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‘Scream’ Casts Tyga & C.J. Wallace, Sets MTV Premiere Date For Season 3 Reboot

Tyga and C.J. Wallace (Everything Must Go) have been cast as series regulars on the upcoming third season of MTV Scream, which is getting a revamp with Queen Latifah joining as executive producer and Brett Matthews (Vampire Diaries) tapped as showrunner. The six-hour third season, which will premiere in March 2018 as a three-night event, is moving production from New Orleans to Atlanta. It features an entirely new cast, series location and premise that revolves around…
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Scream Casts Tyga, Notorious B.I.G.'s Son C.J. Wallace in Rebooted Season 3

Scream Casts Tyga, Notorious B.I.G.'s Son C.J. Wallace in Rebooted Season 3
MTV has cast someone very familiar to its (current) core audience in a key Scream role: Rapper Tyga will join the horror series for its revamped third season, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Tyga will play Jamal, the loyal yet rough around the edges stepbrother of new character Deion. As previously reported, Deion is a Michael B. Jordan-esque football player who’s heading for a college scholarship when a masked killer starts messing with him.

C.J. Wallace, who is the son of Faith Evans and The Notorious B.I.G,
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Biggie Smalls’ 20-Year-Old Son Pays Tribute to His Father in Rare Appearance: ‘I Live My Life by His Words’

Biggie Smalls’ 20-Year-Old Son Pays Tribute to His Father in Rare Appearance: ‘I Live My Life by His Words’
The son of the late rapper Biggie Smalls made a rare appearance on Sunday’s 2017 Billboard Music Awards to pay tribute to his father on what would have been the star’s 45th birthday.

Christopher Jordan “C.J.” Wallace, 20, took the stage at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena to honor his father.

The young star, who is pursuing a career as a rapper as well, was born to mom Faith Evans just months before Smalls (né Christopher Wallace) was murdered in 1997.

“I know my father is looking down on all of us tonight,” he said of the iconic New York City emcee,
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Notorious B.I.G. Gets a Heartfelt Tribute From His Handsome Son, C.J. Wallace

  • Popsugar
Notorious B.I.G. Gets a Heartfelt Tribute From His Handsome Son, C.J. Wallace
The Billboard Music Awards took over Las Vegas on Sunday night, which also marked what would have been Notorious B.I.G.'s 45th birthday. The iconic rapper, whose real name was Christopher Wallace, was gunned down in a still-unsolved murder in March 1997. He was 24 years old when he died, leaving behind his wife, R&B singer Faith Evans; his son, Christopher "C.J." Wallace Jr.; and his daughter, T'yanna, from a previous relationship. At the time of Biggie's passing, C.J. was just 4 months old. RelatedFaith Evans on Being Part of Hip-Hop's Most Notorious Couple Now a 20-year-old actor and rapper, C.J. took the stage at Sunday night's show along with Sean "Diddy" Combs to pay tribute to his late father, saying, "I bet my father's looking down on all of us tonight," and, "My sister and I will continue to carry on his name with tremendous pride and live my life by his words.
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John Krasinski & Emily Blunt -- Let's Make a Deal on Our Discounted Home (Photo)

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Everything must go for John Krasinski and Emily Blunt ... at least on the West Coast, where they just struck another deal to unload a home, but for way below the original asking price. John and Emily bought the Ojai, CA home for $2.15 million back in 2012 ... then put it on the market last year with realtor Patty Waltcher for $4.25 mil. They didn't get any takers, so they slashed the price, and slashed ... and slashed some more
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Jumanji: revisiting the original film

Mark Harrison Oct 13, 2016

It's being remade with Dwayne Johnson - but what's so special about the original Jumanji? We take a look back...

The 1990s saw a number of leaps forward in computer generated effects, from Terminator 2: Judgment Day at the beginning of the decade to The Matrix near the end. Hollywood blockbusters reflected the boom in visual effects accordingly and some films hold up better than others – 1995's Jumanji fits right in the middle.

In line with the special effects wizardry that had brought dinosaurs to the big screen in Jurassic Park a couple of years prior, Joe Johnston's wacky fantasy adventure unleashed a jungle on small town America with funny and scary results. With a reboot/belated sequel on the horizon, it's interesting to look back at how this one is more fondly remembered, whether as a visual effects extravaganza or as an action packed family movie.
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Will Ferrell to Star in North Pole Expedition Movie

Will Ferrell to Star in North Pole Expedition Movie
Will Ferrell is attached to star in a comedy based on the true story of a successful 1968 expedition to the North Pole with Temple Hill producing for Sony.

The project is based on Guy Lawson’s article in the New York Times Magazine titled “An Insurance Salesman and a Doctor Walk Into a Bar, and End Up at the North Pole: The Story of an Accidentally Pioneering Expedition.”

The story follows a ragtag group of six middle-aged men from Minnesota who spontaneously decide over a beer to mount a snowmobile expedition to the North Pole. The team manages to overcome a daunting array of obstacles to make the first undisputed expedition ever to reach the North Pole.

No director or writer is attached. Jonathan Kadin will oversee the film for the studio.

