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2015 Sundance Film Festival Predictions: Jaffe Zinn’s Children

Along with her numerous contributions to American indie film plus supporting parts in Drake DoremusEquals and television’s House of Cards, 2014 will have been a productive year for “it” girl Kate Lyn Sheil. And while the actress who toplines Children was sizzling, it would appear that, artistically speaking, Jaffe Zinn has coals in more than one fire. While he may have been slow cooker mode for his sophomore film, the filmmaker who gave us Magic Valley in 2011 is a member of indie act Folded Light — they happened to have dropped their Ep in the middle of 2014. Safe to say that it’ll be clear skies ahead for a 2015 release.

Gist: During a hazy summer filled with the smoke of distant wild fires, Abbie (Samantha Jacober) & Heidi (Kate Lyn Sheil) take a camping trip through the rugged mountains of Southern Idaho. Convinced that they are living in the end times
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Top 200 Most Anticipated Films for 2014: #169. Jaffe Zinne’s Children


Director: Jaffe Zinne

Writer: Jaffe Zinne

Producers: Jaffe and Stephanie Zinn, Sterling Hoch

U.S. Distributor: Rights Available

Cast: Kate Lyn Sheil, Samantha Jacober

Jaffe Zinne blasted onto the film fest circuit scene with 2011′s Magic Valley and is following up the mystery set in Idaho with a micro-budgeted horror thriller film set in the same backyard (state). We’re big fans of Kate Lyn Sheil and think that Children oozes with Take Shelter-like potential (where natural surroundings aid in the human havoc).

Gist: During a hazy summer filled with the smoke of distant wild fires, Abbie (Samantha Jacober) & Heidi (Kate Lyn Sheil) take a camping trip through the rugged mountains of Southern Idaho. Convinced that they are living in the end times as prophesied in the book of Revelations, Abbie sets about completing a terrible task she believes bestowed upon her in preparation for the coming Rapture.
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2014 Sundance Film Festival Predictions: Jaffe Zinne’s Children

He first broke out on the indie film scene with 2011′s Magic Valley – the Tribeca, Rome, Stockholm, Poland’s American Film Festival and Dubai preemed film putting the Idaho born Jaffe Zinne on the map. His sophomore project Children, which was also filmed in his backyard and appears to have been in development around the same time as his debut feature, was shot during at the midway mark in 2012 and all indications point to a close to completed film as it was included as a first look for 2013′s Us in Progress Paris. Zinne swerves into a different genre here, but we’re fully expecting his distinct aesthetic approach to remain intact. The extremely busy indie thesp Kate Lyn Sheil toplines. Check out/click on the exclusive image below!

Gist: During a hazy summer filled with the smoke of distant wild fires, Abbie (Samantha Jacober) & Heidi (Kate Lyn Sheil) take
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Us in Progress & The Champs Elysees Film Festival, Part 1

I love Paris! Serving on the jury of U.S. in Progress to judge five American independent films in post production, bonding with filmmakers, organizers and the beautiful city itself, being part of a larger festival which featured films I particularly enjoyed like Nina Simone, Love Sorceress… Forever, It Felt Like Love by Eliza Hittman, Umbrellas of Cherbourg, what’s not to love?

The friendly openness of everyone at the festival made the event special. Sophie Dulac, the festival’s founder (and distributor, producer and exhibitor) whom I interviewed last year and again, almost as old friends again this year (see upcoming blog!), the publicist and programmer, Maxine Leonard, the staff, the Us in Progress organizers – Adeline Monzier (now also Us representative for Unifrance), Ula Śniegowska, Artistic Director of Wroclaw, Poland’s American Film Festival and Mobile New Horizons, my fellow jury members for USinP, and of course, the filmmakers themselves created a fun and inspiring event. What a great international film business we are in!

