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Love This Series!
meddmalyd27 December 2011
I have been a long time anime fan, but somehow this little gem of a show managed to upstage everything to quickly become my favorite. It has it all, great characters, roll on the floor humor, and a fantastic production level. It starts out a tad bit slowly as each of the main characters are introduced, but once it gets going it really takes off.

My favorite aspect of the series is that unlike in similar long-running series, the characters actually grow and change from the events in the past. Once a bridge is complete, it doesn't disappear to never be spoken of again, it leaves an impact on the characters and world. In part because of this, but also just because they are just extremely well thought out and likable, the characters are realistic and easily relatable. This series is a lot of fun, but there are also some real tearjerkers when back-stories start getting revealed. Lets just say that no one in the guild has exactly had an easy time of it.

This series is very high energy, and has some of the best action scenes around. It's got something for everyone and seems to be perfectly set up to take the anime mantle of next big thing.
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Best Show Ever!!!!!!!!!
Sylarfan62615 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Fairy Tail is the Greatest show I have Ever seen Ever! It is SOOOOOO Excellent! Words cant describe it! It has Everything! There is something in this show for Everybody! Humor, Action, Drama, Romance, Magic, Shocking Twists, Great Animation, Beautiful Music, and Much Much more! This show has changed my life and I absolutely adore it! It makes me cry every other episode! Thats how touching it is! I admire that no matter what odds they are up against, the characters of Fairy Tail never give up on their friends ever! And that level of dedication to each other is just Plain Amazing! The fight scenes are Always Spectacularly Epic! The characters are all so Freakin Awesome and Intensely Lovable! There is not one character I dislike in this show, I just find myself loving everybody! I highly recommend that everybody on this planet watch Fairy Tail! You Will not regret it!
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A great anime to watch!
Yirone19 March 2011
In a world where magic is commonly used and sold, a team of guild members takes on various missions to earn enough money to pay the rent. Among them are Lucy, a celestial spirit mage, Natsu, a fire dragon slayer, and Happy, a blue winged cat.

As opposed to others, I first watched the anime and only after I became interested I started reading the manga as well. And I have to say, this is one of the best series I have seen in years.

The animation and music are great, the plot gets really awesome (especially around the tower of paradise arc), and the humor is just the best! I guarantee that this show will make you laugh, especially the filler tends to be hilarious. On top of that it has several well worked out characters, each one with a different back story yet to be explored.

This show has the potential to get really big, and if I had to advise anyone a good anime to watch, this would be one.
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An entertaining series with good development and potential
kokojones11 July 2012
I am a watcher of many animes, and the way I can tell how good or entertaining a series is is how it captures me in the first few episodes. Fairy Tail manages to do exactly that. Sure there are going to be a few weak points and continuity within the story, but there are plenty of strong points too. A good and bad note for the series is how there are so many characters within; it can be good because some characters you'll connect with better then others, but that is also a bad thing since it divides much needed attention to what is relevant at the moment, however Hiro Mashima handles it quite well. The score, done by Yasuharu Takanashi, does well in delivery the tones from intense to sad to flat out silly (and in many ways, saves the show in its weak moments).

Yes there are fillers, but not as many as other ongoing Shounen series such as Naruto or One Piece, and Fairy Tail moves at a quicker pace then both and the fillers for the most part are stand alone episodes in which the animators and studio story writers have a ball doing. The humor is very silly and childish, which is actually a plus I think.

It's definitely not the best series out there, but it has a lot of potential. It is a good solid series that I strongly recommend.
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One of the best animes ever! Can't wait - season 5!!
Unnie11 May 2013
Quick review:

It's comedy, drama, action, some romance, all in one. The great thing about Fairy Tail is that it contains not as much fillers as other shows. There are so many twists to this show it's always exciting. Though, in season 3, I did feel they slacked off a bit. No surprise because none of season 3 was in the manga so basically it was a big filler tied in with the main story line I suppose. When it got to the games arc it really picked up again. And that last episode (175) is a much watch. I read the manga, you should too if you want to know what happens next. If they follow the manga it's going to be one hell of a season 5.

