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Best TV Series Ever Made in Turkey!

Author: Knight of Flowers from Turkey
7 December 2010

A great TV series. But not only in Turkish TV standards. It's tremendous mix of action, crime and drama. Ezel is loosely based on Alexander Dumas' masterpiece Count of Monte Cristo. After betrayal his best friends and love of his life, Omer returns with a new face, new identity and with a flawless revenge plan. And a new name: Ezel.

But story is not like what it seems. It has so many themes and back stories. Direction is quite different than other TV series. Narrative with flashbacks quite effective. Every episode is like a movie. Wonderfully written script is full of secrets and surprises. You just can't predict what is going to happen next.

All the actors are magnificent. (But Cansu Dere is trying so hard. She is god awful actress.) Especially Kenan Imirzalioglu (which is the best actor of his generation) and Tuncel Kurtiz are awesome. Tuncel Kurtiz's character Ramiz Karaeski is a phenomenon. He is like a god and full of mysteries. You have to see it to believe it.

I would strongly suggest that anyone who has not yet seen it give it a try. Definitely is the best TV series ever made in Turkey.

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Finally, a Masterpiece on the surface...

Author: botrytis from Hungary
7 October 2011

Well, at that time, when the show began just got my attention on the unique camera editing that fascinated me on the first place, then I got my eyes on the cast, well, i have to say, that I've never been able to see Turkish or similar Show before, but it was interesting how well they can play their role, and their character, that plays another role in their role, funny huh? The whole story is a mystery, and it reveals truths really slowly, but there are always new problems, questions, that we have to wait for being answered, but we have not to worry about the explanations, they come at the right time, believe me. The whole "movie" is exciting, we never get bored, during watching it we are always in stress, but in the good way, and thanks god we never know what happens, it's just a new thing, what never let you down, well, maybe sometimes we find it little long, it has 71 episodes, and every episode lasts approx. 2 hours. Nevermind, It's still a fascinating experience, that I never regret, I'm happy, that I see TV Show history in a new perspective, thankfully for this great Series: Ezel.

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very nice and very dynamic story; great cast

Author: bmmutlu from United Arab Emirates
28 January 2011

i enjoy watching it, it is my favorite TV series... this is not only for ladies or oldies or youngs, I think this is targeted 25-45 age average... No doubt this is one of the best TV series in Turkey for the moment. Unlike other love based drama series (aski mennu) or only action based ones (kurtlar vadisi), this has nice balance of everything in the story... Lots of main players... very good character analysis. yes story is little bit turning around with same people and Ezel never strong enough to take the revenge but in 2nd season things are changing... that's good. i like the soundtrack of the series... i like DAYI's talkings advices... second season flashbacks to Dayi's stories is very nice... like another movie in a movie... places are very nicely selected in Istanbul fun, love, action everything is there..

well done!!

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watching with a great pleasure!

Author: from New York
6 March 2011

First of all, l would like to thank the Turkish film industry for Ezel. I watched all the episodes without ever getting bored! Each episode comes with excitement, adrenaline and adventure in breath-taking, and scenes that you definitely feel like "wow" !

You are expected to understand the first episodes fully to be able to follow the subject of the other episodes. Otherwise it is not easy to understand what is going on in any episode. So viewers should keep in mind that the issues in Ezel are not independent of each other.

Last but not least, in the second season you will see some guest actors and actresses. Though each episode is a bit long (one and a half hours) you will be not feeling more than one hour.

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Brilliant - despite being (loosely) based on Le Comte de Monte Cristo...

Author: Sermi85
9 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Generally speaking, I hate films and television series based on Dumas père's marvellous "Le Comte de Monte Cristo" - not because I dislike the novel (it's one of my favourites) but because most of the screen adaptations of the book compare so unfavourably to the source material that one has one's doubts as to whether the scriptwriters actually ever read the book. Almost invariably, the story lines follow the same patterns, altering the aspects of the book that make it great, without being daring enough to create good original material.

Ezel is different - it doesn't even try to follow the details of the novel (it takes in present day Turkey and Cyprus, not 19th century Paris, and the characters bear little resemblance to their prototypes), but it smartly captures those aspects of the narrative that made the book great to begin with, while coming up with plenty of worthwhile original plot twists on its own.

So what makes the series so great? First, the non-linear narrative makes this serialized television at its best (interestingly, Dumas originally planned to begin Monte Cristo with the revenge story, and tell the background story through "flashbacks", which is the route the screenwriters take here).

Second, both the casting and character development are fantastic. A major problem with most Monte Cristo adaptations is that the main character is either played either as being something of a hot-head or so self-pitying that the viewer wonders how he could possibly have the self-control and intelligence to conceive or carry out an elaborate plot of vengeance. Kenan Imirzalioglu's Ezel, however, avoids both those pitfalls. He's all cold, carefully controlled rage - but the viewer never forgets that somewhere deep down, Omer (his original identity) lives on. Cansu Dere, in a role that is the antithesis of her part in "Sila", is equally excellent as his morally compromised love interest. Eyşan is not precisely what one would call a nice person - but as played with tragic vulnerability by Dere, the viewer can believe that she wants to be a good person, if only she knew how, and one finds oneself rooting for her redemption. It's difficult to think of a more complex or stereotype-breaking character on television than Eyşan. The rest of the cast is also extremely well-suited to their parts, and the villains do not suffer from that ubiquitous disease suffered by most television villains - one-dimensionality. Baris Falay's delightfully over-the-top performance as Ali (I mean that in a good way) is nicely balanced out by Yigit Özsener's creepily understated menace as Cengiz. Tuncel Kurtiz gives what may be the best performance of his long and distinguished career as Ezel's prison "mentor", while Sedef Avci is luminous as Eyşan's doomed younger sister.