As I write this, the mailman just delivered a book, entitled Titra Film, A Cinematographic and Family Chronicle, sent to me by my fellow jury-member, Isabelle Frilley, who now, along with her children, owns and operates Titra, now called TitraTVS, the sub-titling company founded by her grandparents in 1933 shortly after talkies made subtitling de riguer . Very involved in the world of cinema, and inspired by her literary tastes, Isabelle has also helped develop multi-lingual subtitling for cinema, subtitling for the hearing impaired, and audio-description for the visually impaired. For many years, Isabelle Frilley has been a member of the juries of “Ciné en Construction” (for Latin-American cinema, in Toulouse), of “Cinéma en Mouvement” (for Mediterranean cinema, in San Sebastian), and of the Caméra d’Or in Cannes. She is only one of the illustrious jury among whom I was honored to count myself. Others included Julie Bergeron who runs Cannes Marche’s Producer Network among other things, Europa Distribution Eve Gabereau of Soda Pictures, a London-based indie distributor, Ciné Cinéma’s Bruno Deloye, Firefly’s Philippe Reinaudo, Commune Image’s Michael Werner, Eaux Vives Production’s Xénia Maingot, and Matthias Lavaux, the cofounder of touscoprod, the French crowdfunding website dedicated to movies, launched in January 2009.

1982 by Tommy Oliver

USinP’s winner, Tommy Oliver, whose previous film Kinyarwanda was a favorite of mine at Sundance a couple of years ago which Roger Ebert ranked 6 on his top ten films of 2011, is now in post on 1982 and won Us$60,000 worth of post production services.

Tommy’s directorial debut, 1982, starring Hill Harper, Sharon Leal, La La Anthony, Bokeem Woodbine, Wayne Brady and Ruby Dee, tells the story of a black father whose wife succumbs to a crack cocaine addiction and his efforts to shield their 10-year old daughter from the ill effects of having a drug addicted mother while trying to wean her off of her addiction. It's set in 1982 in Philadelphia at the very onset of the crack cocaine epidemic and ultimately, it's a story about a father doing whatever he can to protect his family. It's semi- autobiographical story and inspired by true events.

He also wrote and produced 1982 which also received a prestigious San Francisco Film Society Krf grant .

Tommy himself is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, a Microsoft alum and founder of Seattle-based interactive media firm Viliv Studios as well as La- based production company Confluential Films, which he started with actor/ author/ speaker Hill Harper.

I can confidently predict that this film will be seen on the festival circuit as it brings a humanity to the issue we’ve seen dozens of time – crack in communities – but never like this. We don’t see the ugly community violated by violence. We see a loving family coping with a personal and private disaster. Hill Harper plays a loving, compassionate good man. Comparisons will be made with Fruitvale Station, another African American “issue” film (police brutally killing an innocent family man) which will be released July 12 by The Weinstein Company. We need more such films to create a consistent pipeline for audiences who will pay to see these films. AFor his film 1982, he has devised a super-sophisticated, break-the-record domestic marketing plan. I am eager to watch the trajectory of this one.

The runner-up film, Bfe was supported with great gusto by its director and producer, Shawn Telford and producer, Mark Carr who brought a special energy to the entire event and were full of fun throughout. Shawn charmed his French hosts with his French. Watch for the film and with it, watch for Shawn!

I Believe In Unicorns is the feature debut of director Leah Meyerhoff. It was nominated for a Calvin Klein grant at the 2012 Gotham Independent Film Awards and stars Natalia Dyer, Peter Vack, Toni Meyerhoff, Julia Garner, Joshua Leonard and Amy Seimetz.

As noteworthy as the film is and as talented as Leah is, the producers themselves are also notable and prolific! Allison Anders, Katie Mustard and Heather Rae who also produced the Academy Award nominated film Frozen River, starring Melissa Leo, which won the 2008 Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, opened the New York Film Society’s New Directors/New Film series and was acquired by Sony PicturesClassics. She won the 2008 Independent Spirit Award for her production work on Frozen River. Heather also produced Mosquita Y Mari (Sundance 2012), Backroads (Sundance 2000), Trudell (2005 Sundance Film Festival), Ibid (2008 SXSW), The Dry Land (Sundance 2010), Magic Valley (Tribeca 2011), and is currently in post-production on Five Thirteen (with Tom Sizemore), Ass Backwards (with Alicia Silverstone and Vincent D’Onofrio) and Plastic Jesus (with Paul Schneider and Mackenzie Foy). For six years she was a programmer for the Sundance Film Festival and ran the Native Program at the Sundance Institute and recently joined the Sundance Board of Trustees.

Ping Pong Summer

Michael Tully made his directorial debut, Cocaine Angel, world premiered at the 2006 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Michael Tully (Director) was named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film. His follow-up, Silver Jew, world premiered at the 2007 South By Southwest Film Festival. In 2011, he wrote, directed, and acted in Septien, which world premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was picked up for distribution by Sundance Selects. He’s currently in post-production on his newest feature, Ping Pong Summer, which he wrote and directed. Since 2008, he has been the head writer/editor of, a website devoted to championing ambitious cinema.

