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Season 1

12 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.1
Gay photographer Frankie Alan returns to her native Glasgow after a two year absence to be met by straight best friend Jay. Carol, the aunt who brought her up on her parents' deaths, has died and Frankie is intrigued by a message Carol left on her answer phone before her death. Frankie's former lover Cat, whom she dumped, goes on a date with policewoman Sam, who leaves halfway through supposedly for work but Cat wonders if it is not because of her talk of Frankie. Frankie and Cat reconcile to attend Carol's funeral, though Frankie's uncle Cameron is hostile. Would-be ...
19 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.2
After a night of passion Lou gets Tess a job as a runner on her show but asks her to keep their affair a secret. Tess asks her to dinner to meet Cat and Cat's brother Ed but Lou fails to show, making an excuse which turns out to be false. Tess confronts her next day and they kiss and make up. At Carol's funeral Frankie argues with Cameron, who throws her out but learns that Carol sent the album of photos of Frankie to a woman named Annie Cawthorne, living on a rough estate. Cat and Sam meet again and have a successful date whilst Frankie picks up one night stand Sadie...
26 Oct. 2010
Episode #1.3
Frankie retrieves the necklace from Sadie who tells her she took it to make sure she contacted her. Cat is shocked when she finds Frankie has been taken on by her firm of architects as full-time photographer and disappointed that Jay has been appointed over her head to run a project she began and is consoled by Sam whilst Frankie is forced to help Jay when he tries to seduce office junior Hayley with the aid of drugs and the girl passes out. Tess, now temping, is dismayed when Lou, after staying the night, refuses to answer her calls and makes an unannounced visit ...
2 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.4
Frankie is angry that Jay says nothing when Hayley is sacked as a drug taker but she has other things on her mind, such as moving into a palatial studio flat, courtesy of Sadie, with Tess. She also shows Cat the certificate that claims she died as a child and Cat gets Sam to use her influence to discover that Annie Cawthorne was actually a petty criminal called Alma Carter. Cameron tells Frankie this was her mother, who did not want her and a saddened Frankie gets stoned with Sadie, trashing a flat Sadie is minding but got off the hook by Sam. Cat also introduces Sam ...
9 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.5
Cat and Frankie have fun visiting their old school, now empty and marked for development, though Frankie tells Cat that Jay gave Hayley the ketamine and, when it looks likely that Cat will be blamed, claims that she did it, leading to her dismissal. She also discovers that Cameron and Darren know each other and seem to have a secret. Tess is depressed as her birthday is approaching and, as they are planning a surprise party, all her friends claim they are doing something else. After an encounter with ex-girlfriend Chloe, Tess has Botox so that, when she arrives at the...
16 Nov. 2010
Episode #1.6
Following his exposure at the party Jay gets dumped by Becky but there is good news for Ed, who gets his first novel published and for Tess, who wins a lead role in a stage play and gets a new girlfriend in electrician Fin. Frankie confronts Darren, learning that they are both the children of Alma Carter and an ultimate showdown with Cameron reveals that he is Frankie's father and it was considered that, given Alma's involvement with a crime, he and Carol should bring her up as their own. A confused Frankie sleeps with Cat but fails to win her away from Sam and ...

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