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Why do we not have this show in the U.S???

Author: dingbatdoodle from United States
20 July 2011

So, one day my friend makes a comment about Offspring and how she loves it. I then say, I love them too-wish I could see them in concert. She says no, it's a t.v. show we have here (in Australia) and here's a link to "Six at best" on Youtube. And just like that I was hooked . . .I've had to download an i-tunes version to watch season one and was forced to watch season 2 segment by segment on Youtube.Why? Because is it freaking amazing. Imagine Allie McBeal meets Grays Anatomy. The show follows one woman specifically, but branches out to follow her family as well as co-workers as well (who have some how ended up kin of like her family as well). It is the perfect balance of hilarious, endearing, heart wrenching, and wonderful. I can't say enough about this TV show. PLEASE RELEASE THE DVDS IN THE U.S.A. AND PUT THIS ON A CABLE CHANNEL I CAN GET!!!

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So great!

Author: jacqui_rose from Australia
20 September 2010

This show is Grey's Anatomy meets Brothers and Sisters so if you like these shows definitely start watching Offspring! It's really great - the cast are amazing and so diverse and it's really well written to the point where even the bitchy sister is endearing (at times). She's definitely lovable. The show has great potential, especially with there being so many different story lines working simultaneously and the fact that Nina's work allows for more story lines to be written in. On a whole I am finding Offspring so enjoyable to watch. The characters and funny, quirky and complex and each episode delves into the complexities of life. I'm extremely excited to watch this show flourish and hope that it makes the most of what it can be! Asher Keddie is absolutely amazing... the whole cast is, but she deserves extra credit!

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Author: ariel_sh from Israel
19 January 2013

This is a spectacular series - about relations in a core(?)family, whose members fill almost all existing niches of personalities and characters in human relationships. It is unique that the lead role, this time, is from the perspective of the person who is more introvert and introspective, less self-assured in her own place in the micro-macro-cosmos, concerned character, harassed and needy at the same time for the extrovert, bold, ego-centered, impulsive characters around her - who usually create endless drama. It makes cry, laugh, love, hate, feel empathy or frustrated - but mainly evokes introspect on human relations and our always unique role in them. Each season presents much sincerity, clear and sharp understanding of the writers and producers. Exquisite!

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Well worth watching

Author: natrassy from Sydney, Australia
24 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I absolutely fell in love with this show from the start. Although I wasn't super-impressed by the promos leading up to the premiere, I was so pleasantly surprised when the show started - a great mix of comedy and drama, and the show's quality has been so consistent through the first three seasons.

Nina Proudman is an obstetrician in her 30's. Although she is extremely capable and respected at her job, she has a difficult time getting her personal life in order. Enter her family, consisting of an older sister Billie who isn't afraid to say what she thinks, a chilled-out younger brother Jimmy who loves his carefree irresponsible life, the matriarch of the family Geraldine who is searching for her identity after splitting with her husband Darcy Proudman, who although still loves his wife has a weakness for other women as well. Mick is a shoeless musician who is also Jimmy's best friend and Billie's ex-boyfriend. Add in to the mix a range of co-workers including nurses Cherie, Zara and Kim, who get great pleasure from commentating on Nina's life whenever they get the chance; and Dr Martin Clegg, the eccentric boss who is just a bit too interested in the personal lives of his staff. And don't forget the range of other doctors passing through the unit, including Chris Havel the dreamy paediatrician, Patrick Reid the brooding anaesthetist and Fraser King, the starry-eyed obstetric registrar.

Each character in the show is easy to relate to due to their individual quirks. There are no 'bad guys' or troublemakers, but rather just regular people interacting, clashing, making mistakes and trying to make amends. Nina particularly is refreshing as the heroine of the story, as although she is beautiful and incredibly smart, she is clumsy, rehearses things over and over in her head and still gets it wrong.

I've heard this show compared with other popular comedies such as Ally McBeal and Scrubs, however I feel this show is much easier to relate to. Funny, yes absolutely, but Nina's daydreams are more realistic than dancing babies or exploding heads, and the characters don't speak at a rate of a million miles per hour! The cast seem to have a great on-screen dynamic and the music soundtracks are also great featuring a number of great Australian tracks.

I can't wait for season 4!

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Well balanced romantic comedy drama and modern family life

Author: Chloe Hughes from melbourne, Australia
6 June 2014

When Offspring started in season one, we are introduced to Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie) who is a daydreamer and doctor at St Francis Hospital with her colleagues Kim (Alicia Gardiner), Zara (Jane Harber), Martin (Lachy Hulme) and her object of desire Chris Havel (Don Hany) but that soon ends as he is married which by season two we are introduced to her short lived romance with young registrar Fraser (Jay Ryan) before her realising her heart is meant for Patrick Reid (Matt Le Nevez). Her family life can be chaotic, parents Darcy (John Waters) and Geraldine (Linda Cropper) have divorced and Darcy became a father for the fourth time who the mother of the child Nina works with -Cherie (Deborah Mailman), younger brother Jimmy is an eternal young at heart while older sister Billie (Kat Stewart) can be neurotic. Life in Nina's world is never dull, whatever comes her way, Nina handles with class and dignity.