Yea so, great show, pretty good animation, and the soundtrack is probably the best out of all the animes I've watched.
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Mediocre At Best.
Alexandrspyr26 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Fairy Tail is definitely one of the most popular shounen anime and if you are thinking of watching it based on this fact alone then I encourage you to read some reviews first. What can be said about the story? Nothing really special, a girl named Lucy wants to become a wizard in a famous guild and after she meets Natsu one of its members she manages to join him and thus they form a team and start on taking missions and embark on journeys.The story progresses in arcs with each arc being connected nicely with the next one and the transition between them feels smooth and logical. The atmosphere and the nature of each arc generally remain the same lighthearted and cheerful vibe following the vibe of the anime on its whole except for some moments and scenes which need to be dark to show the contradiction between good and evil. Although the story of each individual arc can be described as cliché you could at least expect the execution to be masterful for a popular anime like this, right? No they decided to s**t all over the place with the word mediocrity, there are some glimpses of good storytelling and directing in some arcs but this is exactly what they are, glimpses.Individual elements of each arc are interesting but the story itself is unoriginal although how it's told and executed is what counts the most and this show had the potential to be great but they vomited it all out to appeal to the general public and/or their target group, if this was their purpose than they nailed it. Linear,repetitive and predictable storytelling and the use of generic guidelines as in any typical shounen of this type leave no room for the element of surprise for some rare plot twists that might exist. Generally the arcs are short and leave no room for good development and the pace of each arc is out of place. I felt that some arcs needed faster pace but others slower, go figure. Some episodes are uneventful with no action and on top of that no story or character development of any kind. Dialogues are mediocre and superficial for the most part but there are comedic moments where combined with sound and animation made me actually laugh hard. The blend of action, comedy and drama is mediocre and as I already mentioned "Oh the potential!!!!". Fairy Tail's characters is another disappointing fact. We are introduced to a large cast of characters who are one dimensional and static. Main characters are flat and underdeveloped. I understand that combined with short arcs there isn't much room left to develop so many of them but they could at least try. Every stereotype of this genre can be found in this series, from the typical hotheaded male protagonist to the evil villain who becomes good and changes sides and the fact that most of them remain the same throughout the series makes this show even more predictable. It's impossible to be caught by surprise when you expect for them to act based on their generic stereotype and they act exactly like that in any given situation. The villains of the show are equally as underdeveloped as the main characters The last disappointing fact I want to mention is the fighting scenes. Battle system is your typical "raw strength+power ups wins" concept. Almost no amount of thought or originality can be traced anywhere. Some abilities are cool but that's it. The battles are won by overpowering the enemy and no strategical thinking is involved. Superficial and annoyingly tiring dialogs and monologues which ruin the pace of the story take place in every fight scene and I mean literally in EVERY fight scene. I know that concepts like friendship and comradeship are important don't misunderstand me but not when they are in excess and feel like they try to nail it in my brain with a drill and on top of that at the expense of the story. Power levels are confusing.There are no trainings but main characters manage to win enemies they shouldn't be able to win like ever. Oh yea I forgot the power of friendship and nakamas!!! Silly me. Generally this whole thing can be summed up in 6 steps. Step 1: A strong enemy appears. MC's are beaten up by the enemy. Step 2: MC's yell about friendship and the power of nakamas. Step 3: They power up emotionally and physically by the power of friendship and random stuff. Step 4: MC's overpower the villain. Step 5: No training of any kind whatsoever. Step 6: New arc. Go to step 1. When an anime can be summed up like this than in my books this is not good at all. Animation is top notch and very consistent, facial expressions are distinct and well portrayed. As for the sound it's the most positive thing of this show. It's quite brilliant and fits well to every scene and arc of this show. Voice actors are for the most part all great. All in all fairy tail generally has a vibe of positivity and lightheartedness. If you like characters that seem cool, raw power, mc's that overpower their enemies who rely on their friends and protect each other, if you like good animation with awesome soundtracks mixed perfectly to every scene, if you liked something like D-Gray Man or Bleach than you should watch this show and I am sure you will enjoy it very much.I definitely recommend this to children as well. But if you are an experienced anime viewer or if you like intelligence, good story,plot and character development if you like insane plot twists and strategic battle scenes with complex fighting systems or if you want to watch something of this genre but don't have much time than don't waste it on this and watch something like Hunter x Hunter or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
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The best thing about this world:Fairy Tail
grayfairytailmage30 January 2016
Words are too earthly incompetent and humane to describe this amazing,most epic, the most awesome show ever. It's funny, emotional, exhilarating, visually stunning, thrilling, exciting.......it's everything good about this universe. The characters the heroes, the villains, the allies, the people in the background. Everyone in the show are so amazing. Hiro Mashima, you are a GOD. You are more than a mere God. A Genius. I am eternally grateful to you for making this show, for giving meaning to my life. FAIRY TAIL IS THE MANIFESTATION OF MAGIC ITSELF. So pure. Nothing can ever even come close to this. It's the best show, no, not show, but the thing in the world. PERIOD.
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One of The Best Anime I ever see
Denny Kurniawan28 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Fairy Tail, from first i see the anime ; i got first to love the art, design and music team for Fairy Tail and beyond some episodes i realized i got more love to this anime which sometimes make me cry, happy or boring mixed into one.