Producers: George Rush, Brooke Bernard, Ryan Zacarias, Michael Gottwald, Billy Peterson, Jeff Allard

Main Cast : Susan Sarandon, John Hannah, Leah Thompson, Judah Friedlander, Amy Sedaris


Director : Jaffe Zinn Producer : Jaffe Zinn and Sterling Hoch

Aside from the jury, the films were seen by members of Europa Distribution:

Alpha Violet - Keiko Funato & Virgine Devesa - France - Sales agent Bac Films - Crasset Véronique - France - Sales agent & Distributor Bankside - Alice Ramsey - UK Sales Agent Chrysalis - Camille Lopato - France – Distributor Content - Toby Melling - UK - Sales Agent Coproduction Office - Marina Perales & Philippe Bober - France - Sales Agent Distrib Films - François Scippa-Kohn - France - Distributor Equation - Didier Costet - France - Distributor Eurozoom - Manon Galibert - France - Distributor Film Republic Rashid Xavier UK sales agent Films Boutique - Jean-Christophe Simon - Germany - Sales Agent Hanway - Fabien Westerhoff - UK - Sales Agent Happiness - Isabelle Dubar - France - Distributor Heliotrope - Laurent Aléonard & Goldfain Philippe - France - Distributor Imagine - Bral Tinne - Benelux - Distributor Jour 2 Fête - Sarah Chazelle - France - Distributor K5 Intl - Oda Schäfer - Germany - Sales Agent Kmbo - Grégoire Marchal - France - Distributor Le Pacte - Nathalie Jeung - France - Sales Agent & Distributor Level K - Freja Johanne - Denmark - Sales agent Locarno Film Festival - Aurélie Godet - France - Festival Memento Film - Tanja Meissner & Ram Murali - France - Sales Agent & Distributor MK2 - Emmanuelle de Couesbouc / Juliette Shramek - France - Sales Agent Premium Films - Karwan Kasia - France - Sales Agent & Distributor Reel Suspects - Frederic Gentet - France - Sales Agent Rezo - Sebastien Chesneau - France - Sales Agent & Distributor Sacrebleu - Louise Bellicaud - France - Producer Soda Pictures - Eve Gabereau - UK - Distributor Sophie Dulac Distribution - Eric Vicente - France - Distributor The Works - Steve Bestwick - UK - Sales Agent Tribeca Film Festival - Frédéric Boyer - USA - Festival Trust Nordisk - Silje Glimsdal - Denmark - Sales Agent Urban - Claire Charles-Gervais - France - Sales Agent & Distributor Versatile - Violaine Pichon & Pape Boye - France - Sales Agent Wide Management - Loïc Magneron - France – Sales Agent Wild Bunch - Emmanuelle Fellous - France - Sales Agent & Distributor Zed - Martine Scoupe - France - Distributor
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Us indies hit the Champs-Elysees

Us indies hit the Champs-Elysees
Us in Progress initiative to showcase five features by independent Us filmmakers.

Austin, Texas-based filmmaker Michael Tully’s [pictured] coming-of-age-vacation comedy Ping Pong Summer kicks off the latest edition of Us in Progress on Thursday.

The Us in Progress initiative, hosted by the Champs Elysées Film Festival, will showcase five features by independent Us filmmakers over the coming two days to some 30 European buyers.

Set against the Maryland beach resort of Ocean City, Ping Pong Summer combines a cast of unknown adolescent actors with established big screen stars Susan Sarandon and John Hannah.

The picture was among six recipients last year of a $300,000 grant from the San Francisco Film Society and the Kenneth Rainin Foundation. Other projects in that selection included Fruitvale and Short Term 12.

Tully’s previous films include Cocaine Angel, Silver Jew and Septien.

