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A conclusion that does not disappoint.

Author: lorenzon from Canada
9 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The wait is finally over. We can finally see the end of the saga that we thought we'd never see. It took four years for the Japanese version to come out but we had to wait another 4. I satiated my thirst for learning how all this would turn out by downloading all the manga stories. When I found out that the series was a go, but for only 26 episodes, I was worried. How could they fit all that was to come in just 26 episodes? Still, I was pleased. Like most true fans I went online and watched the Final Act when it became available. The Japanese voices did not deter me, as long as the subtitles allowed me to follow the story. And now, finally, the wait was over and Inuyasha final act was in my hands. So what do I think?

The voice actors: most are back except Monica Stori and David Kaye who voiced Kagome and Sesshomaru. It does not take long to get used to the new Kagome, but Sesshomaru gets a bit of getting used to. I would have preferred a voice actor who would have imitated the original one.

The cramming of the books in 26 episodes: Having read the mangas, I found the evolution of the Tetsusaiga a bit too quick for my taste but the whole thing makes the episodes much more entertaining as it involves lots of action.

The themes songs: the Intro and credits songs are great!

The feel of the show: Just like the first 7 seasons. The musics are all back, the art is perfect, the emotional scenes still bring tears to your eyes.

Conclusion: If you're a fan of Inuyasha you'll be pleased.

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Worth your time

Author: NieAn
15 May 2016

Inuyasha is definitely one of my favorite animes. I loved everything about it, from the very beginning till the end.

The Final Act was not as good as the first part of the series, but still very entertaining and enjoyable.

I gave it 9/10 for one reason: everything just happened so fast and the ending didn't feel as satisfying as I wished it would be. I guess my expectations were way too high so I couldn't but feel a bit disappointed in the end.

I wish it never ended, that's it. I'll always be recommending this anime because it's so worth your time. Funny, romantic, full of action and so so underrated. One of the best.

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what i think about the final act

Author: famousail_93 from Canada
27 February 2012

inuyasha the final act begin in oct,3 2009-march,29,2010 there are based on the last 21 volumes of the manga series by Rumiko Takahashi It picked up where the first adaptation left off, following the half-demon InuYasha, the junior high school student Kagome Higurashi and their companions Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara as they search for the final fragments of the shattered Shikon Jewel and approach their final battle with Naraku, what i like about this and hate is that first of all i love the fighting how they rush the first 6 ep and what i hate about it is that they skip some of the best part which was like for Moryomaru they made it shot in the mange it was pretty long like 10 vol naruaku wood use inuyasha to kill him and kanne wood betrayed him part of the plan but other then that koga we only see him for 9 ep and thats it which kind of sucks we don't see him in the first series and if your like me u wood read the manga and also kikyo & Kohaku they cut that shot too & inuyasha sowrd the Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaigai mean if they can make naruto Shippuden why not the final act right ???? other then that i love it but look at the good side atlease they finish it and i wood give inuyasha the final act 10/10 because it was great.

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I really really love it

Author: Peter Kis from Too far from tokyio
17 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love InuYasha 5 years ago when I just saw it for the first time i "fellt in love" with it. This anime is one of the best on Earth , and of course my BEST BEST forever i can't compare to anything else , because just in the 1st episode on (ANIMAX) i knew this will be something special. If we follow carefully we will figure out the time period included is this anime is really long begins at the 15th. birthday of Kagome Higurashi and end when he's just turn'd 18 years yes , it's a 3 year old period , but it's not noticeable because the characters are not changing a bit , and to not forget in the ending of the last chapter's 26. episode (I MEAN THE ENDING WHEN ALL END REALLY NO MORE MANGA OR ANIME) we see a 3 years later in these 3 years InuYasha and Kagome were separated , but at the very end they got reunited again and got married , Miroku and Sango also . The story is hearth touching it's all about adventures , funny situations , battles , and of course (maybe so.. i think "light") romance , I wish this anime to became immortal and many many young people will watch it generations over generations... The main story is all about the shikon jewel or the sacred jewel , which one can make any wish come true , but there are many side stories , the stories of the main characters , and so. The original InuYasha manga by Rumiko Takahashi has 558 chapters , all of them is put in the anime series .(1996-2008) The first "wawe" of the anime series has 167 episodes (first transmission 2000-2004 ). The second "wawe" of the anime series has 26 episodes the 26. is the very last one of them (first transmission 2000-2010). It was also created 4 movies from the manga material which are not in continuity of any episode of the 193 , those are another stories between the the first 167 episodes

They are:

1 - Affections Touching Across Time 2001

2 - The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass 2002

3 - Swords of an Honorable Ruler 2003

4 - Fire on the Mystic Island 2004 Thx for reading. ...ohh before I forget . I LOVE everything about inuyasha Anime,Manga,Movies,dedicated sites,JUST EVERYTHING.

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