Storywise can be predict, but somehow Hiro Mashima could steering people for always watch even some scene are totally boring. Fairy Tail combined many elements to Fairy Tail is it succeeded.

Deeper story, more character to introduce, expand the world. This concept would make Fairy Tail biggest Anime. This series indeed so much very good storyline. I've been see tons of anime, but this one. I can put it into rank 2 and this anime is very good to miss, watch it !!
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Heavy fan service and repetitive plot
lexikitty6262 August 2014
At first I was really excited for fairy, the first couple of episodes were alright, but then it just started going down hill. The story started getting very repetitive and the the characters weren't developing. I'm sorry if i'm hurting any fan boy or fan girls' feeling, but seriously, NO GOOD anime should have the crazy amount of fan service this one has. I know it's crazy, you can ACTUALLY make a good anime without all the panty and booby shots. But despite all of this I must give credit to the good things in fairy tail, for example, the music. It's quite nice and sometimes catchy. This anime also does a good job art wise and can be very bright at happy times, but very dark when its tense. Over all no, Fairy Tale is not my cup of tea, it might be yours, but I don't recommend it if your looking for a really great anime.
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Over the top? This anime knows no such words.
briggnalle8 June 2016
Fairy Tail is one of my favorite long-running shows for many reasons. One, the action is good and well detailed, the comedy is hilarious and used at the right times, and it's eye-opening discussions make you love the characters even more. Every time I watched an episode, I would have many different reactions to them. Sometimes I'll be, 'oh that was good', or 'what the hell did I just watch', or 'that was freaking intense!', or 'that was depressing' and... you get the point. My point is that this series will leave you with many different emotions as you walk away from it. Some may say it is over the top when it comes to the humor or the action, but still, it sticks to the story and it doesn't care if anything is over the top. Some people may not like this series for a multitude of reasons. The only problem I personally had with it, was how long the series goes. I am not a huge fan of long-running animes because of filler episodes, or it drags on sometimes, but that is just me. Another thing I'd like to point out, is this is an anime that is not meant to be watched seriously. At all. There are many serious moments when it comes to death, loneliness, or family, which I will point out makes the story even more interesting and will sometimes leave you with a new perspective on the little things around you. This anime series is meant to be watched solely for entertainment. The emotional parts and situations will definitely get to you when they come, but for the most part, this is an anime that is just fun to watch simply for the heck of it. If you are a fan of long-running animes, love action, comedy, and stories of friendships and family, this action-anime is just for you.
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the Average Weekly Anime
nemesisxgr18 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I recommend this anime for people who have not watched two many weekly Japanese animation series. The conveyance from manga to animation is incredible in both of depiction and visual effect,followed by outstanding soundtracks. Having watched a lot of Japanese anime series the story doesn't amuse me. The story follows a group of magicians that are members of a magic guild on a sci-fi medieval environment.There's a big variety of characters and magic skills but that are not the perks that will make the difference in comparison with other anime like Naruto,One Piece,Dragon Ball etc... Sometimes the plot gives you the impression that you have watched the scene somewhere else, especially on the long episode Arcs.
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Excellent if you haven't read the manga
Rick K.20 May 2014
Anyone who hasn't read the manga can definitely agree Fairy Tail is charming, funny, but does contain its series moments. If you didn't know any better you would think Fairy Tail was children's show, but I wouldn't really recommend this show for younger audiences as it does have its darker moments.

