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"You guys thought man-bonding over free-range chickens was the answer to my problems?"
skteosk10 November 2009
Kate is left eating a very large helping of humble pie after assuming the worst of Harry when he's only trying to help her.A shame that Declan encourages her instead of asking her to tune in to reality and that Dan practically forces him to show her his locker.It ends with a nice rebonding so hopefully we're not going to get yet another re-run of this storyline in the future.Kate's dance lesson is quite good although the costume change in the middle is a bit abrupt, even though it makes sense.

Karl coming into Zeke's studio and making a mess is incredibly insensitive given what he knows about him but Zeke's sabotage of his show is a bit dodgy as well.Sunny's delight at Zeke's minor breakthrough is rather cute.It does seem though that with the new promos the concept of a cliffhanger has been completely abandoned.
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