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Season 7

15 Jan. 2016
Fairy in the Heart
After aimlessly wondering around for a week, Natsu and Happy go to Tenrou Island on a pilgrimage. Flashback to 100 years ago, an orphaned Mavis works at a guild who are then attacked by a rival guild.
16 Jan. 2016
The Beginning of the Adventure
Mavis encounters treasure hunter Yuri Dreyar on Tenroujima and accepts his mind game challenge over the Tenrou Jade. This eventually leads to the beginning of a journey, but will Mavis's oldest and only friend Zera agree to go?
23 Jan. 2016
Treasure Hunt
With no wind, the ship isn't going any where. Mavis takes advantage of the situation and explores and underwater shrine, but she runs into trouble.
30 Jan. 2016
Dances with Blades
The crew finally arrives in Hargeon. Mavis and Precht go searching for information when they come across a shady bar.
6 Feb. 2016
A Moonlit Lake
Yuri and Warrod argue, and Precht tells the story of when they tried to find the rainbow flower. A nasty surprise is waiting for them in Magnolia.
13 Feb. 2016
Blue Skull
The group finds that Magnolia has been taken over by Blue Skull. When they fight, the Master sees through Mavis's illusions, rendering her magic useless against them.
20 Feb. 2016
The One Who Teaches Magic
After their defeat by Blue Skull, Mavis encounters Zeref in the forest and convinces him to teach her and the group to use magic.
27 Feb. 2016
Mavis convinces the people of the town to join them and stand against Blue Skull. Yuri finds the Tenrou Orb but is cursed upon touching it.
5 Mar. 2016
Mavis defeats the dragon using a spell Zeref taught her, but using it before mastering it comes at a price. A shocking revelation about Zera is revealed.
12 Mar. 2016
An Eternal Adventure
Mavis says goodbye to Zera and decides what her next big adventure is going to be.
19 Mar. 2016
It has been a year since the guild dissolved, and now Lucy is an apprentice reporter for Sorcerer Weekly. She is covering the Grand Magic Games in Crocus, where an unexpected challenger infiltrates the arena.
26 Mar. 2016
Message of Flame
After finding that Guild is Disbanded, Natsu pulls a stunt to let everyone know Fairy Tail is back. Natsu, Lucy and Happy set out on a new adventure to return the scattered members.

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