Captain Phillips (2013) Poster


Muse: Look at me.

Captain Richard Phillips: Sure.

Muse: Look at me.

Captain Richard Phillips: Sure.

Muse: I'm the captain now.

Captain Richard Phillips: There's gotta be something other than being a fisherman and kidnapping people.

Muse: Maybe in America, Irish. Maybe in America.

Muse: It was supposed to be easy. I take ship... ransom... nobody get hurt.

Captain Richard Phillips: You had thirty thousand dollars, and a way to Somalia. It wasn't enough?

Muse: I got bosses. They got rules.

Captain Richard Phillips: We all got bosses.

Muse: Last year I took a Greek ship. 6 million dollars.

Captain Richard Phillips: 6 million dollars? So what are you doing here?

Muse: Shut up, Irish. Too much talk.

Captain Richard Phillips: The problem isn't me talking. The problem is you not listening.

Muse: I come too far, Irish. I can't give up. No.

[repeated line]

Muse: No problem Irish. Everything gonna be okay.

Captain Richard Phillips: You said this was just business. Is this business? Is this how you do business?

UKMTO Officer: Maersk Alabama, you should alert your crew, get your fire hoses ready, and follow lockdown procedures.

Captain Richard Phillips: Yeah. Is that it?

UKMTO Officer: I'm relaying your transmission now, but chances are it's just fishermen.

Captain Richard Phillips: They're not here to fish.

Muse: [speaking Somali] I know how to handle America. Give me the pistol.

Captain Richard Phillips: Listen up. We have been boarded by four armed pirates. You know the drill. We stay hidden no matter what. I don't want any hostages. We stay locked down until help arrives. No one comes out until you hear the non-duress password from me which is "suppertime."

Maersk Alabama Crewman: Jesus.

Captain Richard Phillips: If the pirates find you, remember, you know this ship. They don't. Make them feel like they're in charge but keep them away from the important things like the generator and the engine controls. Stick together... and we'll be all right. Good luck.

Captain Richard Phillips: You're not just a fisherman! You're not just a fisherman!

[first lines]

Andrea Phillips: Okay.

[Andrea and Richard get in car and start driving]

Andrea Phillips: You all right?

Captain Richard Phillips: Yeah.

Andrea Phillips: You'd think these trips would get easier, but it's just the opposite.

Captain Richard Phillips: Well, I feel the same way, Ange.

Andrea Phillips: I know this is what we do. This is our life. But it just seems like... the world is moving so fast... right now things are changing so much.

Captain Richard Phillips: They sure are. I'll tell you something. It's not gonna be easy for our kids. They'll be going into a different world than the one you and I came into.

Muse: You're bad luck, Irish.

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