The article begins, “The twin-prop plane swung low, tilting its wings and heading north, only to circle back
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Glassland – The Review

There are a lot of good movies about alcoholism, that doesn’t make them easy to watch, by no means. The very idea of making a movie, an entertainment, about addiction, of any kind, if it’s done with any amount of honesty, can make for a grueling experience to watch.

Just from memory you have The Lost Weekend, Leaving Las Vegas, Shakes the Clown, Everything Must Go and the more recent Blue Jasmine with a pill popping, wine swilling woman in deep denial at its center.

I’m sure there are many more, all of these are worthwhile films. To this list you can definitely add Glassland, an independent movie from Ireland. What irony that a movie about alcoholism, and a good one at that, would come from Ireland. I’m Irish myself, and Ireland, much like countries such as Australia, Scotland, Japan and…the United States for that matter,
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Will Ferrell to star in comedy drama Tom's Dad for director Lasse Hallstrom

  • JoBlo
There have been some stunning dramatic performances from actors known for comedy: Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, and even Will Ferrell. With roles in movies like Stranger Than Fiction, Everything Must Go, and Winter Passing, Ferrell has shown his prowess for more than dick jokes. Teaming with acclaimed filmmaker Lasse Halstrom, Ferrell is going to bring his acting chops to the comedy-drama Tom's Dad. Announced at Cannes, Tom's Dad is slated to begin production early next year....
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Will Ferrell: His Ten Best Films

Consider this a bit of an experiment today. Instead of doing something like what I used to do with the Spotlight on the Stars series, I’m going to try honoring an actor or a filmmaker with a personalized top ten list. We’ll start off with none other than Will Ferrell, who happens to have the new comedy Get Hard hitting theaters this weekend. This initial piece will look at the ten best movies he’s been in, as opposed to just his best performances, but those will be contained within this list too, of course, so fear not. Anyway, let’s give this a shot and see how it goes! Here now, without any delay, are the ten best films that Ferrell has found himself a cast member in… 10. The Producers – Though a pale comparison to the original Mel Brooks movie (or the Broadway production), this remake of
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Will Ferrell's 29 Funniest Characters Ever, Ranked

It's hard to tell from the premise alone of a Will Ferrell project whether his character will be brilliantly funny, painfully moronic, or some unholy, sidesplitting combination of the two. Take Ferrell's latest, "Get Hard" (opening March 27). He plays a millionaire arrested for fraud who enlists the only black person he knows (Kevin Hart) to train him to cope with the harsh realities of prison life. The result could be razor-sharp satire of the insular cluelessness of rich white people, or it could be offensive and cringe-worthy; probably, it'll be some of each.

After all, Ferrell's characters tend to be unpredictable because they're volatile. As the performer has proved over the past 20 years, from his tenure on "Saturday Night Live" (1995-2002) to his decade-plus reign as an unhinged comic leading man in movies, Ferrell likes to play the unfettered id, man-children with no impulse control (Ferrell likes to strip down and show his flabby,
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Maker Studios, Warrior Poets in smartish pact

  • ScreenDaily
Maker Studios, Warrior Poets in smartish pact
Maker will create four original series for Morgan Spurlock’s fledgling channel smartish.

Spurlock’s Warrior Poets will co-own the series featuring digitally native and traditional talent.

“Smartish shows will make you laugh and make you think and I’m a real believer that if you can make someone laugh then you can make someone listen,” said Spurlock.

“Through this partnership with Maker, we are going to create the premiere destination for thought-provoking and entertaining original content on the worldwide interwebs.”

“Having worked with Morgan for many years, I couldn’t be more excited to team up on a premium content slate at Maker,” said Maker chief content officer Erin McPherson (pictured).

“Morgan has a unique ability to create poignant, digital-first content which is compelling across platforms, and have no doubt the smartish series will also translate to linear distribution.”

The four short-run series are: previously announced Consider The Source and How To Win At Life and
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5 Modern Gems Released During the Dumping Ground That is the Last Half of August

It’s that time of year. School is mere weeks away from starting up again, the biggest blockbusters have had their bows, and the studio releases are transitioning to the distribution equivalent of tossing an old couch on the curb to make room for the new one. May, June and July (and let’s be honest, now April) bring the big crowd pleasers. The last two weeks of summer herald the arrival of the “Everything Must Go” Sales before fall sends us into Oscar bait prestige pictures. Don’t believe me? The slate for the next two weeks includes Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, a sequel that’s arriving at least five years too late; Are You Here, the directorial debut of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner that garnered early reviews in the exact opposite tone of his acclaimed show; Jessabelle, a release from the Blumhouse factory that’s not getting a plum horror spot
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Finding the Dinosaur: A 'Step Brothers' Appreciation

Finding the Dinosaur: A 'Step Brothers' Appreciation
Once a month, RollingStone.com will shine a spotlight on a forgotten, neglected, overshadowed, underappreciated and/or critically maligned film that we love in a new series we're calling "Be Kind, Rewind." Our inaugural movie: Step Brothers.

When you're a kid, adults are great at telling you what happens when you grow up. You get a job, you find a partner, you make a home — simple. What no one ever addresses is how much that all sounds like a bunch of bullshit. Compared to, say, doing karate in the garage,
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What Would Anchorman 2 Look Like As A Serious Drama?

