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7 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Sick movie from a sick mind.

Author: Zaxous Rokoflokos from Blue Planet Earth
25 June 2012

I have watch the movie and i have to say this is horrible. We know by many examples from people trapped for months and survived because the were united and strong in spirit.

But this movie comes to tell us what?? That people trapped in a basement for few weeks turn into sadistic, violent, illogical rapists how only care for them self's.

And what the hell. There is no plot explanation ether. The north Koreans throw some nuclear bombs to America and then they came back to abduct some people for no reason at all??? I have had enough with this American phobia for socialist countries.

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7 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

No, not worth it.....

Author: bikey1277 from Slovenia
11 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

That's the answer for those of you who might see the trailer and think about watching this one. No, don't be fooled by it. I've rated this at 3 mainly because I rated some awful low budget crap even lower. One star for the fact that I did not get bored (enough) to just stop watching it and a star for not having giant plot holes (because there is no plot to talk about). One star by IMDb default equals 3.

I was disappointed when I realized this isn't a movie about a nuclear fallout. Its not. Its a movie about a group of people trapped in a cellar. Sure they are locked in a nuclear shelter and they hid there because someone decided to attack the USA with nukes but they could have been running away from Godzilla or hordes of zombies. It really doesn't matter. Once the door is locked the movie turns into a survival horror/thriller flick. Like Alive, Robinson Crusoe, Lord of the Flies, The Beach.....The opening sequence with Lauren German (the eye candy of the movie) staring out the window at the falling warheads and the complete destruction is spectacular. But its only about a minute long and the trailer pretty much covers that one. The attempts to explain this issue just confuse things even further. In the end someone just welds the shelter door shut from the outside and we're left with a bunch of people fighting for cans of beans and water. And going insane.

It could have worked. Its not a bad idea for a movie. The Road is a great movie about surviving a nuclear fallout. But The Road was based on a novel by the great Cormac McCarthy. This one wasn't. Its boring, clichéd and predictable. The screenplay is bad. The characters are unrealistic and poorly developed. None of them seem to have had any family or friends on the outside because none of them shows any concern of what might have happened to his/her parents, girlfriend, etc. They're too busy trying to figure out what kind of goodies Mickey the grumpy super has hidden in his safe. The movie is predictable to a point that you know what's going to happen after the first 10 minutes. I did. And I also did you a big favor by watching the whole thing so now you don't have to.

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7 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Disturbing, but not in a life-changing way

Author: enuff27 from Turkey
8 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The film was recommended by a friend whom I rely on the taste of movies. Strike one! The plot was promising; a group of people trapped down in a basement following a nuclear holocaust. Their psychologies were bound to change drastically, we were supposed to see where humanity ends. Well, not like this.

The characters are as shallow as they can be. We only have a glimpse of who Mickey would be, later in the movie. And we know Sam is a lame lawyer, a plain loser. The rest? Who knows...

My wife made a very fair comment; --SPOILER-- "They got the girl kidnapped really early in the movie so that the rest of the disgusting things would not have happened in front of a little girl" --SPOILER--

The guys got more and more marginal, the lawyer fell down into the abyss of being a loser, his wife was the only one who tried to hang in there but that's all. Oh, and there's Adrian, --SPOILER-- which was no use to the script except for getting shot consistently.--SPOILER--

Two hours of my life wasted. I watched it. You rather not.

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7 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

A dark exploration of the worst in all of us...which side do you fall on?

Author: Bradley Templeton from Bournemouth
3 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is really quite clever in a lot of respects. There is a lot of metatheatre here that the thinking person will notice. People who just want to be guided through a story or watch gore are going to have extreme reactions to this film because it will not satisfy them. There is also a lot of meat for those who enjoy being morally outraged and a fair wedge of missing detail for the pedantic to get stuck into.

Starting from the top - Yes, the characters are not well developed - Their stories are however largely irrelevant. The focus is on the dynamics between the broad archetypes that describe our culture. The real stars of this film are not the actors but the commentary on the concepts we all hold in common that bind us together in society. You don't get cosy with these characters - they are all at their worst without the constraints of a state to intervene. If you read any existential philosophy, Camus or Sartre in particular, you will know exactly what to expect.

This movie is alpha male stuff and there is a lot of beating up on women. They are treated harshly is a fair observation for which the film makes no apologies.

