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Still One of the Best Shows On TV
cathomas2621 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I have been following Supernatural since it started and it just keeps getting better. Although, I was disappointed to see Jo and Ellen make their exits, the writing in combination with some of the most heart wrenching performances that I have seen from the cast to date made this episode highly enjoyable. The ending leaves you feeling very uneasy and wanting to know what happens next--which is good.

I've seen a number of people on the net complaining about the angels/devils storyline saying that it's getting old---something I really don't understand as the entire arc of the series has been building up to this very thing. The final showdown between heaven and hell. Kripke planned a 5 season arc and it doesn't seem likely that he's going to rip the angels and demons out of the conflict this close to the end. Obviously they will be taking a back seat to the Winchester Brothers as we get down to the final episodes, but, in my opinion, you can't end the story without them.
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Abandon all hope? Not with Winchester boys around!
JANDCSCOTT_2320 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
So I don't normally comment, but had to after last night. To all the Jo haters out there, can you honestly not say that she gave an awesome performance? The mother/daughter relationship between Ellen and Jo was literally tangible. For them to sacrifice themselves was heart-breaking to watch. But what a way to end their run-with an awesome explosion!

Jensen-you are my fave ! The emotions you can pull across with just your face is amazing. The scene with Jo was perfect! A little disappointed about Jo being killed by hell-hounds. I actually always liked Jo, so was sad to see her go! The picture of the group was great and I was sorry Bobby burned it, but I adore him anyways.

Jared was as always grand (love the bit with Lucifer trying to talk to him as if they have something in common), and I have to agree with something said earlier-can't really see Michael using the word "freak." Misha was spot-on as well-throwing Meg down onto the burning circle so he could step out using her body was priceless!

I can't wait to see what Kripke has up his sleeve next but am just peeved that we have to wait until Jan.21 to find out.

To the people that like to come on boards and bash everything-find something else to do or just sit back and enjoy the ride!
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RIP Ellen and Jo
zombiehigh185 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is by far one of my most all time favourite episodes. Not only due to it's heavy plot but also for some shocking heartbreaking moments. On this episode we say farewell to two of the most amazing recurring characters in the history of Supernatural. Samantha Ferris and Alona Tal gave yet their best performance making their death even more tragic and unforgettable. Ellen has always been the motherly figure on the show, she did her role with an amazing heartfelt care and tenderness. It was painful to see her grieve over Jo's death and you can only be glad it didn't last long for her because simply you care for that lady too much to see her suffer. And then there is Jo, starting out on Supernatural as an interesting character, I ended up hating the writers for deliberately screwing up her character when they got the chance, I don't know whether it was because many fans hated her or it is some kind of anti feminist view on the show. However, on this episode they finally gave the character what she really deserved, They finally had the juice to make her character as amazing as she can be. Jo started out as a young wanna be hunter girl more of an amateur than a hunter, but here we finally have seen how amazing she had grown over the years. Jo grew up a more skilled hunter, she handled her self in a fight as a true soldier and died for her love. She took her death with maturity and desire to make her self worthy even when dying. RIP Ellen and Jo Harvelle, you will sure be missed.

I can't talk enough about the brilliant performances of both the regular and recurring cast members. Mark Sheppard was a nice choice making Crowley cunning, classy and interesting. Jared and Jensen were as stunning as always. Jared's pained expressions holding Jo's hands made my heart ache. And I specially enjoyed Jensen's performance, it's fabulous how you can see all kinds of emotions just by looking in the man's face. I liked seeing how scared he was to face Hellhounds again but managed to control his panic, his shocked voice talking how bad was Jo's condition to Bobby was heart wrenching. And I wonder did he really have feelings for her or was he hurt over loosing a sister, another family member?

