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30 Sep. 2011
Fairy Tail
Natsu and his cat Happy have traveled to the town of Hargeon in search of a dragon known as Igneel. There they run into Lucy, a young wizard who is determined to join the Fairy Tail Guild. Lucy meets a wizard claiming to be the famous Salamander of Fairy Tail, who uses his charms to trick young women into coming aboard his ship so he can kidnap them. Lucy nearly falls into the same trap, but Natsu rescues her and reveals himself to be the real Salamander, inviting her to join Fairy Tail.
19 Oct. 2009
The Fire Dragon, the Monkey, and the Ox
As the Magic Council discuss what is to be done about Fairy Tail's destructive behavior Natsu and Happy return to Fairy Tail bringing Lucy along to join the guild. There she is introduced to the other members. While looking for a job they discover that one of the members of the guild, Macao, has gone missing after going on a job to Mt. Hakone. Natsu, Happy and Lucy go off in search of him.
26 Oct. 2009
Infiltrate! The Everlue Mansion!
Lucy has moved into a house in Magnolia where her guild Fairy Tail is located. As Lucy is talking about how great her house is Natsu and Happy barge in, to Lucy's dismay. As she fails to get them to leave she shows them her Celestial spirits before then opening the gate of Canis Minor to form a new contract with the spirit, which she names Plue. After inviting her to join him to make up a team, Natsu presents her with a job to steal a book from the mansion of Duke Everlue. They travel to Shirotsume Town to meet the client who is desperate to get the book. They find ...
2 Nov. 2009
Dear Kaby
Natsu has taken care of the guards employed by Duke Everlue and partially destroyed the mansion in the process. Meanwhile, Lucy and Happy struggle with Duke Everlue himself in an attempt to take the book Fairy Tail has been employed to steal. The history behind the writing of the book was secretly hidden within, which Lucy explains during the fight. However, she is convinced the book contains a greater secret... They defeat Duke Everlue, who's magical tunneling results in the mansion collapsing, and deliver the book to the client. On the way back to Fairy Tail Natsu, ...
9 Nov. 2009
The Armoured Wizard
Natsu, Happy and Lucy have returned to Fairy Tail after finishing their last job. They become bored just hanging around and decide to go on another job especially since Lucy cannot afford to pay the next months rent since they did not get money for the previous job. Whist deciding, Fairy Tail's strongest female wizard, Erza, returns and requests Natsu and Grey to accompany her on a dangerous job against the dark guild Eisenwald. They set off with Lucy and Happy tagging along...
16 Nov. 2009
The Fairies in the Wind
Makarov, master of Fairy Tail, is away at a meeting of local guild masters. Meanwhile, members of the dark guild, Eisenwald, have taken over a train as part of a plot. Its up to Erza, Natsu, Grey, Lucy and Happy to find out what they are planning and stop them. They catch up to the guild at Oshibana station where they reveal their plan to use the speakers in the station to broadcast the Lullaby, a Death Magic flute that kills all who hear it, to the surrounding city. Eisenwald's guild master runs off and Natsu and Grey are sent to stop him. Erza and Lucy defeat the ...
23 Nov. 2009
Flame and Wind
Natsu defeats Kageyama, whom Erza determines has the ability to dispel the wind barrier trapping them inside Oshibana Station. Before she can threaten Kageyama into cooperating, he is gravely wounded by his guildmate Karacka to silence him.
30 Nov. 2009
The Strongest Team!!!
Natsu finally knocks the wind out of Erigor's sails in a scorcher of a battle - but Fairy Tail's strongest team still has a war to fight when the death flute's dark magic plays an evil scale of epic proportions.
7 Dec. 2009
Natsu, Eat the Village
While traveling home with grumbling bellies, the team stumbles upon a deserted village with lots of yummy grub lying around, but Erza's gut tells her something's up. While she investigates, the boys chow on a forest full of odd fungus.
14 Dec. 2009
Natsu vs. Erza
Now that they've made it back to Fairy Tail headquarters, it's time for Erza to answer Natsu's challenge! Before things really get heated, the Guild Council stops by to arrest Erza, but Natsu's not about to let her get away that easily!
21 Dec. 2009
Cursed Island
Natsu, Happy and Lucy tread some seriously troubled waters when they break guild rules to take an S-class job request and end up shipwrecked on the cursed Galuna Island!