Some critics have cried 'mysogyny!' but I think their badly burnt schema's for human interaction have forgotten that actually when all is said and done it is the 'heroine' that sells out the last decent men - I say decent because Mikey in particular is very misunderstood by the characters. They are distrustful of him and dislike him immediately but in a very amusing way, by some critics here too. He isn't the ogre some have alluded to and in many situations demonstrates not only his supreme level headedness (testing the waters of who would 'turn bad' by not revealing hidden supplies when food was running low) but also extreme moral fortitude after having suffered torture and abuse. When he is freed to sort out the mess everyone else has visited on him he delivers his condemnation of Bobby's behaviour; "...are you proud of what you have done here?".

Nitpicking about the nuances of a nuclear blast...Well okay, but it's really just serves up exactly what the movie needs to get going - the removal of civilised society.

The absence of any big picture explanation about the nuclear attack has annoyed many too but, why care? That isn't the story. Any sort of explanation would just dilute the arc of the film. The absence of knowledge for the circumstances of the attack is a thoughtful device in itself - in the event of a nuclear attack, communications and information would be out of the window almost the instant the bombs fell. Certainly for the civilian population. The sense of isolation - not being able to piece together the thread of the awful things that has and is about to happen to the characters and the paranoia that would be foremost. By withholding this information, the director allows us to feel a measure of this.

Which brings me on to people describing this film as torture porn? Please... Saw or Hostel has more of a claim to that particular niche and those films have mainstream followings. The derogatory inferences that the minority of people who watch this film and enjoy it are somehow getting off on the depravity are well wide of the mark.

There is torture but it's practised with purpose and measured. There is even a correct nod at the repulsiveness of it (the main bad character stating "if I rationalise this, I won't go through with it'). A demonstration by the director that this scene isn't served up for the sadists delectation, more 'we are going to skip ahead a little here as there is no way Mickey is going to give up the information - here is what we all know will inevitably happen to him'. The scene also removes the common sense anchor up until this point and allows the social dynamic to completely degrade and 'the divide' to emerge - The point of the film, no less.

I thought this was a solid film although from my perspective the conclusions were all pretty obvious removing a little of the interest. One of the main points of interest for me in this film was witnessing the mark at which people remove themselves from social norms and start to confront their own feral appraisal of situations without societal blinkers. There was a good scene with Bobby testing Sam's heterosexual credentials through a bizarre mixture of intimidation and mock friendliness that draws a spotlight on this issue but not a major one.

In the end its a brutally honest look at the human condition at its worse.

Some people are uncomfortable with the depravity to which the human species often sinks and this film will confront them. It screams that people serve their own interests and its only the rules of our societies and the fear of retribution these rules promise for those that step over the mark that put a limit on the lengths to which we would go to satisfy our interests.

Their reactions are telling as it is exactly these polarised reactions to extreme material that the film explores. The metatheatre I alluded to at the start of my review is played out by segregating peoples reactions in almost the same way the characters of the film are divided into their positions. Some of the audience will aggressively react to this film, others passively accept. A few quietly determined individuals pick their way through the detritus towards a better understanding of this film and the society that made it.

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7 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

I find it extremely hard to understand this movie.

Author: whitmarsh-harrison from United States
3 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Where were they going with this movie?" is the question I am left with by the end of this 162 minute adventure. By adventure, I clearly mean mind-twisting creepy excuse for art. In no way was this movie creative, interesting, or even entertaining. As soon as a new low was reached in delusion and gore, the director out-did himself striving for new levels of disgust. During the film you loose all sense for time and humanity. Around halfway through I lost all hope for characters, as they clearly stopped caring for themselves. The plot was shallow and pointless, just filling time with "cute" music between the action. One part I am stuck on though is how to categorize this movie; its not a thriller, and it is certainly not a drama. The only category I would put it under would be "Artistic" as it seems like the director was trying to break barriers and do something different. Once again though, instead of that goal, I feel like the director just achieved new levels of pointless gore. I rated the film a 3/10 and would NEVER advise someone to watch this if they was entertainment. The only plus that I could find is that some of the shots and music was slightly enjoyable; helping me to not mind the odd parts as much.

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7 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Woah, that was bleak...

Author: kellylhartman from United States
29 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

K, here's how I sum this movie up:

First, somebody had a really messed up childhood. Then, they grew up and made movies. Four seconds into this one, New York City is blown up by nuclear bombs. But that's not the worst thing that happens... After a handful of high rise apartment tenants are unlucky (yes, unlucky)enough to make it into the basement fallout shelter (provisioned by their super), we get one man's solution to the mystery of just what lurks in the dirty, icky, dark parts of the human psyche.

Nobody smiles or laughs or enjoys themselves in this film, and you won't either. As they sit huddled in the dirty, infested basement, they realize that their supply of tolerance and distraction is as short as their food supply. About a third of the way through the film, hopelessness and despondency give way to brutality, and that quickly degrades to outright depravity. If you've ever wondered to what lengths humanity is willing to stoop when confronted with total despair, it seems that Xavier Gens has a few thoughts.