Will Ferrell has tried his hand at drama multiple times, from Everything Must Go to Stranger Than Fiction. His recent sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues wasn.t supposed to be a drama, but someone at Paramount had a bright idea, and so we get the clip above. This might be an April Fool.s joke. For this reason, I hate days like today. But Yahoo Movies reports that Paramount will be releasing a No Jokes Cut of Adam McKay.s Anchorman sequel next month. And the above clip is a melodramatic example of what it will look like. This can.t be real, right? April Fool.s, right? Says McKay: "People know that Will [Ferrell] and I do many joke options for our movies, but I think what gets lost is the fact that underneath the laughs there's a very powerful drama at work. I'm just glad, with the no
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The Vaughn identity: Vince needs to return to his roots

Following a string of flops, Vaughn should look to Bill Murray and Will Ferrell for a lesson in reviving a career

One of the favourite stars in the Us appears to be in descent. Vince Vaughn, once a box-office record breaker, with a string of hits topped in 2005 by Wedding Crashers, has underperformed as a lead in his last few movies. The Dilemma and The Watch both disappointed financially, (just about making their money back with around $70m (£42.5m) and $68m, respectively, worldwide. Meanwhile, last year's much-hyped reunion with Owen Wilson, The Internship, made less than half of their Wedding Crashers haul ($93.5m worldwide). These films were also unpopular with critics: in a one-star review of The Internship, Peter Bradshaw found the comedy "creepy and undead … a dreary experience".

Vaughn's latest film, Delivery Man (out in the UK on 10 January), seems to be following the trend. It opened at No 4 in the Us,
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'Playing super-sleazy is the most fun for me'

Star of comedies from Anchorman to Elf, Will Ferrell has made his name playing dullards, slimeballs and childlike naifs. Our writer discovers that in real life, he is more Buddy than Burgundy

• Vintage Burgundy: classic Anchorman quotes

Just over a dozen or so years ago, when Will Ferrell was still a cast member of Saturday Night Live and starting to think of a future full-time film career, he met up with the head of a major Hollywood studio.

"The thing with comedy characters," the head honcho said to him, "is that they have to be likable."

Ferrell thought about this for maybe two seconds, looked up and replied, "You are absolutely wrong."

"And the two development assistants standing by the studio head just went … " Ferrell makes a rubber-faced look of Munch-like horror, and he laughs remembering the moment which, from today's perspective, sitting in London's poshest hotel at the tail
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Hateship Loveship

It’s a common tendency for comic actors to stretch themselves by starring in dramas—often ones in which they play decidedly unfunny (and also unhappy) people. Will Ferrell appeared in Everything Must Go and Stranger Than Fiction, and Will Forte will be in Alexander Payne’s forthcoming comedy-drama Nebraska. Another Saturday Night Live alum, Kristen Wiig, now joins their ranks with Hateship Loveship, a brittle character piece that inspires neither hate nor love but does ask you to embrace Wiig’s severely monotone acting choices as the film’s heroine. She doesn’t make any jokes and barely cracks a smile. Unfortunately, the movie (and...
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Blu-ray, 3D, DVD Release: Iron Man 3

Digital Release Date: Sept. 3, 2013, Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: Sept. 24, 2013

Price: DVD $29.99, Blu-ray $44.99, Blu-ray 3D $Tbd

Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment

Tony Stark’s third adventure movie, Iron Man 3 is the highest grossing film in the franchise.

The battle is personal this time, with Stark (Robert Downey Jr., Due Date) and his iron suit forced to retaliate after his bodyguard (Jon Favreau, Couples Retreat) is attacked. The enemy proves ruthless and Stark must go back to the beginning to survive.

Gwyneth Paltrow (Country Strong) and Don Cheadle (Flight) return as Pepper Pots and Lt. Col. James Rhodes, respectively. New to the cast are Guy Pearce (Prometheus), Rebecca Hall (Everything Must Go) and Ben Kingsley (Hugo).

Iron Man 3 was directed by Shane Black, who last helmed 2005′s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and is best know for writing Lethal Weapon. Black also co-wrote the science-fiction script with Drew Pearce.

Rated PG-13, Iron Man 3
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Gears Of War: Judgment’s Lost Relics Dlc Available Now For VIP Members

Gears of War: Judgment VIP members can start downloading the Lost Relics Dlc pack right now, which gives you access to four new maps, new weapon and armor skins, and even a brand new mode Breakthrough.

Fans of the classic multiplayer gameplay mode, capture-the-flag, will be happy to know that Breakthrough is essentially Ctf, but infused with the visceral combat of the Gears of War franchise. Breakthrough will be playable on the returning fan favorite map Checkout as well as two new maps, Museum and Lost City. The final map, Ward, will be bringing fans a brand new arena for their OverRun missions.

Check out the descriptions below for full details on the maps arriving with the Lost Relics Dlc for Gears of War: Judgment.

Checkout – Checkout’s combat takes place in the carcass of an abandoned superstore. The shop owners tried to move inventory with a closeout sale in
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