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More than "babies and love" (ick) so give it a go.

Author: melwyn from Australia
23 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Every reviewer of this show turns me off. If I listen to them it is everything I wouldn't enjoy. However the same thing happened with "The Alice", where every review and Nine's own promos made it look like "McLeod's Daughters". It's only through catching a few episodes by accident that I have realised how quirky this show is, and how well it balances comedy and drama (exactly like "The Alice").

Perhaps that's our real problem in Australia: we can make these shows just fine, we have the talent, but if it isn't a cop show or soapie we don't know how to sell it. Perhaps many people who'd enjoy it are being turned off by the advertising and reviews, which are in turn attracting the people who don't like it after all.

It has what I like: well written, well acted stories with original characters. The fact it is technically great (camerawork, sets, lighting etc) is a bonus. The characters are ordinary people without being ordinary clichés, and not everyone looks like a model with a six figure wardrobe.

Sure some of them give me the irrits no end with their stupidity - who agrees to a surrogacy arrangement without thrashing out the details *before* any sperm goes anywhere?! I want to bang their stupid heads together. But people are like that, some are stupid and annoying, and sometimes you're related to them. The show would only be unwatchable if the stupid and annoying were *the* core of it, which thankfully they aren't.

The comedy is varied and at times unexpected, while very intense dramatic moments (such as informing a couple of the death of their child after a car accident) are handled with subtlety while still managing to be confronting and difficult to watch. The fact that these extremes can be found within episodes, and yet it still flows and works, shows how good the writers are.

This is well worth a look, and I would encourage the sceptical who are turned off by the "babies and love" reviews to give it a shot anyway. You might be pleasantly surprised. Then go to a video store and hire "The Alice" and be pleasantly surprised again.

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Delicious family train wreck you can't stop watching

Author: jgnmtz from Concord, California
15 September 2016

I love this Ally McBeal meets General Hospital series out of Australia. The family is loving, caring, confused, conflicted and above all "together".

This is a train I'm compelled to take every night.

Nina is hilarious as the imaginative 30'ish ingenue, who has a special way of dealing with conflict (thats an understatement ) But what a delightful trip.

Each cast member injects their own special personality. Deborah Mailman is a delight and her writers are spot on with their delivery and her magical way of inspiring a vibrant spirit without taking away from anyone else. She is true to herself and has that rare quality of helping others shine.

I'm addicted

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Great actors. Great Costume Design

Author: sherieg from United States
23 June 2015

Great actors. Good show for the most part. Some convenient writing at times and unrealistic lead characters. Funny women are great, I love that, but some backbone would help. Too much bumbling and too self absorbed (in the writing again) Wonderful actors who make most of it work though. Hot men which is fantastic. Although the first love interest (forgot his name now!) Really hot, but also had no backbone, silent responses, not enough in the reactions to make a scene. Very strange from a producing standpoint. Unrealistic again - simply for convenience of the writers. Maybe a new head writer would help. Or listen to the actors when they want to change some things. Audiences are more savvy these days. Good shows are so appreciated, please don't waste your blessings, or insult your audiences. The whole cast is brilliant. We could use some actors like that in the states. anyway... I wanted to write this review to congratulate the costume designer. Fantastic!! Almost everything in that department is stellar!. The music is great also. We have 5 seasons here on Hulu. Hope to see more! Thanks for listening to the lengthy B.S. We are required to write at least 10 lines, or they won't post it.

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..through five seasons a nine.. then down to at best a five

Author: bjarias from United States
4 October 2016

..yes, you do have to view an inordinate number of babies being delivered. But once you get passed that.. you have purview to one of the best comedy-dramas on-screen (big-screen or small). This is top-shelf stuff, all elements.. and the two leads will be bonded forever in real life. You'll be hard pressed to find another pair forever sealed together more deeply. It's very special to see it happen, and you'll be hard pressed to find another production to find transitioning to new life-partners as seamlessly as this one. The entire ensemble cast is flawless.. to the one they are remarkable. All that previously detailed was written prior to the sixth season. But so far several episodes into S6, it has been an absolute disaster. So much has dramatically changed, and considering the lead cast members are mostly still in place, it has to be behind the cameras where the changes have occurred causing the meltdown. What a total disappointment.. they were easily good for another several seasons had they kept the winning team in place.. now, it's surely a swift and utterly regrettable demise.

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Wonderfuly addicting

Author: Kim Ren from New Zealand
22 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just found this show on Netflix. I had seen it advertised on TV but never watched it because it was aired so late at night. However I have to say - I am totally and utterly hooked. I have laughed, cried, cringed and smiled. The actors are lovable and quirky and remind me of a lot of people I already know in real life. The family is so outrageously dysfunctional but seem to work through all their issues because of the love they have for each other and their interpretation of what "family" is and means. Nina is lovable and funny although at times I have wanted to shake her but for the most part she is the show and without her it would be nothing. I give this 9 out of 10 because it has made me "feel" which a lot of shows have lacked lately. Big props to the writers and the cast. You truly have a hit on your hands.

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