The plot revolves around a girl named Lucy who joins a mage guild and makes friends along the way, growing stronger as she takes on tasks (although her growth seems to be very slow, which is in my opinion good because a lot of anime has the characters growing super strong way too fast, and it's not really realistic).

I would highly suggest this anime for those who enjoy fantasy oriented anime and for those who dislike anime that has way too much blood and violence for their tastes (I fall into that category so my anime list is a bit limited).

The plots are great and instead of the usual "stand here and talk for 20 minutes before fighting" that seems to be so annoyingly abundant in other anime like Naruto, fight scenes don't seem to be dragged out on purpose just to make the episodes long enough to fill an allotted time- slot.

Some characters do sort of wear on you at times (namely Natsu whose personality in the anime reminds me that of Naruto's), but the genuinely touching moments that unfold throughout the anime in various episodes makes up for it and you grow to love the characters very fast. This is one of the few, rare anime that actually has me emotionally invested in the characters.

10/10 for me.
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Repetitive and annoying!!!
bosobosoneil9 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
well the first time i saw this anime i thought its amazing and it is. until the latest arcs got from bad to worst. i say this because this anime no longer offer us any NEW!! it's repetitive! the main character always has the spotlights and win every fights with crazy friendship power-ups which is for me, is ANNOYING as hell. i can't find any reason to root for the characters because they didn't lose that much. the fights at first were awesome but now it's just shitty.

i expected too much from this anime i think. but now i'm so disappointed and angry because the author seems has no more good ideas to keep this anime interesting.

right now i hope Tartaros crush and murder every single one of them and i might just smile again for this anime.
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This is just my opinion
newcolours7798 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Believe me when I say that I do not hate anime. Dragonball Z, Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood are all anime that I like. And Fairy Tail steals from almost every one of them. The character's are bland, Natsu is a copy of Goku and Naruto and the women are just a Boobs with arms and legs. Every "comedic" moment I shook my head, while every moment I was supposed to rooting for the good guys I laughing my head off. The story is full of too many climaxes and not enough tension, every second episode was an epic moment, which made me not care for the character's. I mean I rooted more for Gajeel and Levy more than Natsu or Lucy. However when there are good parts in this show, they really good, like the introduction of Gildart. And the music is also really, really good.
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it was nice
Francisco Pessoa25 April 2015
A very entertainment anime...

Exceptional fight scenes and a good animation..

I'm 21, and i have to say that there is a potential here... until... until like ep 200.. after that episode. there was dramatically changes that i personally dislike... from hard-core fights, story, suffering, suspense, ambition, and some teenager stuffs turned into an hentai cartoon only of teenager stuffs.. yes... the quality is gone

i miss the terrible 'i hate you' eyes, the magic circles (not that important), the drama and emotion to know what will happen now it's just: "(BOOBS: )BIG BIG BIG BIG.. small" and every fight is to show lucy's unreal body

1-200-> the best, cant even wait a minute 200-230 -> i only see 1 minute..