This film is relentlessly (though strangely, not gratuitously) graphic. You have torture, rape, and death both concurrently and consecutively. Bodies of the dead are dismembered with axes and sent through the septic system. People are beaten on screen with unparalleled brutality. Blood and dust and grime is everywhere. But again, that's not the worst of it... The psychological torture that is meticulously detailed as the characters slowly lose their sense of morality, humanity, and eventually sanity makes films like "Hostile" and "Touristas" look tame. The quiet tension that pervades the basement is the most terrifying part.

So be warned. This is not a post apocalypse narrative in the spirit of "The Walking Dead" or "I am Legend". This is film a that will shock even the most hardened and desensitized horror fans out there. It will get inside your head, and affect the way you see people at least for a few days afterwords. But if that's what you're into, you'll find few films more memorable (somehow the word "enjoyable" just doesn't apply here). If you're not sure, have any degree of squeamishness, or thought that "Bridesmaids" was a good film, don't bother.

It's hard to say whether "The Divide" is "Good" or "Bad". (To jump off- point a bit and onto my soapbox, sites like IMDb tend to annoy me because I think that many of those who post don't understand the concept of aesthetic review. Just because you don't like it, or you weren't looking for a film that's going to disturb your sensibilities doesn't make it a bad film. A bad film is a film that fails to do what it intended to do -- a comedy that's not funny, a boring action film, a laughable horror film.) So, with that in mind, it's certainly not "garbage". In fact, it's obviously extremely effective. It's well acted, though I pity the actors having to go through the process of making it. It's well shot, edited, and scored, so technically, it's a well-crafted film. It has a statement, and I don't think there's any way to be unclear about it, but I'm not entirely sure that it's particularly profound or clever, and it's certainly not subtle. The question I have is whether this statement really needs to be made at all. I wouldn't be surprised to find that he won some bet with a friend over whether he could make the most emotionally abusive film of all time.

The one thing I will say is that in this day and age, which (for some sociological reason I'm sure grad students at schools all over the country are currently writing their theses on)the younger generation tends fixate on overly romanticized apocalypse narratives, it's oddly refreshing to see one that shows it as something other than an end to boring responsibility and an opportunity to blow stuff up with automatic weapons. Maybe it won't be all choppers, ad-hoc armored cars and AR-15s after all, but if it happens during my lifetime, I hope it doesn't suck this bad...

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8 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Very underrated film...

Author: emo_boi1012 from United Kingdom
25 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a blind watch for me as I saw a trailer of this film on YouTube and it looked very promising. Then I looked even further and after seeing some bad reviews from critics online, I start to doubt if this film will deliver well...

I must say, this was a surprise. It was very disturbing in so many ways. For a hybrid film that delivers the horror, sci-fi, drama and thriller genre well, and with low budget production, I thought this was unexpected. The performances were very realistic as you feel captivated as the characters develop during the course of the film. Michael Biehn and Milo Ventimiglia performed their best here. The violence and sexuality used here were very unsettling. The setting is very isolated and dark which works pretty well with the narrative. The cinematography is very beautiful and artistic while the special effects were very well done, especially for a low budget film. The soundtrack was very moving and blends well with the film. Xavier Gens' filmmaking proved he wasn't just a mindless action director (the disappointing Hit-man).

The film gives a moral message of how the world of humanity is falling apart, and it gives it in such a disturbing way, it will stick to you for a long time. The film started off as hopeless (in terms of the storyline) and ended it that way, so don't expect it to have a happy ending as you'll find the ending hard to swallow, which I probably understand why so many critics give this film bad reviews. It's a fresh, artistic, apocalyptic film that will leave you depressed yet moved.

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8 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Best post-apocalyptic film of recent years.

Author: BluRayChase from Australia
24 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I will start by saying that you will either love or hate this movie. If you are one to nitpick, question character developments, or think everything should be explained in excessive detail, then chances are you probably wont like this film. On the other hand, if you are a movie-goer who loves intense confrontation, scenes which require you to construct your own conclusion, great music, excellent cinematography and a generous portrayal of raw human emotion through various stages or survival, then this is down your alley.

By now, you have watched the trailers, and have a basic understanding of the plot. So allow me to dissect the main aspects (to me) of any film.

Music - great score choices, empowering through scenes that need it, melodic during scenes which require it.