28 Dec. 2009
Moon Drip
When the team stumbles upon the infamous demon Deliora frozen in magic ice, cold memories - and a familiar face - are resurrected from Gray's dark past.
10 Jan. 2011
Super Aerial Battle: Natsu vs. Cobra!
As the ancient city of Nirvana continues its path towards Cait Shelter, Natsu and Happy take a pounding from Cobra's poisonous strikes. But the power of a true dragon slayer should never be underestimated - as long as Happy can keep him off the ground!
17 Jan. 2011
Wizard Saint Jura
Jura's strength is rock solid as he steps up to shut Brain down. Meanwhile, Natsu and Happy are sick as dogs under the effects of Cobra's poison, and Nirvana's march has the fire wizard floored - unless some Sky magic can fix him!
24 Jan. 2011
Your Words
There's still one Oracion Seis member left standing, and Nirvana doesn't show any signs of stopping! They have to defeat Midnight and a talking staff! Erza and Jellal try their hand at cracking the sorcerer's mirror magic, but things get ugly quick.
31 Jan. 2011
Erza uses sheer force and battle smarts to see straight through Midnight's illusions in a mind-warping fight to the finish. But when the last of the six generals drops, the guild master's super destructive split personality breaks free!
7 Feb. 2011
From Pegasus to Fairies
As Zero fires on Cait Shelter, Blue Pegasus's ship Christina, held together by Lyon, Sherry, and Ren, destroy one of Nirvana's legs and cause it to miss. Hibiki relays the details of the plan to stop Nirvana: within 20 minutes, the six legs of Nirvana must be destroyed at the same time.
14 Feb. 2011
The Power of Feelings
The coalition coordinates a team attack to end Nirvana's course of destruction. But before they can make their final strike, Natsu faces Zero in a fierce battle to the finish! Will an old enemy get in the way, or lend a helping hand?
21 Feb. 2011
I'm with You
Not even being sent to a land of nothingness can keep the power of the dragon down as Natsu fully unleashes a newfound power! Now the team can attack Nirvana with a unified strike! But what happens when another force comes after their new friends?
28 Feb. 2011
A Guild for One
Agents from the Magic Council dispatched to the site of Nirvana's fall arrest Jellal; when everyone else resists, Erza stops them and urges the officials to take Jellal away, though she is devastated by the outcome.
7 Mar. 2011
Call of the Dragon
The coalition parts ways and Fairy Tail welcomes their newest members to the guild! Then, Gray informs Natsu about a lady who claims she met a dragon recently. With hopes of finding their long lost guardian, two Dragon Slayers end up at a creepy hotel.
14 Mar. 2011
Natsu vs. Gray!!
Duped by his rival and a strange saleswoman, Natsu finds himself in fiery fisticuffs against a very unlikely foe! Erza and Lucy know something's up, but they have some scaly copycats to handle before they can help their friend out of a bind!
21 Mar. 2011
Friendship Overcomes the Dead
With Natsu trapped inside her magic-sapping monstrosity, Daphne flies straight for Fairy Tail! As the guild fights to protect Magnolia from annihilation, Makarov gives Gray the third degree.
28 Mar. 2011
A Fairy Tail Wizard
The only wizard who can defeat the rampaging Dragonoid is inside the Dragonoid. Since Gray's plan didn't pan out like he hoped, Fairy Tail's only hope is to get Natsu fired up enough to get himself out of the hot seat!
4 Apr. 2011
Rainbow Cherry Blossoms
It's cherry blossom season in Magnolia, and Fairy Tail is preparing for a huge celebration. No one's as excited as Lucy, but when she catches a cold on a mission, she finds herself alone during the festivities and reflects on her time in the guild.
11 Apr. 2011
Wendy's First Big Job!?
Wendy takes her first big assignment--one that sends her to the theater where Natsu and the others once performed in a disastrous play. Happy and Freed are assigned to help her out, but a few other wizards can't help but tag along.
16 Apr. 2011
24-Hour Endurance Road Race
The wizards go head to head as the guild competes in an endurance race where anything goes (except flying magic). Will anyone be able to beat Jet, the reigning champion? And what's the terrible punishment for the loser that Makarov keeps talking about?
23 Apr. 2011
Gildarts--Fairy Tail's strongest wizard--returns from a hundred-year quest that even he couldn't complete. After remembering more peaceful times when Lisanna was still alive, Natsu visits Gildarts and discovers that the wizard has seen a black dragon.