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whiterain-920316 July 2015
Perhaps I was predisposed to not liking this one since I'm typically not a fan of 100+ episode shounens, but after multiple people recommended it, I decided to give it a shot anyways.

It's not horrible, but all things considered, it's pretty mediocre and, imo, overrated. I was able to enjoy it for a little while as long as I turned my brain off and just tried to enjoy the action, but that only works for so long.

Fairy Tail simply lacks a solid, driven plot and instead gets lost in a series of small arcs that all seem to resolve in a similar way. A typical arc usually involves some villainous evil/dark mage or mage guild attempting to bring down the protagonist's guild and/or revive some kind of demon or bigger badder villain to do it. In each arc, the protagonists will generally struggle for a brief while, before they all of the sudden receive a god-mode power up (AKA plot armor) with the magic of FRIENDSHIP *sparkle* and manage to defeat the evil whatever.

While there is some character development within the arcs, ultimately it isn't enough to make the characters interesting, and I never really got the feeling that any of the characters really "grew" throughout the series.

The combat is probably where the series shines the most. It's flashy and the magic is cool. There are lots of different powers and magic types, as well as different types of mages, which helps keep the combat interesting. However, I never once feared for a character's life during combat. The series lacks blood, so that does tend to bring down the intensity of the fight scenes. Even seemingly mortal wounds are shrugged off like they're nothing by the characters (such as getting impaled in the chest by a giant ice construct). And ultimately, I always knew that one of the main characters (probably Natsu, sometimes Erza) would all of the sudden receive a power up and overpower whatever they are fighting.

The series also relies heavily on humor in between fight scenes. Fairy Tail is ultimately a lighthearted series that obviously doesn't take itself too seriously. However, the humor is mostly gag humor, which is something I am not a fan of. Whether it be Natsu's vulnerability to car sickness, Gray's tendency to randomly lose his clothes, or Lucy's vain attempts to use her appearance to get what she wants, each main character has at least one running comedy gag throughout the series. If you like that kind of thing, well, I'm sure you'd find this series funny, but if not, this series will probably annoy you.

Probably what has kept this series afloat for many viewers is the fanservice, which is quite excessive in this series. Despite not being willing to show blood, the show has no qualms against exaggerating the sexuality of its various female characters, purposefully having them wearing skimpy outfits and drawing them in "appealing" poses or angles. There's no shortage of attractive females in the show, and you'll probably see plenty of cleavage and panty shots all of them at at least some point. But the show is fair, there is some fanservice directed at the female audience as well. It's pretty common for the more attractive male characters to be walking around shirtless or wearing nothing at all. At least it's equal right?

Ultimately, the show is decent as background noise while you're also doing something else, or something good to watch when you don't want to pay too close of attention. The combat is decent, but the main characters will always save the day with the power of friendship and some gimmicky power-up. It relies on gag humor, flashy combat, and fanservice to stay afloat, which simply doesn't distract from it's numerous other flaws.
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Fairy tail is awesome
ariel-kreynin15 January 2014
I saw the whole 1st season on Netflix (I didn't see all of the episodes) and it's pretty great. I mean Natsu can eat fire and happy is a cat that has wings. It's not the best TV show but it's still pretty good. There are many characters with many characteristics in this show. It's very enjoyable and a little funny. There are some moments that are unexpected and surprising. Most of the characters are epic like Natsu, Erza, Gray, etc..

There is a lot to this show. There are many things to know about this show. It may not be as good as some shows but it's pretty good to watch. It's one of the best anime TV shows I've ever seen. I think everyone should enjoy this show because Fairy tale is one of the best anime there is (well, not the best but close to it).
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Vegeta Yagami12 August 2014
Popularity does not always mean something is good and I discovered that after watching this bad anime. Horrible story, very repetitive, I forced myself to get through 46 episodes and I just couldn't take it anymore so I dropped it. The plot is very interesting but unfortunately the writers don't even bother to follow it. When the Main Character Natsu is supposed to be looking for his father, it's all forgotten as he prioritizes the fairy tail guild than looking for his father. There's no character development whatsoever, characters are stunted. If you appreciate stories with character development, and progression in every episode, you're definitely going to hate fairy tail, it's a must NOT watch.
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lather, rinse, repeat! But it's ohhhh so shiny!!!
I really don't know how best to write this...

