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  • Myna is a devout churchgoer who needs to raise $25,000 to save her church. One day she meets Steve, who she believes is an angel who will answer her prayers and help her save her church. He takes her to Atlantic City to convince her to win the $25,000 by gambling, but she soon learns that everything is not as it seems.


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  • Myna (Carol Burnett) is a devout churchgoer who has to raise $25,000 to keep her church's mortgage from being foreclosed. One day after she prays, she meets Steve (Howie Mandel), a well-dressed man in her church, who she believes to be an angel. Steve convinces Myna to go to Atlantic City and win the money by playing craps. Unfortunately, Myna is bitten by the gambling bug; after she wins more than enough to save the church, she then loses it all on one final roll. That turns out to be part of Steve's plan, as he is actually the devil in disguise. Despondent, Myna finds some comfort in talking to a longhaired, tattooed biker, who she had ignored before, and when she finds a dollar on the casino floor, she gives it to him. He then turns around and gambles it on a slot machine, but then hits the $25,000 jackpot... which is enough for Myna to save her church. The biker turns out to be (literally) an angel, and Myna learns a very important lesson about judging based on appearances.

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