Also screening on Thursday is New York director Leah Meyerhoff’s I Believe in Unicorns about a teenager who runs
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Us in Progress Paris: Tully, Meyerhoff and Zinn Among 6 Selected

The Us in Progress Paris which promotes about a half dozen American independent film currently in post-production to European buyers in the context of the Champs Elysées Film Festival in Paris (this June) have selected film items from the likes of Michael Tully, Leah Meyerhoff and Jaffe Zinn — projects we are more than likely going to see as early as the fall, Sundance 2014 and beyond. The 2nd edition of the Us in Progress Paris morphed from the already popular American Film Festival in Wroclaw, Poland will invite the following:

Blue Potato

Directed by Gita Pullapilly who first blasted on the scene with the docu The Way We Get By (winner of the Special Jury Award – 09′ SXSW) this Northeastern tale (see pic above) set in Van Buren, telling “the story of 17-year-old Dominic Roy, a headstrong teen working his final potato harvest to earn enough money to escape the pitfalls and
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Exclusive: Magic Valley Trailer

Exclusive: Magic Valley Trailer
Tensions run high in our exclusive trailer for Magic Valley, filmmaker Jaffe Zinn's directorial debut available on VOD starting April 9th from FilmBuff (clickHere). Scott Glenn, Kyle Gallner and Brad William Henke star in this critically-acclaimed exploration of life from producer Heather Rae (Frozen River). Take a look at the first footage from this upcoming indie, which delves into the mysterious nature of why we all make bad choices.

Magic Valley - Exclusive "Trailer"

From acclaimed producer Heather Rae (Frozen River) comes this beautiful and elegant exploration into who we are in the moment after this one. Shot with immense beauty and elegance, Tribeca Film Festival alum Magic Valley takes a deep and reflective look at life unfolding before our eyes.

Magic Valley will be released April 9th, 2013 and stars Scott Glenn, Kyle Gallner, Alison Elliott, Brad William Henke, Johnny Lewis, Will Estes, Landon Abercrombie, Jacob S. Bailey. The
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‘Future Lasts Forever’ at Sofia

Slow, meditative films that were thin on plot dominated the awards at the16th Sofia International Film Festival. Grand Prix winner Stories Which Only Exist When Remembered (dir. Julia Murat) centred on a young photographer’s stay amongst the elderly of a small village, while Jaffe Zinn’s Magic Valley traced the discovery of a crime in a quiet town. Konstantin Bojanov won four of the festival’s ten prizes for Avé, a film about two young people hitchhiking across Bulgaria.

Given this general trend in the festival’s prize-giving, it was disappointing that the juries overlooked a film which was of a similar spirit in terms of its plot and pacing, and which treated an important subject in a nuanced way. Özcan Alpek’s Future Lasts Forever concerns Sumru, an ethnomusicologist on a research trip. Her mission is to record Kurdish women singing elegies for male family members who
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The Top 10 Directorial Debuts of 2011

  • The Film Stage
There are few things more exciting in cinema than witnessing the birth of a new talent. We’ve covered the breakthrough performances of the year and now it is time to get behind the camera. Every one of our favorite directorial debuts bowed at film festivals, and while some sadly don’t even have distribution or release plans yet, these are 10 talents to keep a keen eye on in the coming years. Check out our countdown below and let us know your favorites.

10. Magic Valley (Jaffe Zinn)

What a shame that this never found distribution. Jaffe Zinn’s first outing as a director is a delicate, moody anti-mystery that takes conventions of the “murdered teen” story and spins them on their head. Thanks to quiet language and contemplative direction, this ranks as one of the best independent films I saw in 2011. – Nick Newman

9. Beyond the Black Rainbow (Panos Cosmatos)

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Sixth Rome Film Festival's Competition Films: Woman in the Fifth, Hysteria, Eye of the Storm

Sixth Rome Film Festival's Competition Films: Woman in the Fifth, Hysteria, Eye of the Storm
The International Rome Film Festival announces fifteen films playing in competition at the fest's 6th edition. From October 27-November 4, the Italian festival will open with Luc Besson's The Lady (out of competition), close with a digitally restored version of Breakfast at Tiffany's (marking its 50th anniversary), and in-between will showcase Leander Haubmann's Hotel Lux, Pål Sletaune's Babycall, Tanya Wexler's Hysteria, Juhn Jaihong's Poongsan, Fred Schepisi's The Eye of the Storm, Cédric Kahn's Une vie meilleure, Jaffe Zinn's Magic Valley, Sebastián Borensztein's Un Cuento Chino and Pawel Pawlikowski's La Femme du cinquièmen (The Woman in the Fifth), starring Kristin Scott Thomas (pictured). The four Italian films playing in competition are Ivan Cotroneo's La kryptonite nell borsa, Pupi Avati's Il cuore grande delle ragazze, Marina Spada's ...
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Scott Glenn Joins 'The Paperboy' Cast And Will Reprise Role In 'The Bourne Legacy'