I just binged on the first 48 episodes thanks to Netflix.

Fairy Tail is the story of a wizard guild set in a World a lot like ours. It begins with Lucy, a young user of celestial magic who wants to join the Fairy Tail guild. After meeting Natsu, she is inducted into the guild and meets (amongst others); Gray, Erza, Loke, Elfman, Mira, Cana. What follows is the relationships, surprises and histories of majority of these characters.

The show essentially, after the first few episodes of meeting everyone, follows the same patter; the team accept a mission, they meet some impossibly hard foe, the foe has henchmen, the minor characters defeat the henchmen and are rendered incapable, Natsu defeats the big bad (sometimes with help/ encouragement from others). In amongst the fighting, or just before/after, we'll be introduced to the next big bad, or it will be hinted at, and then we'll have a nice reprieve before it all begins again.

So, due to this, the character development can be a bit lousy - the only 'development' I remember is Elfman and his history with Lisanna which builds to the unleashing of Mira's true powers in the penultimate episode. We never see the characters training, they usually just get better when they need to. Lucy's celestial guardians seem kind of lame when we first meet them all (Taurus looses against a monkey) but then they just keep getting better because the enemies just keep getting (apparently) harder. Natsu always seems to fight like someone who's never been in a fight when he first encounters a bad guy but then, after being pummelled (and after a reminder of the true strength that lies within him from Erza or Gray or Makarov or Gajeel or Happy) rises up and, using the same technique that just had his butt handed to him, wins.

Then there's the illicit details of how the magic is working. I mean, really, I can't be bothered to here for the umpteenth time how that magic spell will obliterate everything in its path. I can figure out why Natsu is shooting flames out his feet to act like a jet and penetrate a forcefield, thank you very much... is this a Japanese thing? The need to be so heavy with exposition?

Add to that the very confusing dialogue (I watched with subtitles) which never seems grammatically correct and you're sometimes confused as to how Erza's armour just happens to be the right combination... and how did Gray just? Oh never mind.

Because this show is awesome.


The magic and action sequences are always a lot of fun and very high energy. Some of the magic abilities are really cool (one summons a demon that tears its way into our reality, that one was spooky). Even if they do talk so much. My favourite is probably Juvia (as in Lluvia, the Spanish for rain). She's an elemental, or so they say, and has complete control over water. She can create it, manipulate it, transform into it... some of my favourite fight scenes involve her, so it's always a shame when she gets knocked out or incapacitated before even getting started. The animation is some of the coolest I've ever seen. I love the character and the magic, not to mention the scenery and moods that the animators create.

Then there's the soundtrack, if only they put the same energy into the writing as they did the soundtrack! The score is just breathtaking. Hooks all over the place. Strings to make a grown man weep at just the right moment. It's very folksy and reminds me of the Game of Thrones theme tune. Perhaps the person who wrote for GoT got the inspiration from Fairy Tail?

The other awesome factor involves the characters. Although they're criminally underused at times, they are all different and all memorable. Each of them have strengths and weaknesses and quirks and, surprising for a serial cartoon (or any series for that matter), they're yet to become plot devices. They remain true to themselves throughout. The only issue I have is that, when one of them seemingly sacrifices themselves for the good of the guild (and it happens a lot), the awesome soundtrack kicks in and it seems like someone is about to bite the bullet. But then it turns out they were only knocked out... I mean, if you're gonna be knocked out, you probably don't need to make such a song and dance of it.

