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Girard Swan directing the feature film Intermission.Behind the scenes on Intermission.Production Still of Lou Criscuolo on Intermission.Craig Edwards, Jennifer Lynn Miller, Shawn Lewallen, Justin Smith, Damian Lahey, Rachel Miller, Girard Swan, Justin Howard and Slade Barnes in Intermission (2010)Cullen Moss and Girard Swan in Intermission (2010)Still Photograph from Intermission.
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A community theatre production of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' is set to open when the production loses their lead actor. The company then, unknowingly, brings in a madman actor, who is convinced he actually is Hamlet. Chaos ensues both on and off the stage and eventually spills out into the surrounding communities, after Hamlet leaves the theatre for the 'real' world. Hamlet, who speaks only in Shakepearean prose, enters the 'rougher' side of town and quickly finds himself in an altercation with a would be robber. That altercation then leads us to the stunning finale. (running time 54 min)

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