30 Apr. 2011
Earth Land
Mystogan's secret identity is revealed to Wendy and Carla as a powerful magic transports Fairy Tail--along with the rest of Magnolia--to another world. What does this other realm want with the wizards, and how are Happy and Carla involved?
7 May 2011
Natsu and the few remaining wizards travel to the world of Edolas in an attempt to rescue the captured city of Magnolia. It's a place where nothing is as it seems and magic is scarce. Plus, there's something strangely familiar about the people there...
14 May 2011
Fairy Hunter
The Fairy Tail in the parallel plane of Edolas is full of guild mates who act the exact opposite of their earth counterparts. Lucy is a tough-as-nails leader, Erza is a vicious enemy of the wizards, and Carla and Happy seem to be worshipped--and feared.
21 May 2011
Key of Hope
Natsu and his team travel to the black market in order to gear up with some magical contraband. There, the scary version of Lucy comes face to face with the normal version of Lucy, who just might be the only person in Edolas who can use magic.
28 May 2011
As the kingdom of Edolas gets closer to draining magic from the captured city of Magnolia, Natsu meets a bizarro version of himself--one who's only at home behind the wheel of a car. Meanwhile, Gajeel and his Edolas doppelganger get along swimmingly.
4 Jun. 2011
Welcome Home
Natsu's team arrives in the capital city and discovers that the entire town of Magnolia has been turned into a giant crystal. After Carla helps them come up with a plan, they attempt to infiltrate the palace--with disastrous consequences.
11 Jun. 2011
After a terrible betrayal, Lucy, Natsu, and Wendy are imprisoned beneath the palace. Meanwhile, Carla and Happy discover a world of cats just like them. There, they learn the truth about their duty, and their lives are revealed to be full of lies.
18 Jun. 2011
Fly, to Our Friends!
After turning their backs on their homeland, Carla and Happy search for a way to save their friends. On a small farm, they meet some fellow Exceeds who may have more in common with Happy and Carla than the Fairy Tail cats realize.
25 Jun. 2011
Code ETD
Happy and Carla manage to rescue Lucy from the Edolas version of Erza, only to be chased by an army of Exceeds. As the dragon slayers are drained of their power in the dungeons, the king activates Code ETD and starts an unexpected rebellion.
2 Jul. 2011
Erza vs. Erza
The Royal Army's true intentions are revealed! Meanwhile, a few familiar faces show up to save Wendy and Natsu. When the Edolas version of Erza meets Earth's Erza, a fierce, no-holds-barred battle begins.
9 Jul. 2011
These Are Lives!!!!
Natsu, Gray, and Lucy face off against members of the Royal Army in an insane amusement park full of lethal rides and swarms of monsters. Elsewhere, Panther Lily faces off against Gajeel in the sky.
16 Jul. 2011
For Pride's Sake, the River of Stars
When Lucy goes head-to-head with an old man who is able to turn into a giant, tentacled monster, Virgo gives her a new weapon. Meanwhile, Gray fights for the key to the army's destructive weapon.
23 Jul. 2011
The Apocalyptic Dragon Chain Cannon
Wendy and Carla visit Extalia to warn the queen of the cat-filled city's impending doom, but are met with a violent welcome. Natsu and Gray plot to use the Royal Army's own weapons against them--but are captured by Erza.
30 Jul. 2011
The Boy Back Then
As everyone unites to try to stop the Fairy Tail lacrima from crashing into Extalia, Queen Chagot makes a shocking admission and the truth behind the Exceeds is revealed! Will anyone be able to stop the Royal Army's plot?
6 Aug. 2011
Dragon Sense
As Panther Lily recovers from a devastating attack, Erza Knightwalker sends her forces after the Exceeds. The king attacks from within an armored dragon that absorbs magic power. Luckily, there are a few dragon slayers around.
13 Aug. 2011
O Living Ones
Two Erzas fight each other in the ruins of Extalia! The king's dragon armor takes a terrifying new form! And as the Royal Army closes in on Lucy and the others, the Edolas Fairy Tail must decide whose side they're on!
20 Aug. 2011
I'm Standing Right Here
The dragon slayers continue to fight, joining forces in a devastating combo attack. But even if the king is defeated, Mystogan has enacted a plan that will forever change Edolas, and could mean big things for Panther Lilly.
27 Aug. 2011
Bye-Bye Edolas
As all the magic is sucked out of Edolas, the public panics, and three unlikely villains set about trashing the city. It looks like Fairy Tail will finally be transported back to their world--but not everyone will be returning with them.