So, despite some bad writing flaws and a fair bit of unoriginal writing, Fairy Tail is still one of my favourite animes. I'm constantly saying, "just one more" so they must be doing something right, right?
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Dropped in quality after a promising start
pinkarray6 December 2015
Fairy Tail is a series that you'll either love or hate. But this is a mediocre series as it's still enjoyable despite its flaws. After hearing about the popularity for the series shooting up and how everyone was talking about it and how good it was, I decided to give it a try. I was a bit worried as some people have also gave it negative reviews and I felt entertained by it but it was so annoying that I wanted to stop!

Little Lucy is a celestial wizard who wants to join the Fairy Tail guild. After being tricked by an impostor in episode 1, she finally gets to meet Marijane, one of her idols and the guild was starting in a big fight, including taking someone's underwear!

I was so excited that I was hooked to the series until episode 3, I think I see where the series was going, to be the same tired cliché with Lucy being the crybaby who isn't even strong enough to TRY to fight back her problems for a change unless she gets help! Natsu and Happy are both obnoxious characters, even Happy is too talkative for me.

Lucy is probably the best character in Fairy Tail, but was loud, passive, and saccharine. But since I now see where the series is trying to go with her character, I found myself not caring much for her, I mean, she practically cries every episode and it becomes insufferable pretty fast!

There could've been some more serious fights with this anime instead of going for a series for all the easily impressed kids to get entertained by. Bad animation.

5/10 Too bad. I hope next series will be better.
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Feels a tad clichéd in terms of shonen anime, but is rather enjoyable
natemans12 June 2016
Overall, Fairy Tail is a pretty good series even if I find it clichéd in terms of other shonen anime (for those unfamiliar, its a term used for anime based on manga and some of these anime do have a familiar formula.) The story is about Lucy Heartfilia, a girl who is looking to join the legendary wizard guild known as Fairy Tail. She runs into a fire wizard for the guild Natsu Dragneel and his friend Happy, become friends and go on missions to get paid. Along the way, we meet other characters such as Natsu's icy rival Gray, the fierce warrior knight Erza, etc. Its animation is pretty good from a certain perspective, the voice cast is pretty good despite a few hiccups here and there, the writing is good despite some problems in some areas and it takes a while to get its footing just right. So yeah, pretty good series. I recommend it.
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Fairy Tail is an amazing show that captivates its viewers.
SamDragneel11 April 2016
Fairy tail, directed by Shinji Ishihara and written by Hiro Mashima is a phenomenal work that I would recommend to anyone looking to start an anime series. Even though it is long running series I believe it is worth the watch. The animation is flawless as well as its character development. For this reason I give it 9 stars instead of 10. The reason I drop it a star is because of the battles. Sometimes the fights between the characters get a little repetitive and sometimes boring. Also on occasion there are a few annoying characters but overall the main cast is enjoyable. In review this is one of my favorite anime of all time and will continue to be far into the future.
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teenage epic anime, still entertaining at 250+ episodes
Samiam331 May 2017
In the Manga/ Anime industry, the three biggest franchises are Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece. They are know as the 'big three'. If there were a 'big four' the fourth would probably be Fairy Tail, an equally long running series of epic battles, juicy laughs, and exceptional art and design.

Fairy Tale is set in a world resembling the southern European Renaissance in all it's architectural glory, but the people dress as if they come from every corner of the world. There are times when the show looks like a giant cosplay convention. Fairy tale it self is the name of the wizards guild whose members are the principle cast of the story.

The first season is told mostly from the point of view of Fairytail's newest addition. Lucy Heartfilia is a seventeen year old, peppy and ambitious. She has run away from home (and her snobby father with his snobby estate) to follow her drew of being a wizard. Her magic specialty is summoning celestial spirits of the zodiac; All of whom are contemporary comic book versions of their mythological counterparts. Sagitarious for example is a man in a horse costume.

As the seasons go on, The members of fairy tail endure various quests or expeditions, and must face of against many foes, including other wizard guilds. The recurring gimmick is that each season ends with an enemy becoming a friend and joining Fairy Tail, so the cast gets bigger and bigger, but it retains a focus on the select few that were there to begin with.