Acting - Milo is without a doubt the best actor in this movie IMO. He offers an incredible range of diversity from calm, to emotional, to aggressive, to crazy, in what seems like a smooth transition. The rest, other than the basement owner, are all OK actors/actresses, similar to what you would find in a TV series. (i must add that some reviewers have said that the cast act stupid and turn into assholes. A lot of these characteristics develop once food supply is low, trusts and bonds are broken, and the toxic radiation has entered the body. The acting is appropriate for the context of the film.)

Cinematography - The appropriate use of close-ups, slow motion, claustrophobia provoking environmental shots and clever camera angles are very well done. None more so than the ending, which mixed with CGI, melodic soundtrack and great camera angles, is nothing short of stunning.

Plot - we could argue that this concept has been done before, therefore branding this movie "cliche", but i would disagree. Not many post-apocalyptic films venture this deep into the human psyche. Its raw, gritty, confronting, violent and at times frustrating, but never the less, it is highly enjoyable.

In all, this is a very good movie, one of the better movies i have seen all year (and I've watched a hell-of-a lot) I've given you enough reasons above to go out and hire/buy it, so what are you waiting for :p

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9 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

Walkout Even If You're On An Airplane

Author: chow913 from United States
22 April 2013

When you're making your list of the worst films ever made, save a spot for this monstrosity.

This isn't 'MST3K' "bad" where at least you can make fun of it our play a drinking game around it, this is just plain torture.

Why does this movie get 5.8 stars? Because as usual IMDb is allowing studios to shamelessly promote their films with FAKE reviews simply copied and pasted saying, "Dude, this film is totally awesome! 10 stars!" The Plot: When NYC is nuked 10 apartment tenants flee into their crazed superintendent's (Michael Biehn) bomb shelter.

First off this is just plain silly as a nuke would kill everyone far too quickly to even have time to flee the FLAMES as seen here.

Second, wouldn't the building collapse on top of them? Third, this takes place in Hollywood's version of NY where everyone is white except the token black guy (Courtney B. Vance). Good luck finding 10 New Yorkers who speak English let alone a 90% white ratio. Also, NO ONE even has a NY accent! Fourth, they refer to the bomb Little Boy being dropped on Nagasaki Japan. Little boy was dropped on Hiroshima. Fat Man was dropped on Nagasaki.

Fifth, although the characters run low on food and water, there seems to be plenty of air. This is never explained. The characters merely smoke cigarettes and ever START FIRES without concern for their air supply.

The shelter resembles the set of the 'Saw' films only worse.

When there's a knock on the shelter door they should all be grateful. Instead they are met by four solders in white radiation suits an M4 carbines whom abduct the little girl and attempt to kill the other survivors. But these trained solders with M4s are no match for these civilians armed with one fire ax.

With the solders dead they do not grab their guns and attempt to a run for it. Instead they merely send one guy out whom only finds a giant lab like that in 'ET' and they simply give up on the idea and casually return to waiting to starve to death down below.

Things get worse. Much much worse. Instead of trying to pass the time by reading or watching DVDs, they turn to sexual deviance. And I don't mean that in a good way. What I mean is they shave their bodies of ALL hair (yes even eyebrows) and have S&M orgies. Again, not in a good way.

I have no idea whom could possibly find this tedious trash entertaining on any level, or how anyone green lighted this script but every last second of 'The Divide' is nails on a chalkboard!

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9 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

Just another B grade wannabe horror movie....

Author: subspace2010 from Australia
4 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What the hell??? I waited 12 months for this??? I want my money back!!! Oh wait I actually had a free ticket…pffft I still want my money back!!! At least it wasn't the worst movie I've seen this year…oh wait yes it is…. This movie had a great premise and even the first half seemed to be doing quite well, taking an unknown road that could potentially lead anywhere and offer a great story, only, just like the characters in the movie, they literally run away from any originality or plot development. I was intrigued by these mysterious men in Biohazard suits that had children stored in cryo vats that they were obviously experimenting on in some way…only seconds later Milo is running away back to the basement where the mystery men seal them inside and this is where the movie takes an abrupt turn for the worse and heads straight for Lameville. I guess the real plot of this movie though is about the disintegration of humanity and how quickly humans will turn on each other to satisfy our most base urges. Heads up!!! It's been done….hundreds of times!!! The real message I took home from this movie (I hesitate to call it a film because that implies quality, to me anyway) is that people are generally self-centered narcissists who only care about themselves and will turn into vicious rabid animals the first chance they get. There is probably a lot of truth to this but it's how quickly this happens in this movie that was hard to believe. Seemingly in the space of a matter of days people start to lose their sanity and merrily commit horrifying acts on each other. Maybe it was the radiation poisoning or maybe just bad scripting. Either way what could have been a cult classic was just another B grade slasher flick.

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