Variety reports that actor, Scott Glenn -- known for his roles in such films as 'Apocalypse Now,' 'The Silence of the Lambs,' 'Training Day,' and more recently, 'Secretariat' and 'Sucker Punch' -- has joined the cast of two upcoming films: 'The Paperboy' and 'The Bourne Legacy.' No, 'The Paperboy' is not a film adaptation of the 1984 arcade game from Atari. It tells the tale of a reporter, Ward James, (Matthew McConaughey) who returns to his hometown in Florida to investigate a case regarding a death row inmate. The film also features Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, and John Cusack. From the director of 'Precious,' Lee Daniels, 'The Paperboy' is still without a formal release date. Glenn will be reprising his role as C.I.A. director, Ezra Kramer in 'The Bourne Legacy.' He last held the
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Key Players in the 2011 Cannes Market: Rezo

The French Sales Agent, Theatrical Distribution and Production company based out of Paris comes to the fest with a pair of items (Cristian Jimenez's Bonsai and Liza Johnson's Return) but Rezo also got a pair of must sees in Julie Delpy's 2 Days in New York (which we could technically find at Tiff and will once again back a Stéphane Brize project -- his A Few Hours of Spring is currently in pre-production. Khodorkovsky by Cyril Tuschi - Completed Le Tableau by Jean-François Laguionie - Post-Production Resistance by Amit Gupta - Post-Production Return by Liza Johnson - Completed 2 Days In New York by Julie Delpy - Post-Production A Few Hours Of Spring by Stéphane BRIZÉ - Pre-Production BONSÁI by Cristian Jimenez - Completed Magic Valley by Jaffe Zinn - Completed Neon Flesh (Carne De Neon) by Paco Cabezas - Completed Prey (Proie) by Antoine Blossier - Completed Amigo by John Sayles
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[Tribeca Review] Magic Valley

Magic Valley is – as I learned while writing this review – the kind of film that grows in your mind over time. For the past couple of days, I’ve been thinking more and more about its characters and events, coming to the conclusion that it’s much more original than I initially gave it credit for. At the same time, most audiences may sit through and come out of this movie bewildered by what writer and director Jaffe Zinn has concocted.

The basic plot follows several denizens of the small town of Buhl, Idaho (also a former title for the film). You have your lead Tj Waggs (Kyle Gallner), a teenage boy who feels immense guilt over something that’s recently happened; what that thing is, however, is for viewers to learn. There’s also sheriff Ed Halfner (the great Scott Glenn), who finds that in this small town, menial
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Tribeca Film Festival 2011 Announces Jurors for Competitive Categories

The Tribeca Film Festival has announced its jurors who will be choosing the winning films, filmmakers and actors from the six competitive Festival categories. The thirty-eight jurors consist of award-winning filmmakers, screenwriters and notorious actors such as Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Cera. Winners will be announced at the Tff Awards Night ceremony on April 28, which will be hosted by Gideon Yago and streamed live on Below is the press release from Tribeca.

Please visit for more details. The 2011 Festival runs from April 20 – May 1.

2011 Tribeca Film Festival Jury Announced

David O. Russell, David Gordon Green, Dianne Wiest, Souleymane Cissé, Whoopi Goldberg, Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan, Rainn Wilson, Anna Kendrick, Michael Cera, Denis Leary,Atom Egoyan and Fran Lebowitz are Among the 38 Festival Jurors

New York, NY – April 18, 2010 – The Tribeca Film Festival (Tff), presented by American Express, the Founding Sponsor of the Festival, today announced its jurors
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Tribeca 2011 Jury List: Atom Egoyan, Amir Bar-Lev, Jason Sudeikis, Dianne Wiest

Tribeca Film Festival 2011 Jury: Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Wilson, Souleymane Cissé, Michael Cera 2011 Tribeca Film Festival jurors and their respective categories. World Competition Categories: The jurors for the 2011 World Narrative Competition are: Souleymane Cissé: Noted Malian director; films include the 1995 Cannes Palme d’Or nominee Waati, 1987 Cannes Jury Prize Winner Brightness and Tell Me Who You Are. Scott Glenn: Actor; films include The Right Stuff, The Silence of the Lambs, The Virgin Suicides, Freedom Writers, The Bourne Ultimatum, W., Secretariat, Sucker Punch and Tff 2011 selection Magic Valley. David Gordon Green: Independent Spirit Award nominated director/producer; films include George Washington, All the Real Girls, Great World of Sound, Pineapple Express, the recently released Your Highness and the upcoming film The Sitter. Rula Jebreal: Journalist, author, screenwriter and actress: books include The Bride from Assuan, Rejected and Miral, which was adapted into a film of the same name.
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David O. Russell, Whoopi Goldberg among Tribeca Film Fest jurors

By Sean O’Connell David O. Russell, Nora Ephron, Rainn Wilson, Paul Dano, Anna Kendrick, Michael Cera, Whoopi Goldberg and Dianne Wiest are some of the celebrity names added to the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival Jury, announced today.