Perhaps the main difference between this series and the 'big three' is that Fairy Tail is not a show with overarching narrative direction. It is not a story about a protagonist on a journey to achieve an ultimate title. Lucy achieves her goal in episode one and from there she goes where the show takes her. The character of Natsu who brings her into Fairy Tail, is the one who is marketed and recognized as the protagonist because he fits the criteria of the young boys (shounen) genre to which Fairy Tail (and the big 3) belong.

Natsu represents, physical strength, juvenile Bliss, a big appetite, and the themes of comradely. Like Luffy and the younger Naruto, Natsu is just a really big kid. He is a lot of fun, but unlike Lucy, we don't get a good look into his heart. The show just asks us to accept that he has one by giving him monologues of phony sincerity and insight which his character type is too immature to be capable of summoning. He does have a personal quest however, which is to find this 'foster father', the dragon known as Igneel who raised him as a child and gave him his fire magic, and there is a touching episode in the most recent season where this pays off. Yet the emotional impact is still underwhelming because Natsu's motive is never really part of the character, it is merely a side note. This makes him a harder character to invest in as a protagonist than say Luffy of One Piece or Naruto Uzumaki.

Fairy Tale's show stealer, is one of the best manga/anime characters to date. Erza Scarlett, is the queen of Fairy Tale Wizards. Her personalty and powers are as attractive as her name is repulsive. Erza comes from a dark place, having escaped child slavery. Her magic is swordsmanship coupled which her dozen suits of armour which she can swap in and out of live a video game character. She has cunning and disciplined, and as a fighter she is dazzling to watch. Yet she is also amusing because she shares the same soft soft for spas, cake and pretty dresses as the next girl, while maintaining her conservative appearance.

Dramatically, Fairy Tail is a hit and miss show. There are times when it flat out fails through the classic mistake of telling and not showing what the characters feel. Every now and then it does surprise you in it's ability to channel thoughtful emotion but realistic human emotions are few and far between in the show, and the scenes that should be intimate turn usually turn out rather more bombastic. What it is missing most is the feeling mystique that can absorb you completely into the anime world. It needs more quiet scenes and fewer loud ones.

Fairy Tail succeeds most on the grounds of action comedy. Interwieving slapstick comedy with visually intoxicating scenes of action and peril, and a strong, celtic-tinted score Fairy Tail manages to build momentum from season to season. I would have preferred less dialog during the action scenes, but such a thing is inevitable in manga/anime. Even when the writing slow the show down, the picture keeps it moving.
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Getting your foot through the door of anime
Tina Staykova8 October 2016
When I first saw Fairy Tail on Netflix I wasn't really into anime because I'd seen some hardcore ones that made me pretty uncomfortable. Fairy Tail just has this really amazing way of showing people that family isn't who you're related to, it's who earns the title. It also has a really fun and light feel to it for a long time before diving into the more 'my adrenaline hasn't been this high since I jumped out of a plane' situations. I think it's an anime that you have to see in order to decide if you like it or not. There's a lot more feelings after the first- say five episodes because you start getting a better view of the characters backstory and personalities.
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super powerful magic,humorous scenes,fantastic plot,good storyline... all in one
debkinkarmaity1 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
In India,some of the most popular anime series are DBZ,Naruto,Pokemon,etc.. Fairy Tail probably is not as popular as those but is as good as those. All the characters are funny and serious at the same time.It is an outstanding anime series.The story line and the plot is also good. The animation is superb. Actually It is getting better and better in every season.There are 7 seasons till now.The pace of this series is pretty smooth. Friendship is the main source of this anime. It is the kind of anime that will keep you at the edge of your seat while watching. But it may contain some nude scenes or half nude scenes. Maybe it's created for adults.. hey who am I kidding? children can watch too.. At the end of the day it's anime only. I hope it will be more popular in India in Coming years. Well if you haven't watched it then what are you waiting for...
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