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Easy to Forget
Claudio Carvalho20 July 2013
Vicky attacks Tyler in the high school parking area but Damon and Stefan save him. Stefan tries to convince Vicky to drink animal's blood, but she prefers to follow Damon and she goes to the high-school Halloween party to meet Jeremy. When she attacks Jeremy, Stefan and Elena tries to protect him and Stefan drives a stake through her heart to save Elena. Jeremy grieves the loss of Vicky and Elena asks Stefan to make him forget what he saw. Stefan tells that he his spell might not work, and Damon uses his ability on Jeremy.

"Haunted" is another good episode of "The Vampire Diaries"; however the use of Damon abilities to make the victim forget is excessive and an easy solution for every conflictive situation. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Haunted"
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'Dude'? Really? 'Dude'??...
Chalice_Of_Evil11 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Why did Stefan have to stop Vickipire from feeding on/killing Tyler? It would have been a relief to be rid of this character! Damon agreed with me ("Oh, come on! Who's gonna miss this idiot?"). Jeremy was back in full-on jerk mode to Elena this episode (his "Your lips keep moving. I don't know why." was particularly uncalled for, considering she was just trying to protect his ungrateful/undeserving ass). Once again, Elena proves she's more mature/a better guardian than their Aunt Jenna (where was she, anyway? Shouldn't she be wondering what happened to Logan?). Speaking of, when Damon was reading the newspaper, and said there was no mention of Logan, all I could think was, "That's because nobody CARES!". I liked Vicki complaining about being cooped up, Stefan trying to get through to her and Damon undermining what his brother was saying. Best line was Damon echoing Vicki's question to Stefan (about the blood he'd given her), saying, "Yeah, what is it? Skunk? St. Bernard? Bambi?". I couldn't help but be reminded of Faith (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3) and her "Want. Take. Have." line when hearing Damon's "Snatch. Eat. Erase." philosophy that he shared with Vicki. Stefan playing the responsible teacher figure and Damon the irresponsible/"fun" one for Vicki was to be expected.

I liked Elena's suitably tense reaction when Damon greeted her at the door. I'm glad she held her own against him. I had to laugh at Damon telling her that Stefan was upstairs singing 'The Rain in Spain' (what a disturbing image). I liked Stefan telling Elena that vampires take their human baggage with them when they become vampires/Vicki's drug problems would play a part in how she acted as a vampire. Elena's "So, she's a vampire with issues?" was accurate. I don't know why, but I found Stefan telling Vicki "Coffee is our friend." somewhat amusing. I felt sorry for him when he was forced to admit (in front of Elena) that he *had* tasted human blood (albeit long ago) when Vicki asked him. Vicki was amusing when she asked, "Do you have a bathroom? I have to pee. Why do I have to pee? I thought I was dead?". However, I didn't like her threatening/strangling Elena (who again got hurt whilst protecting her stupid worthless brother). Damn you, Stefan, where was your super hearing? Would've been nice if you heard Elena getting strangled and came to her rescue. When he told Elena "I'm not gonna let anybody get hurt.", I scoffed. While I did feel a bit sorry for Stefan (when Elena told him "There's only so much I can take." and left him), I can also sympathise with Elena. I mean, considering everything she's gone through, it's understandably all a bit too much for her to handle right now.

I liked Damon's reasoning for killing Vicki/making her a vampire: he was bored. Him showing Vicki vampire super speed was a good moment (and her running off on the brothers). I liked Vicki's confusion at not being able to cross the threshold of her home until Matt invited her in. I can't get over how much of a jerk Jeremy was to Elena this episode. For months after his mum and dad died, he felt like crap? Well, guess what, Jerk? They were Elena's parents TOO! Yeah, your SISTER! You think you're the only one who suffered? At the Halloween party...why did Bonnie have to be a *blonde* witch? Why couldn't she have just kept her natural hair? I liked Elena's naughty nurse uniform (and Matt managed to crack a joke, when he remarked to Jeremy, "And you're going as...you?"). That was a good stand-off between Bonnie and Damon (which ended with his hand burning from the crystal which Caroline had passed on to her). Wish Matt hadn't been such a jerk to Stefan (who was only trying to help). Wish Jeremy hadn't been so STUPID to go along with Vicki, despite Elena's ample warning. Once again, Elena came to his rescue...only to get tossed onto some wooden pallets/injured (I admired her for taking on Vicki with the plank of wood), not to mention getting bitten painfully. I was eternally grateful to Stefan for FINALLY staking Vicki (is she dead now, writers? For reals?). If you ask me, Jeremy had his priorities all out of whack. More worried about dead vampire Vicki (who was going to KILL him) instead of worrying about his own SISTER who NEARLY DIED PROTECTING HIM. Nifty effect of Vicki dying after being staked (not too gross). Poor Elena in the car. Nina Dobrev proved herself/acting ability in this scene.

I really liked the end of the episode, with Elena wanting to ease Jeremy's pain by getting Stefan to make him forget...but then Damon volunteering (though maybe Elena or Stefan should have monitored Damon - just in case he told Jeremy stuff that he shouldn't, or...you know...killed him - not that I'd mind that so much). Again, I felt sorry for Stefan (especially when Elena said a part of her wished she could forget ever meeting him), but I'm glad she amended that with saying that she couldn't lose the way she felt about him. It was interesting to see Damon helping Elena out (despite his earlier scene, again threatening her, but her standing up to him/slapping him). This wasn't as excellent as last episode, but was nevertheless still quite good.
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