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A surprisingly good and tense thriller. If you can get past the bad acting its really a good movie you will enjoy. I say B-

Author: Tony Heck ( from United States
17 June 2011

"I really do love you house, it's amazing. I want it." When newlyweds Mitch (Welzbacher) and Jen buy their first house they have trouble paying the mortgage. After asking Mitch's best friend Danny to move in they think they will have the time of their lives. When Danny brings home new girl friend Blair (Leal), the lives of all take a drastic turn. This is a strange movie to review. The movie itself is actually pretty good and makes you feel tense almost all the way through. The Blair character is very creepy (think of Sharron Stone is basic instinct, but more psycho.) One huge problem with the movie is that the acting is so bad that it almost distracts from the movie. Some of the scenes are a little over the top, but they fit the movie. For a B rate horror movie with no known actors this is actually a pretty pleasant surprise, just don't expect to see them in a lot of stuff (I wouldn't be surprised to see the girl playing Blair to be on an MTV reality show though, she is a few steps above the "Jersey Shore" but definite "Real World" material.) Overall if you can get past the acting this is actually a very good thriller, one of the better ones in a while. I give it a B- (the - because of the acting).

Would I watch it again? - I don't think I will.

*Also try - Basic Instinct & The Roommate

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In Your House, She's Hot, Flirty....and Deadly!

Author: manjodude
9 July 2011

I believe this movie is a winner. Playing House does not go overboard nor slips to a poor or boring viewing. Within the theme of an innocent couple caught in the fateful hands of a scheming seductress, it delivers very well.

Good suspense throughout and you actually feel some shudder watching the stone-cold Mayra Leal(impressive as the femme fatale Blair).

Everybody else like Craig Welzbacher(as Dr.Mitch) and Sarah Prikryl(as Dr. Mitch's wife) are good too.

Not to mention, some steamy scenes now & then that really turns up the heat in this wild, suspense flick!

Verdict - Surprisingly good. And also, blissfully HOT ;)

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It's like a 'Lifetime' Movie....only worse...

Author: Terry Roehrig II from United States
29 June 2011

I find it hard to believe that people would just let any ol' person into their own personal private living space without doing a little bit of research about them beforehand.

Mitch (Welzbacher) and Jen (Prikryl) are newlyweds and they invite Mitch's best friend, Danny (Lusk) to move in with them because they are in over their heads when it comes to mortgages and bills. There's no issues there.... but when Danny starts to get back into the dating world and meets Blair (Leal), things start to escalate.

I can understand friends who are married having a roommate -- but when that friend starts to take advantages and liberties like bringing stray girls back to the house... it's time right there to let them loose onto the World. You would think boundaries and rules would have been discussed before the initial move-in, but I guess we would be mistaken. I'm willing to let a lot of things go in movies because they're supposed to suspend belief... but surely even movies aren't allowed to suspend stupidity, are they? The movie is fine... up until the 43rd minute. I know... it sounds silly that I would know the exact time stamp that this movie jumped over into the 'ok, I just can't take any more stupidity' factor... but that's exactly when it does. Watch it and tell me I'm wrong... because I don't know of one single person that would do what Mitch did... at exactly 43 minutes into this mess of a movie.

It's at that time that I took the rest of the film with a grain of salt... and I'm glad I did because it just kept getting sillier after that. It had a lot of promise, too -- but, having really dumb characters kind of kills a movie for me. I get that there are people out in the World that are not that bright... but having all of them in one movie together doesn't make any sense. Add to that some acting you would get from a local theater group and an unsatisfying ending.... and you wind up with: Final Grade: D More reviews at

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Tammy Wynette said it best

Author: kjunman1
11 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Another review on here writes "Mayra Leal shows some T&A but one would do MUCH better merely watching Machete instead" HA! Her scene in Machete lured me into renting this wacky illogical soft core slasher movie. Unfortunately, Ms. Leal's acting talents and voluptuous quotient were quite deceptive in Machete--more does not always mean better; in Machete we only get a one minute glimpse of the Latin cutie before her quick demise. In House, each minute she is on screen further shortens her future chances in legitimate cinema. If you are watching this on DVD, the previews from this same production company give you a warning what you are in store for.

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Don't read if you don't want to know some parts!

Author: kaysild from Cape Coral Florida
27 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I didn't think this was as bad as everyone else claimed... Seriously everyone said the acting was awful and was hard to get past but I didn't think it was that bad. Maybe because I went in expecting it to be terrible and so my expectations were low, I'm not sure but I will say that the evil biotch did a pretty good job because I hated her and she must've been believable if I hated her character that much. I mean when she had him kill his wife's cat, I WANTED TO KILL THE B*TCH myself! I mean come on that was pretty FB'd up! Leave the animals out of it! So basically im saying the acting must not have been to bad if I was actually passed off at her in real life. I think it's underrated, I mean it's a low budget thriller what do people expect! It's been done similar before but it's still better than rewatching other movies in my opinion so I'd say if you have free time and your bored and the movie is streaming free then go for it. I wouldn't pay for it but definitely worth a watch for free. Ill guve it 8 stars just to bump it up, really prob worth a 6 tho

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Psychology gets dumbed down exponentially

Author: movieman_kev from United States
8 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Newlyweds, Jen and Mitch mistakenly let Danny move in with them into their new house. We know Danny's a bit of a tool who makes awful life choices from the get go as his idea of a housewarming gift is a PS3 (any self respecting gamer would've at least got them a 360) Turns out his choice in women is slightly less atrocious, cue entrance of attractive yet psychotic online dater Claire who turns the whole house on its head.

The acting is abysmal and granted it might be some semblance of fun to see all of these mind-numbingly stupid characters be manipulated by dime store psychology in theory, in practice it's a tad infuriating.

My Grade: D

Eye Candy: Mayra Leal shows some T&A but one would do MUCH better merely watching Machete instead

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"Erotic thriller" throwback with Mayra (the naked chick in "Machete") Leal

Author: lazarillo from Denver, Colorado and Santiago, Chile
17 April 2014

A genre from the 1990's that no one misses very much is the "erotic thriller" inspired by the likes of "Fatal Attraction" and "Basic Instinct". A recurring story in these films is a step-daughter/sister-in-law/ex-wife/secretary/temp/ maid/babysitter/ad infinitum seducing or trying to seduce the husband of a married couple and when that doesn't work out, turning into a complete psycho nutcase and murdering several people--and usually a beloved family pet. Well, this is a new one only in that the psycho is the girlfriend of the husband's friend, who is himself staying with the newly married couple as a houseguest. Thus, the movie starts out as already highly implausible.

Of course, the girl (Mayra Leal) quickly loses interest in the friend and turns her wanton attentions to the doctor husband. In real-life she could have easily done a lot better than either of these two douchebags, but of course she also happens to be a psycho who has already killed a former boyfriend. So it is left mostly up to the wife to defend her home from this evil seductress.

Mayra Leal is mostly known for a small role in "Machete", a role which she performs entirely in the nude, which gives a good indication of where her true talents lie. But she's not TERRIBLE as far as actresses in this genre go (the 90's genre eventually just turned into plot less softcore porn). And Leal does more nude scenes here, making this movie less worthless at least than the bigger-budgeted "Obsessed", which gave us an interracial twist, Beyonce trying to act, and just to add insult to injury, Ali Larter NOT getting naked. This movie at least works as a tame version of a 90's erotic thriller. But does that mean it's worth watching? Uh, not really

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