we have here is a movie about humans surviving an apocalypse, which is always a good backdrop to a human drama as it breaks down our normal 'civilized' characteristics until we get to the bare bones of what being human and surviving is all about. Except unfortunately it seems to be the worst of humanity from nearly all the characters. Not to mention it is one of those films where you will cry out at least twenty times during it when a character does something really stupid, which makes the situation worse and comes from poor storytelling. It is well made, but well made does not make a good movie.

Reviews of this movie stating it is 'torture porn' are a little exaggerated, I've seen worse, but this film does seem to like wallowing in the worst possible facets of humanity, simply for the enjoyment of it. Everything bad that could happen does. And pretty much all the characters have very few redeeming features, so by about halfway through I was actually hoping they would all come to a sticky end and just put me out of my misery. I do not think the characters are realistic in the sense that not all humans are inherently bad/stupid, as this film suggests, though maybe this might be true about Americans ? I couldn't say for sure as I'm British.

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20 out of 39 people found the following review useful:

Should have hidden in the fridge

Author: alex (doorsscorpywag) from United Kingdom
28 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My other title was 'too stupid for words' and this garbage really is. Nuclear bombs are going off all over a city and some people seem to have time to look at the destruction before running down several flights of stairs to the front entrance. Then seeing the blast heading toward them they out run it by running down more stairs having a bit of an argument with the guy inside the basement shelter who lets them in just before the blast levels the building which then collapses. Nice to see some realism in movies nowadays. But as every sensible person knows from movies the best place to hide is a fridge as they are completely immune to nuclear blast. Then for no sensible reason whatsoever Storm Troopers from Star Wars turn up force open the door and steal the child survivor leaving two of their number overcome. The survivors then send one guy to have a look outside in his borrowed Star Wars suit and amazingly connected to their shelter there is a nice level rubble less plastic tunnel that leads off left and right with a lab and kids in stasis chambers. Well you don't see that everyday after a nuke blast. What this is we never find out nor how these people seem to have cleared the rubble of a large building to uncover the basement without making any noise. Then the basement residents go insane and lots of stupid stuff happens such as sado masochism, cross dressing, torture and the usual thing people do when trapped in buildings after a nuclear attack. And that's about it other than the loads of stupid plot holes that after the first hour the viewer could not care less about as the film is worthless rubbish.

They really should have hidden in the fridge............

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Do you want the good news first or the bad?

Author: Kyle R. from United States
16 July 2014

Well personally I go for the bad news first so I can finish off with the good so I'm left with that positive aftertaste.

Bad: The storyline. I mean, don't get me wrong I love PA movies and will suck up movies like this all day but what got my goad in this flick was the overly bleak, unnecessarily bleak overtones in the movie. I don't know, and hope I never find out, how I'd respond in a similar sitch but I don't think it would be anywhere near the depravity shown here. So the storyline isn't for me. One other thing without giving anything away near the beginning something happens that never gets explained. It seems like a cool path that the movie could have taken had they expounded on said happening instead it happens then is never brought back up. Maybe the director wanted to add it but it was already about 20 minutes too long so it had to get cut. I dunno, those sorts of things kinda big me when the movie is over those are the things, unanswered questions, that I think about as I walk out of the theater or as I exit out of netflix or, uh hmmm, solarmovie. Anyway, unanswered questions come in two categories and both make me bummed out. First we have the noir film director who wants to make a "piece of art" and paints a broad, ambiguous picture and then criticizes people for not being cool if they confess that they don't get it. I say, f you to those punks. Not everyone has the kind of mind that allows for them to accept ambiguous themes as something ahead of its time and artsy. The second is when the film just didn't come together right for whatever reason and there are unanswered questions. Like I said both bug me.

Ooonnnnnn to the good.

The good: The acting, the set design, the fx, and at the risk of contradicting my previous statement I actually can understand and appreciate the introspection of morality and personalities as they are pushed to their limits.

That's my take. If you like PA films see it unless of course you get queasy at the sight of someone smashing a someone else's head in to the ground and pushing their thumbs into their eye sockets and this was all preceded by him forcing himself on to a woman and in the same room there is a dead woman who is tied up and bloody on a bed. So if you don't like that kinda thing then steer clear.


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Possibly the Most Depressing Movie Ever

Author: reddoggiegirl from United States
29 May 2014

I love Michael Biehn; I love apocalyptic pretty much anything. While this movie was acceptable, the story tended to wander. I have managed to watch it twice now, but I am fairly sure that I will never watch it again, unless the post-it note I stuck on the case falls off, or I come down with Alzheimer's. I consider myself to be a happy person, but this movie is in the No Watch Zone for me, due to the fact that I found it so depressing. I realize that apocalyptic movies aren't supposed to be cheerful, but, for some reason, this was simply the most depressing movie I have ever seen. Watching this film nearly makes me want to commit suicide.

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Will leave audiences... divided

Author: bowmanblue from United Kingdom
26 May 2014

We see a nuclear bomb go off in New York and the survivors hold up in the basement. That's the premise to The Divide and, although not that original, could just work. And it does... sort of.