Third, there are the production values. The series is visually sleek, but substance is never sacrificed for style. The costume designers also seem to be having fun, dressing Imirzalioglu in slick high-end designer suits and Dere in the sort of outfits only models (or characters played by them) can carry off. Finally, the soundtrack is incredible - it compares favourably in terms of quality and originality with great film scores like that from "The Godfather", "The Mission", and "Doctor Zhivago", creating exactly the right emotional pitch of excitement and suspense.

The series lives up to its hype.

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one of the best productions ever made in Turkey...

Author: aldereann from Istanbul
5 December 2010

and as a Turkish classic,if something or a people is getting more and more successful,our people always try to get down it! why? maybe jealousy... nonsense criticisms strikes to target, as if fighting to enemy.. and cause of this character of Turkish people, Turkey always stays back at every section against rivals... and cause our ancestors sensed this situation, there is an adage which awesome describes this behavior; ''The tree bearing fruit, gets stoned'' so,this series is amazing about with everything, casting,acting, scenario, filming... definitely is the best TV series, ever made in Turkey... so don't mind nonsense criticism,like which made by largo-9!!!

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Much better than LOST!!!

Author: threedeeguru from Canada
8 March 2012

I would like to mention that, I "was" a Lost fan and started to watch from day 1 without any episode or minutes of it being lost. I was so amazed for the 5-6 years of the show, and had a joke about the ending of the series, which I wouldn't think it would end so bluntly as a 100% correct guess of my joke. I thought I was so betrayed in the end, and became an anti-fan of it.

Now why did I mention about Lost in a comment supposed to be about the Turkish series Ezel? It is short and simple, in the end of the series, I was satisfied with the results, and it was clever and not much obvious as it was on Lost.

I would recommend everyone this series who like mind games. It is not like a mind-game lookalike like the series Lost.

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Best Show Ever!!!!

Author: arabforce101
4 November 2011

i am totally in love with this show! its been recently dubbed in Arabic so i was able to watch it. omg, I've seen my share of shows, but this one was beyond amazing. its so different from all the other shows I've seen. Turkish shows are good as it is, and its almost always just about love. well this one has love, but in a deeper way, and it has crap loads of action. you will never guess whats going to happen. you are constantly being surprised the whole time. its like the Godfather or Sopranos...full of drama, twists, love (not the cheesy kind), lies, betrayal, sadness, etc etc. this show has EVERYTHING. plus, the way its been shot is fantastic...the outfits and the luxurious life that they show in it is seriously exquisite. the episode are an hour and half long, but you really don't feel it, i don't want it to stop..its always having you on the edge of your seat. this show has it all!!!

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Greatest of all...

Author: Amir Hosseini from United States
4 June 2013

Well I think every one MUST watch this legendary TV series.Its the best TV series ever made in the world...i really don't exaggerate.This TV series contains everything...It also contains mystic situations,explains the TRANCE State of soul and extraordinary human feelings with a perfect camera operating and Very very beautiful soundtracks witch sends you to a short but very effective trance state!...It expands your insight and make you understand that everything in this world is mortal except a great and holy feeling called MANIA...It's totally different from everything you watched before...I wish it would continue for ever!...

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Best TV show-in all aspects

Author: tutku100907 from United States
30 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are couples of reasons that distinguish Ezel from other TV shows and put it in a very special place. First, the script was written very cleverly, it was always dynamic, you never know what will happen next. Also, despite the story was based on four main characters, the lives of other characters were also took place as back stories. The dialogs, especially majority of 'Dayı's dialogs were based on famous Turkish and foreign poets and writings, most of which has never been heard or read by Turkish people. I think this style should be used more in Turkish TV shows, instead of cliché dialogs which bore audience to death. Second, acting is fabulous, even 'Cansu Dere (Eysan)' who did not show a good performance in her previous jobs, did a great job in this one. For example, the look in the face of the actor who plays young 'Kenan' was very similar to the actor who plays old 'Kenan'. Maybe this is a very little detail,but it shows how actors take their job seriously and try to do their best, unlike the ones in some other Turkish TV shows. Third, Turkish TV shows are very long compared to world standards. Because of this most script writers and directors add long crying or emotional scenes to reach 90 minutes time. For example we see this mostly in another Turkish TV show 'Son' which is directed by very same director with Ezel. However, this director had never fall in this pitfall in Ezel, maybe due to the script. Emotional scenes were very touching (thanks to the actors-especially Kenan İmirzalıoglu-Ezel) and never long as to bore audience. Lastly the music fit very well to the show. Most Turkish people did not watch or like this show, but people over 30 countries have watched and are still watching. The reason for this Ezel has a different audience, who cannot stand cliché and overrated drama, unlike most Turkish people. The fact that it captured lots of audience worldwide is a sign of its success. Most people think second season was not successful like the first one. I think writers did their best in second season as well. Especially the the past of the 'Ramiz' and 'Kenan' were very well written. Unlike other shows they picture 70s İstanbul very real and reflective. Most people also did not like the ending, as they were expecting happy ending. However, I think if they did a happy ending, it would have been very cliché and led disappointment like 'Lost'. It was a clever ending, as in the end audience did not know if it was happy ending or not. I watch lots of TV shows, but for me Ezel is e very special one, as it is touching, dynamic, clever and far from being boring and cliché.

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