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  • Now back on active duty, DHS Agent Liz Carver tracks a murder suspect, the notorious white-supremacist Cole Thorpe, to Canada. Kessler assigns Gray to infiltrate Thorpe's British Columbia-based neo-Nazi operation. Carver still blames Gray for the 'Ndrangheta debacle and her own injuries. When Gray learns the neo-Nazis are planning a devastating act of racial terrorism, Carver must work with him to stop it.


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  • ICS moves into the world of Hate Groups as they attempt to uncover the reason behind the murder of an Canadian Courier on the U.S. side of the border. As DHS Agent Liz Carver returns to ICS for joint operations it becomes clear she no longer trusts Sgt. Gray Jackson and strongly objects when Kessler decides to place Jackson undercover with a violent, young skinhead who also happens to be a former informant of Jackson's. As Jackson and the unstable and volatile Danny infiltrate the dangerous world of Neo-Nazism the ICS team and Carver work on uncovering what the group's ultimate target and goals are. During this Carver tells Jackson to "get a parka" as their relationship is in the deep freeze due to his inability to confide in her during the episode "Going Dark." The ICS team manages to uncover a network of racist hatred on the web that involves the group Jackson and Carver are working on (as well as an unwelcome surprise as they learn hate can come from anywhere) and eventually uncover their intent to launch a terrorist attack and bombing on an event held by the Sikh Community. Carver and ICS arrive just in time to prevent the attacks. Jackson's ability to survive the dangerous undercover work and reveal the target to Carver is compounded by the fact he has also taken a much sought after Hate Group leader into custody and, as he turns the man over to her without a word leaves her shaking her head in surprise.

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