Whether you'll enjoy The Divide or not will depend on where you expect the film to go from there. I suppose I better put in 'SPOILERS' here, just in case you really don't want to know. Basically, the rest of the film is the characters decent into the fatalistic realisation that their world is gone and how they deal with that.

If you like the sound of that, give it a go.

I could leave it there, but, unfortunately, there was a semi-flaw that bugged me - there are certain scenes in the film that don't fit with that neat little premise and will leave you wondering what is actually going on. Well... those scenes did that with me. I then waited through the whole film for them to be explained. They weren't. I was annoyed.

Despite feeling that a few scenes shouldn't have been in there because they radically change the whole story, the overall film was actually okay - Michael Biehn (remember him? Terminator, Aliens and the Abyss) does well as the slightly psychotic lead and the others serve their purposes well.

Bottom line: if you like a bleak tale - this is for you. But if loose ends grind your gears, be prepared to be frustrated by the time the credits roll.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

A chaotic struggle for survival

Author: Peter Pluymers ( from Kortessem, Belgium
2 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The Day After" in a sealed bunker.

I thought this was an excellent psychological thriller. It was scary at times, but not as scary as a top horror movie. The way people react in a hopeless situation was scary. A survival of the fittest. The dominant individuals taking the reins. The weaker individuals crawling in a submissive position so that they see a chance to survive. Arquette played this behavior properly in this film. Beyond that, her contribution is simply nil. Formerly her joining a movie was a guarantee for some functionally nice nudity. In this movie she was usually strategically covered and so there remains, besides a few hysterical mood-swings, in terms of performances not much left.

It wasn't exactly a SF either. Although the so-called North Koreans with futuristic bio-suits gave it a SF touch. The only implausible fact I could find was the speed in which the arrogant, sadistic and degrading behavior evolved in some characters. The movie doesn't give any indication of the time frame that it evolved. Are they only a few days, some weeks or months locked up? The 2nd part is a claustrophobic spiral of senseless violence and a model of how individuals can grow into an over-dominant and dictatorial role within a closed community. The scenes are sometimes brutal and aggressive, but nothing is explicitly portrayed f.e. chopping the bodies into pieces. The two dominant bald heads really are a creepy display of two totally freaky guys.

However, the way Sam responded was beyond my comprehension. Would I witness how those two are terrorizing the whole group, use torture techniques in order to get a combination and abuse a woman until she drops dead, I surely would ensure that their brains were splashed against a wall if I could lay my hand on a weapon. Merciless.

My conclusion : an impressive and oppressive futuristic look at a chaotic struggle for survival.

More reviews at

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Watched this at night, in a dark room in one sitting. AAA+++

Author: Alex Fernandez from North America
13 March 2013

Warning: If you want a movie that spells everything out and gives you the reason why things are happening, you may not enjoy this one.

I loved this movie. I was surprised it scored so poorly but when I looked at the reviews, most poor reviews centre on the same complaint "The characters did awful things without any reason behind it" and if you don't think about the movie or if you're watching it while doing something else, then you really WON'T get it. The entire script is unpredictable like this and it doesn't spoon-feed your mind.

The actors all get right into their roles and all of the main actors are very believable and put on great performances. I think that the director really worked hard to get the most out of his team. Kudos to him because I'm really tired of seeing so many movies where the director obviously just 'let stuff go' because it was too much work to get that little bit extra out of each scene. I don't know who the director for this one is, but he really nailed it.

One of my favourite aspects of the movie is there's so much meat leftover after the movie ends. What's up with the dudes in suits? What's up with that tunnel? What happened outside? Why was no one else taken away? These questions and others will drive your imagination wild throughout the whole film and afterwards and while some questions have a logical answer, many don't and that adds to the intrigue. In fact, I think these parts are the things that can create a cult classic and I hope there will be a sequel from the same writers, although these days that seems pretty unlikely.

I could go on for pages about how awesome this film was, but I realize that there are a lot of people who won't like it's style. So I'll end by saying this: If I think back over all the films I've seen over the past year, The Divide sticks out as providing the most memorable film watching experience.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

The Divide leaves me divided

Author: hedin_88 from Bosnia and Herzegovina
26 January 2013

I've been expecting this movie ever since I've seen the trailer hoping to see a psychological thriller that is gonna explore the dark human psyche when on edge of existence, a theme often seen in movies. At the beginning its off to a good start, questions remain unanswered and there's a part of you hooked trying to figure out wheres it gonna go next and what is this new part gonna drive the plot towards. But as it goes along, the movie descends into madness very fast. It becomes very dark, goreish and messy sooner than you hoped for which kinda leaves you surprised. The acting is superb in some characters which have their stories from before the events of the movie start, and some characters are flat and very dull, seemingly there just to create one chaos after the other. Im trying to rate the movie without giving out any spoilers. I haven't regretted watching it, it thought it was good entertainment. There was more violence than i expected, which does not bother me personally but might bother some. I just hoped for something better than i got.

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