Rachel Miner was getting better as Meg, however I still miss Nicki Aycox. What makes Mark Pellegrino's Lucifer rise above all other villains and thus even more dangerous is that apart from being very powerful, manipulative, ruthless and arrogant is the fact that Lucifer believes his own lies thinking he is justified with every move he makes and that he is doing the right thing. His insistence on that Sam would eventually say yes to him made him all the more creepy and dangerous.
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Abandon All Hope
Nitewoman20 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Great tragic gut wrenching episode. Rest in peace Ellen and Jo. Mind you Ellen and Jo were 2 characters I really wanted to survive the battle. Iloved Jo from the start. The Havelle family gave their all. Yeah it was fitting that they went out like hunters, I bet they knew they would not survive this hunt. I'm in the group that wishes Jo had said yes to Dean, she always did love him, and being her last night on earth why not have the last thing you wanted...Dean. Dean's love and respect for Jo broke my heart. He did acknowledge that they were both great hunters. Dean's last two kisses to Jo - perfect. I like the idea of burning the photo as respect to the great hunters Ellen and Jo were. The last shot, Dean looking at the photo of Jo's face burn, got to me, I was a puddle on the floor. IMHO Dean did love Jo and realizes the terrible cost of life to him and Sam for being the hunters that John brought them up to be. Don't know how I'm going to wait until January....kiss a happy Xmas goodbye! PS Samantha and Alona gave awesome performances and it's the show's loss they won't be back.
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Everybody plays the fool sometimes, there's no exception to the rule...
Chalice_Of_Evil19 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Nice to see Mark Sheppard. I've liked him in everything I've seen him in previously. Heh, I guess that answered the question of whether or not the Red Eyed Demons (REDs) always show up in hosts that are the opposite sex to the person who's wanting to make a deal. Angel with a cellphone visual joke never gets old. Castiel saying "Even as we speak, it's...going down..." and Dean's "Going down? Okay, Huggie Bear..." reaction was pretty funny. Glad to see Jo/Alona Tal again, and nice way of playing the bait. Dean's pithy "Hey, you're functioning morons...more..." comeback to Crowley was great, as was Sheppard in this entire scene (he's got one of those really memorable voices). I loved that he tricked Sam (sorry, Sam, but you can't off *every* RED like you did that one in 'Bedtime Stories' who was played by Sandra McCoy aka Jared's ex). I also loved the use of song in this scene. Crowley's "..and number 3, HOW ABOUT YOU DON'T MISS?! MORONS!" was classic. Same with Castiel versing Ellen in their little drinking match ("I think I'm starting to feel something." was good). I liked that Jo and Ellen got to meet/interact with Castiel and vice versa. It was nice that Dean was able to give Sam a ribbing about his lack of trust in demons, and Sam just took it in a good natured sort of way. Too bad they had to get into the same old argument at the end. They both made good points, though. I liked Dean and Jo's interaction - I'm sure others didn't, but eh...screw those people. These two played well off each other. The photo of the gang together? Nice!

Really good scene between Castiel and Lucifer. Oh, great, Sloshy Meg. What an unwelcome return. Hellhounds for backup? Wuss. And since when is Lucifer her father? I thought it was established in Season 1's 'Devil's Trap' that Azazel was her father? Oh, what a freaking surprise that Jo got fatally wounded. Going into this episode, I knew her chances of making it out alive were pretty slim, but I had *hoped* the writers wouldn't go down such an obvious avenue. At least she got to save Dean's life. Jensen really sold that scene where he was telling Bobby (who's a heartless bastard, by the way) what had happened to Jo. Props to Jensen. Okay, it must be said, both Alona Tal and Samantha Ferris kicked ass in the scene with Jo saying she'd sacrifice herself to help the boys. Haters be damned, these two actresses were BOTH excellent and, as much as I hate the writers for going this predictable route (pandering to Jo haters by killing her off), at least it's a significant death. Jensen and Alona were equally good in their last scene together (their silence was better than any dialogue that could have been written for them). And HA! Dean finally kissed Jo! SUCK THAT, haters! Ellen and Jo's mother/daughter relationship was always good, and this showed just how much they meant to each other. A sad farewell to both actresses (you deserved better than this, but I'm glad your characters got to go out as heroes. Alona and Samantha - you rocked! I hope you find regular gigs on shows that are more deserving/appreciative of your talents. I'll certainly be keeping a lookout for your future projects).

Dean shooting Lucifer? Awesome (though maybe he shouldn't have wasted time talking?). Sadly, we all knew that wouldn't be it for Lucifer. His hilarious "Oooowww!" made up for the predictability, though. Only 5 things in creation that the Anything-Killing Gun can't kill, and Lucifer's (duh) one of them - which would make the Four Horsemen the other things that can't be killed by it, I guess. Mark Pellegrino continues to impress as Lucifer, though I personally can't imagine Michael (an angel) ever using the word 'freak'. I mean...really? Michael saying "You're a freak, Lucifer!"? I just don't see it. Lucifer's "Now, repeat after me.." to his clan of demons, then saying "What?" to Sam and Dean (after all the demons dropped dead) amused me. Thankyou, Castiel, for being awesome and throwing Meg down onto the flaming circle, then walking across her back to escape (if only you'd been wearing those shoes with spikes on the soles for added pain!). Still would have preferred he permanently shut up her slurry speech (because I cannot stand Rachel Miner in the role). You damn tease, Lucifer! I wanted to actually SEE Death.