3 Sep. 2011
The guild finally returns to Earthland--along with a few other surprises. The Exceeds make it their mission to track down all their missing children, Gajeel gets a new partner, and a long-lost guild member makes a shocking return.
10 Sep. 2011
He Who Extinguishes Life
Rebuilding begins in the plane of Edolas as everyone tries to figure out what to do now that there is no magic left in the world. Back in Magnolia, Fairy Tail celebrates the return of Lisanna as the magic council debates the guild's future.
17 Sep. 2011
Best Partners
Natsu, Gray, Juvia, Elfman, Cana, Fried, Levy, and Mystogan's disciple Mest are selected to participate in Fairy Tail's annual S-Class promotion exam, and are instructed to choose a partner to accompany them during the exam.
24 Sep. 2011
Who's the Lucky One?
The exam participants arrive at Sirius Island, Fairy Tail's sacred ground, where they each take one of eight routes that will lead to the next stage of the exam. Most of these routes either pit the participants against each other or one of Fairy Tail's S-Class wizards, who they must defeat in order to advance.
1 Oct. 2011
Natsu vs. Gildarts
Juvia and Lisanna are pitted against Erza, while Elfman and Evergreen are pitted against Mirajane. Meanwhile, Natsu enthusiastically fights Gildarts, with a series of flashbacks detailing how Natsu had never once been able to defeat him since childhood.
8 Oct. 2011
Guild members begin to wonder about Mest, who has a peculiar place in their memories. Meanwhile, only five duos are left in the exam as the second trial begins and the wizards are tasked with finding the grave of Fairy Tail's founding guild master.
15 Oct. 2011
Black Wizard
Natsu attacks the black-haired youth to no effect, causing the youth to despair that Natsu is not strong enough to defeat him. The youth unleashes another wave of deadly magic against Natsu and disappears, but Natsu is protected from the attack by his scarf, which turns black.
22 Oct. 2011
Iron Soul
Gajeel and Levy fight Kawazu and Yomazu, who reveal that they are scouting the island to kill the Fairy Tail wizards. Though seriously wounded, Gajeel sends Levy to warn their guildmates of Grimoire Heart's attack.
29 Oct. 2011
Makarov Strikes
While being interrogated, Mest rescues Wendy from an attack by Azuma, one of the Seven Kin. Mest reveals himself to be a Magic Council agent named Doranbalt, sent to search for incriminating evidence against Fairy Tail and disband it.
5 Nov. 2011
Lost Magic
Makarov is defeated and gravely wounded in his battle against Hades, which is sensed by the wandering Laxus. Meanwhile, the other members of Fairy Tail battle Grimoire Heart's army.
12 Nov. 2011
Fire Dragon vs. Flame God
Natsu is overwhelmed by Zancrow's God Slayer magic, which proves superior to his own Dragon Slayer magic.
19 Nov. 2011
The Ultimate Magic World
Azuma learns of Mirajane's former identity as the "Demon" and straps Lisanna to a time bomb so he can fight Mirajane at full strength.
26 Nov. 2011
Arc of Embodiment
Elfman and Evergreen are overwhelmed and defeated by Rustyrose's Arc of Incarnation, which gives him the power to create anything from his imagination. Meanwhile, Loke realizes Caprico is the celestial spirit Capricorn, and that he has the power to take control of humans.
3 Dec. 2011
The Door of Humans
Caprico reveals himself to be a human named Zoldio who fused with Capricorn using his Human Subordination magic. He possesses Loke, but Loke gives his Regulus ring to the newly freed Capricorn.
10 Dec. 2011
Lucy Fire
Lucy and Hikaru's battle interrupts Natsu's battle with Ultear, leading Natsu to help Lucy and reform their old team while Ultear leaves with Zeref.
17 Dec. 2011
Dead-End of Despair
Doranbalt tries to help Natsu and his friends evacuate the island as the Magic Council plans to fire Etherion once again, but they refuse to leave. Meanwhile, Juvia is nearly defeated during her and Erza's battle against Merudy of the Seven Kin.
24 Dec. 2011
The Tears of Love and Life
When Gray, Juvia, and a Grimoire Heart wizard are linked together by a dark magic, one wrong move could mean the death of all three of them. Meanwhile, Ultear's past is revealed as she confronts Gray--the one she holds responsible for her mother's death.

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