The jurors have been divided among the six competitive Festival categories and will announce the winning films, filmmakers and actors in those categories at the Tff Awards Night ceremony on April 28.

The 2011 Festival runs from April 20 – May 1.

“This year’s jury is made up of a range of accomplished individuals in their respective fields, bringing a fresh and well-rounded perspective,” said Jane Rosenthal, Co-Founder of the Tribeca Film Festival. “It’s an honor to have a jury of such caliber watching and discussing the films in competition this year.”

Following is a list of all 2011 Festival jurors and their respective categories.

World Competition Categories:

The jurors for the 2011 World Narrative Competition
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Tribeca Film Festival announces 2011 jurors

Tribeca Film Festival announces 2011 jurors
David O. Russell, Nora Ephron, Dianne Wiest, Jason Sudeikis, Whoopi Goldberg, Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan, Rainn Wilson, Anna Kendrick, Michael Cera, Denis Leary, Atom Egoyan and Fran Lebowitz are among the 38 jurors for this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, which runs from April 20 to May 1. “This year’s jury is made up of a range of accomplished individuals in their respective fields, bringing a fresh and well-rounded perspective,” said Jane Rosenthal, Co-Founder of the Tribeca Film Festival, in a statement. “It’s an honor to have a jury of such caliber watching and discussing the films in competition this year.
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Criminal Minds: How Matthew Gray Gubler Directed 'An Exceptional Send-off' for Prentiss

Criminal Minds: How Matthew Gray Gubler Directed 'An Exceptional Send-off' for Prentiss
Criminal Minds uncorks one of its biggest episodes this Wednesday at 9/8c, when the private, deadly drama that Prentiss labored to keep to herself draws in the entire Bau team. Directed by Matthew Gray Gubler, the hour represents Paget Brewster‘s final appearance as a series regular, as well as brings A.J. Cook back into the fold as the previously departed Jj Jareau.

No stranger to directing, Gubler shared with TVLine how he approached the intense assignment – grenades and all.

Tvline | Not to intimidate you after the fact, but Criminal Minds gave you one big-ass episode to direct.

I know!
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Tribeca Film Festival 2011 Announces Competition Lineup

Tribeca Film Festival has announced the line up of this years competition categories, including World Narrative Feature, World Documentary Feature, and the brand new Viewpoints which highlights eleven independent features and nine documentaries.

Tribeca Film Festival is one of leading film festivals located in New York City, showcasing many films not screened in any other U.S. film festival along with forty three world premieres and fifty four directorial debuts. Cameron Crowe’s premier of his concert documentary, The Union, will start the festival followed by a performance by Elton John. The rest of the lineup will be announced March 14th, and look out for coverage of the festival in April. Below you can find the complete press release on the lineup.

10th Tribeca Film Festival Announces World Narrative

And Documentary Competition Selections, And New Viewpoints Section

Tribeca Expands Awards Scope

2011 Festival to Present 88 Feature-Length and 61 Short Films April 20 – May
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Record Year for Tribeca Submissions; 44 Films Unveiled

The 2011 Tribeca Film Festival (April 20-May 1) on Monday announced the first 44 feature films of the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival slate, comprising the World Narrative and Documentary Competition film selections, and one new section: Viewpoints.

In a record year for submissions, the 2011 film slate was chosen from a field of 5,624 entries. Tff 2011 will include feature films from 32 countries, including 43 world premieres, 10 international premieres, 19 North American premieres, seven U.S. Premieres and nine New York premieres.

“It’s our 10th Tribeca Film Festival, and in our relatively brief existence we have evolved dramatically,” said Tff executive director Nancy Schafer in a statement. “The festival has become an integral part of the cultural landscape of New York City as well as a globally recognized platform for storytelling.”

A complete list of the films announced Monday follows, with descriptions provided by the festival.

World Narrative Features

“Angel’s Crest”

Directed by Gaby Dellal

Written by Catherine Trieschmann

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