As if I wasn't not-fond of Bobby enough - then he had to go and burn the picture of everyone together (why the hell did you bother taking it in the first place if you were just going to burn it?!). It might be an unpopular opinion, but I don't care - I wished one of the two casualties of this episode had ended up being Bobby (with the other one being Meg). This was certainly a downer of an episode, and not a good one to go out on (until we get new episodes). Nothing happened that was unexpected, and what *did* happen was pretty depressing. I'm really starting to dislike this thing where anyone who helps the Winchesters ends up dying as result. It's making me wish the boys would stay away from these good people. At least this episode wasn't as woeful as the previous episode, but I hope you pick up your game, Supernatural, when you return.

I would have originally given this episode a 7 (as I was so dissatisfied with it), but because of the excellent performances from Ackles, Tal, Ferris, Pellegrino and Sheppard...I'm going to give it an 8.
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Hello, Death
Claudio Carvalho21 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Dean and Sam retrieve the Colt from the demon Crowley that informs that Lucifer is in Carthage. The Winchester brothers head with Castiel, Jo and Elen to the town expecting to defeat the devil. Castiel sees many invisible reapers in town and Bobby tells that Lucifer will summon the Death. However Lucifer traps Castiel and Meg sends invisible hound dogs to catch them. When Jo is deadly wounded and trapped in a store with her mother and the Winchester brothers, they plot a suicidal plan to kill Lucifer.

"Abandon All Hope" could have been one of the best episodes of Supernatural. Unfortunately, the sacrifice of Ellen and Jo under siege of invisible hounds is so ridiculous that almost spoils the episode. If Lucifer is not vulnerable to the Colt, I do not guess how Dean or Sam can defeat him. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Abandone Toda Esperança" ("Abandon All Hope")
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Not a bad episode!
mm-3910 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Not a bad episode. I found the episode Abandon All Hope started out strong, but died out in the middle. I believe the show's writers are running out of creative ideas. Overall, the series has to remove older characters and create new ones to build strong sub-plots for future episodes. I knew Joe and her mother were going to be written out of the series, in a similar fashion like the John Winchester character. The ending of the episode is the usual season build up for next year. There is some good humorous dialogue. I love the comments "the Hardy boys' finally found me, and the functional morons comment. Well acted, and directed episode, with the right mix of humor. I give Abandon All Hope an eight out of ten.
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When the side actors are so brilliant they take your breath away
generic230-125 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
To not be main characters or regulars and to make you care so much that you're crying in the end takes such amazing acting chops. And Samantha Ferris as Ellen and Alona Tal as Jo are a powerful duo. This episode is proof that Supernatural is willing to dash all your hopes for a realistic ending. Brilliantly acted, very moving, an emotional roller-coaster.
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Horrible use of characters and no plot makes Dean & Sam dull boys!@*^
slackwoo-119 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'll sum this episode up as quickly as possible. But, before I can do so, I can honestly compare the script for this episode to an old fashioned donut. Why an old fashioned donut, you ask? Well, because like an old fashioned donut, the product is good but even better when it has more. More what? Well, for starters...a PLOT!!! Will the writers please just get the angels & devil plot over with already! I mean, seriously! I love Supernatural, Ackles, Padalecki & Co. have some of the best chemistry on TV, but the storyline is starting to lag. I've lost interest in the devil arc and could honestly care less about the climax of this storyline now! I just want stand alone episodes, Please? Okay, so Bobby is paralyzed..I can deal..not happy, but I can deal. But killing off Jo and Ellen in such a lackluster episode and to kill Jo off by invisible dogs..pretty lame and a total cop out, guys! Give me a shot at writing a future episode, I'm not trying to be a douche-bag but I guarantee I can write a better and more entertaining episode than Abandon All Hope!

Sincerely, Slack...A Supernatural fan since the beginning who is unsure whether or not I will continue watching when the show starts up in January. I was hoping and praying that the show would come back for one more season but after this latest episode I just want the show to end...quickly. Severely disappointed in Rhode Island.

Slackwu ~ ^
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