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  • Young man returns to his hometown to marry his male partner, while family and neighbors deal with the news.


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  • When Katharina got an unexpected letter from her son Hans announcing that he was getting married and that he and his fiancé Nicki were leaving Berlin to come visit her, she was sent into an overjoyed and elated frenzy. However Hans seemed to forget to include one small detail, Nicki is a man.

    When Hans and Nicki show up at Kathrina's doorstep with flowers, Kathrina is shocked to say the least. She invites them in, but after her neighbor pops in asking questions about where the bride is, she passes off Nicki as the best man and says that the bride is out. Afterward she tells them that they must tell no one about their being gay and leave, and shoos them out of her house.

    Not wanting to give up on Hans' dream of getting married in his home town, the couple checks into a local motel to stay in until they can decide what to do.

    As Hans begins to show Nicki around town, people begin to spot the two and soon gossip and rumors begin to spread through out the town.

    Hans soon runs into his estranged father Christian, and his step mother Vera. Christian is baffled by his son's news and doesn't know what to think. Vera is worried it will ruin their reputation, Christian's plans to open a second car dealership. A minor confrontation between them ensues, leading Vera to start some malicious rumors of her own.

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