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For huge G.I. Joe fans only (or maybe especially not for these)
Warning: Spoilers
"The Ballad of G.I. Joe" is a 4-minute live action short film from 2009, so only two more years and this one will have its 10th anniversary. It is one of the more known works by writer and director Daniel Strange and it is also one of the more known short films by Funnyordie, even if admittedly not one of their most known. This popularity probably arises from the fact that you will find even Oscar and Emmy winners in this one and even if FoD has a tendency to work with big names too, the quantity here is something special. i will not mention the names in particular as you can check out the cast list for this. Oh yeah, the title already tells you what this is about, namely the popular G.I. Joe franchise and we see many characters from that one. It is all comedy (mixed with music) of course, which explains the title of my review. It is not for every G.I. Joe fan a good watch and many will probably not find it funny at all. This also includes myself, but then again I don't have much of a connection with the franchise and everybody who does (not) so like me should stay away from this one as not a single aspect really gets you interested in it. Thumbs down.
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